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May 6, 2010 Minutes - Fayette County Government

May 6, 2010 Minutes - Fayette County Government

a. A scaled Concept Plan

a. A scaled Concept Plan graphically indicating the lot and leased area, total tower height including antennas, type and design of the tower structure, the boundary of the tower facility, all applicable setbacks (both on and off-site), ingress/egress, landscaping areas, zoning of the subject property and of adjacent property, and maximum effective radiated power; Pete Frisina suggested deleting “, and maximum effective radiated power” since there is no requirements by the State. The PC concurred. b. An Inventory of Existing or Planned Tower Sites per the standards listed under Supplemental Requirements; and c. A visual simulation based on a balloon test conducted in the location of the tower at the proposed height of the tower. The application shall include the date and time of the balloon test. The applicant shall provide color photographs one (1) week prior to the Planning Commission public hearing with a simulated rendering of the proposed tower at the requested height from a minimum of four directions to demonstrate the visual impact. Pete Frisina presented examples of a visual simulation process where a tower is superimposed with PhotoShop to show how the tower would look when constructed at the subject location. He asked if we wanted to announce the time of a balloon test so the PC, BOC, and public can view the balloon test. He noted a sign could be posted and also a display ad could be placed in the legal organ, the Fayette Daily News. Attorney Jennifer Blackburn advised there are no State requirements; however, generally the P&Z Department is notified of the date and time and they, in turn, notify the PC, BOC, and property owners within a certain distance. She said two (2) dates could be provided in case of inclement weather. The PC concurred for placement of a sign on the subject property regarding the balloon test. Page 11 May 6, 2010 PC Public Meeting/Workshop Al Gilbert pointed out there would be a problem if three (3) or more members were present because it would constitute a quorum. Bill Beckwith asked the time frame of the balloon test. Yanisa Buice replied normally two (2) to four (4) hours. She said approximately 20 photographs 256

would be taken within the search area. 2. Factors Considered in Public Hearing Applications. The Board of Commissioners or its designee (governing authority) shall consider the following factors in determining whether to approve an application, although the governing authority may waive or reduce the burden on the applicant of one (1) or more of these criteria, if in the sole discretion of the governing authority, the goals of this ordinance are better served thereby: (Amended 12/15/05) a. Height of the proposed tower; b. Proximity of the tower to residential structures and residential zoning district boundaries; c. Nature of uses on adjacent and nearby properties; d. Surrounding topography; e. Surrounding tree coverage and foliage; f. Design of the tower, with particular reference to design characteristics that have the effect of reducing or eliminating visual obtrusiveness; g. Proposed ingress and egress; h. Two (2) One and one-half (1.5) mile separation (non-highway outside the highway corridor); and (Adopted 12/15/05) i. One (1) mile separation (inside the highway corridor). (Adopted 12/15/05) 3. In granting its approval, the County, through the Board of County Commissioners or its designee, may impose special conditions that it feels are necessary to minimize the adverse effect of a proposed tower or antenna on adjoining property. Page 12 May 6, 2010 PC Public Meeting/Workshop F. Development Requirements. 1. Tower facilities may be located only in the following zoning districts, with the exception of towers located within an established Highway Corridor floating zone: Manufacturing and Heavy Industrial District (M-2); Light Industrial District (M-1); 257

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