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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts Constitutional Officers & Other Elected Officials Probate Court Community Development Planning & Zoning Permits & Inspections FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Sheriff Tax Commissioner Boards, Authorities, and Agencies Community Services Library Recreation Tax Assessor Elections Citizens of Fayette County Board of Commissioners Coroner County Clerk Public Safety Fire EMS Emergency Management E-911 Animal Control Marshal County Administrator V - 1 Magistrate Court County Attorney Administrative Services Finance Human Resources Information Systems Purchasing Judicial System (Elected) State Court Judge Solicitor Public Defender (Hired) Public Works Engineering Roads Fleet Maintenance Building & Grounds Superior Court Judges District Attorney Juvenile Court (Appointed) Utility Services Water System Stormwater Management Solid Waste

Elected Officials Board of Commissioners – 770.305.5200 Jack R. Smith, Chairman Herbert E. Frady, Vice Chair Robert Hogan Eric Maxwell Lee Hearn FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA Clerk of Courts – Sheila Studdard, 770.716.4290 Coroner – C.J. Mowell, 770.461.7641 District Attorney - Scott A. Ballard, 770.716.4250 Griffin Judicial Circuit Court – William T. Simmons, 770.898.7623 Magistrate Court Judges – 770.716.4230 Charles R. Floyd, Chief James White Robert A. Ruppenthal Joseph Tinsley Probate Court Judge - Ann S. Jackson, 770.716.4220 Sheriff – Wayne Hannah, 770.461.6353 State Court Judge – Fletcher Sams, 770.716.4270 State Court Solicitor - Jamie Inagawa, 770.716.4260 Superior Court Judges – 770.716.4282 Paschal English, Chief Johnnie Caldwell Chris Edwards Tommy Hankinson Tax Commissioner – George Wingo, 770.461.3611 Judicially Appointed Officials Juvenile Court Judges – 770.716.4210 Ben Miller, Jr. Karen Calloway Public Defender - Joe Saia, 770.716.4340 Fayette County Administration County Administrator – Jack J. Krakeel, 770.305.5400 County Attorney – Scott Bennett, 770.305.5200 Executive Assistant, Board of Commissioners - Carol Chandler, 770.305.5101 V - 2

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