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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Clerk of

Department: Clerk of Superior Court Cost Center: 10020180 Function: Judicial Fund: General WORKLOAD INDICATORS - CONTINUED 2006 Actual TOTAL NUMBER OF CRIMINAL CASES 847 TOTAL NUMBER OF PROCEEDING ENTRIES 8,405 TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES SCANNED 16,207 TOTAL CRIMINAL MINUTE BOOK PAGES RECORDED 3,254 GEORGIA CRIME INFORMATION TRANSMITTALS 1,323 GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES FORMS 441 SECRETARY OF STATE FELONY CONVICTIONS 352 NOTICES OF APPEAL FILED 33 TOTAL NUMBER OF CALENDARS GENERATED 259 TOTAL COURT DAYS SCHEDULED (FOUR JUDGES) 336 TOTAL CIVIL CASES FOR HEARINGS AND TRIALS 1,432 TOTAL CRIMINAL CASES FOR HEARINGS AND TRIALS 2,401 TOTAL SPECIAL SET CASES 708 TOTAL NUMBER OF JURORS SUMMONED 6,500 V - 41 2007 Actual 738 6,769 13,117 2,140 1,496 197 293 30 209 336 2,077 1,976 119 7,475 2008 Actual 872 9,743 18,706 1,463 2,298 145 357 33 254 376 1,686 2,496 137 6,800 2009 Estimate 890 9,900 20,000 1,500 2,300 150 360 30 250 275 1,800 2,500 140 6,950

Department: District Attorney Cost Center: 10020200 Function: Judicial Fund: General Mission Statement To successfully prosecute all those defendants brought to trial in a timely manner. To protect and assist victims of crime. To reduce the amount of time between the date of the offense and the date of the disposition of the case thereby reducing jail populations. To provide residents of each of the four counties we serve with the most efficient and effective legal services possible. Major Department Functions Present to the Grand Jury all of the evidence against an individual accused of violating the criminal statutes of the State of Georgia for possible indictment. At the request of the Grand Jury, the District Attorney will draw up indictments or accusations and will prosecute all indictable offenses to the fullest extent of the law. The District Attorney s Office attends detention and probation hearings for the Juvenile Court, and preliminary and bond hearings in Magistrate Court, and contested traffic cases in Probate Court in those counties not having a State Court function. Administer required oaths to grand jurors, trial jurors, bailiffs, and other officers of the Court. Facilitate the Victim Assistance program which provides financial support and services to those individuals who find themselves victims of the crimes perpetrated against them. Major FY 2010 Goals Successfully represent the State of Georgia and victims of crime in prosecutions in Superior Court and in Probate Court in those counties which do not have State Court. To handle all felony jury trials, as well as regular Friday Motion days including revocations and bond hearings, before the Superior Court. To represent the State of Georgia in all preliminary hearings in order to represent the victims in the early stages of the criminal process. This, in many instances, will shorten the time period between arrest of a defendant and the final disposition of a case by pleas or trial. To increase aid and services that can be given to victims of crime through grants received. Significant Expenditure and Staffing Changes Due to the current economic downturn and in line with the reduction in the budget of Fayette County departments, the FY 2010 funding for DA Contract Services was reduced by 4%. V - 42

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