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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Ma Map p 2.5. 5.4A 4A Cr

Ma Map p 2.5. 5.4A 4A Cr Cras as ash h Ra Rate te tes s by b RRoa oadw dw d ay Segme m nt Legend More than 50 per MVM 20-50 per MVM 10-20 per MVM 10 or fewer per MVM No Crashes Occurred Incorporated Municipality Unincorporated County Water Data Sources: Fayette County GIS, GDOT Accident Data, Atlanta Regional Information System Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 60

Maps 2.5.4B and 2.5.4C illustrate crash locations by injuries and fatalities, which help to demonstrate the true areas of concern with regard to roadway safety. As it would be expected, the greatest concentrations of high-injury crashes are on high-volume roads. The section of SR 54 between SR 74 and the Coweta County line has a high number of crashes overall; it and SR 85 north of Fayetteville have the highest overall concentration not correcting for exposure. Major locations, when volume exposure is factored in, include the following: • SR 279 and SR 314 • SR 279 and Helmer Road • South Jeff Davis Drive and Jimmie Mayfi eld Boulevard (Fayetteville) • Tyrone Road and Senoia Road (Tyrone) • Peachtree Parkway and Loring Lane (Peachtree City) • Quarters Road and Redwine Road • Lees Lake Road and Lees Mill Road One particular issue of note is that 27 percent of the crashes (2,591 out of 9,602 total) occurring in Fayette County during this time period did not involve vehicle-vehicle collisions as the fi rst harmful event. Nearly half of these (1,157 out of 9,602 total) involved motorists striking deer, and approximately 300 other crashes involved motorists leaving the roadway and colliding with trees or running aground in ditches. This relatively high amount can be explained partially by Fayette County’s largely rural landscape and vegetation cover, especially as dense tree canopies and proximity of trees to the roadway limit sight distance and place motorists at risk when motorists are traveling at high speeds. These conditions are compounded on curving roadway sections and roads that are not illuminated, as vehicle headlight illumination may provide limited assistance in long-distance visibility. While roadway lighting and revised street sections would help to correct these problems, they also affect Fayette County’s rural character and commit the County to expensive upgrading and reconstruction of roads that may be functionally acceptable. These conditions do imply a need for conscientious posting of speeds to match the design of the roadway, as well as a need for maintenance of pavement, roadway shoulders, and retrorefl ective pavement markings to ensure that the passable space of the roadway is clearly visible. Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 61

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