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Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

Inventory and Needs Assessment - Fayette County Government

2.5.5 Bicycle

2.5.5 Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs County citizens have expressed interest in expanding their recreational facility options, and even Fayette residents who do not live in Peachtree City have pointed to its system of golf cart paths as an amenity for the entire county. The large and active bicycling community in the County, which tends to prefer use of existing roads over off-road trails and paths for long-distance cycling, also wishes to see more systematic improvements to existing roadways to better delineate space for bicycles. In addition, the potentially greater intensity of development in parts of Peachtree City and Fayetteville, especially in the vicinity of intersections already carrying high traffi c volumes and experiencing vehicle delay, suggests that improved walking and bicycling conditions could help to connect residents to shopping and employment without driving. Public input throughout the early stages of the Fayette Forward process suggested that these improvements were desired by the community. However, past regional studies have not shown Fayette County’s roadway system to be easily amenable to such enhancements. The Southern Regional Accessibility Study evaluated major arterial corridors (primarily state routes) and classifi ed each as having a ‘diffi cult’ level of bicycle suitability. The Atlanta Regional Strategic Bicycle Corridors plan identifi es four principal routes through Fayette County. These are Highway 54 from the Coweta County line east to McDonough Road, McDonough Road from Highway 54 east to the Clayton County line, Highway 74 from Highway 54 to the Fulton County line, and Highway 85 north from Highway 54 to the Clayton County line. As part of this plan, ARC assessed latent demand for bicycle facilities and current levels of service along these roadways. Suitability was determined using a formula which considered such characteristics as total volume, percent of trucks, and posted speed of the corridor. Generally speaking, all of these facilities are not currently desirable for bicycle travel principally due to their heavy traffi c volumes and/or high speeds. Given this, the primary importance in establishing stronger bicycle and pedestrian connections will be utilizing a more thorough range of Fayette County’s existing roadways than simply its high-capacity arterials. While these are the most direct routes, technical analysis of previous studies as well as community preference and feedback have both shown these to be highly challenging and potentially unsuitable roadways due to their design and to travel speeds. Smaller, local roads through the county are not uniformly well-equipped to handle on-street bike lanes, either. This suggests that the need for expanding bicycle options may be met through off-road trails that would allow pedestrian use as well. In terms of pedestrians, the large scale of much of the unincorporated county’s residential development and its subsequent use of automobiles as a dominant travel mode suggests that sidewalks and regular connections are not practical on all streets. Instead, the focus for sidewalks and other pedestrian connections should be in the incorporated municipalities as well as at key locations where pedestrians are active (especially around schools and parks). Fayette Forward Inventory & Needs Assessment Chapter 2 64

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