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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Juvenile

Department: Juvenile Court Cost Center: 10020600 Function: Judicial Fund: General Mission Statement The mission of the Juvenile Court of Fayette County is as follows: To interpret and enforce existing statues in a way that provides due process, fair treatment and justice to all persons appearing before this court. To provide or arrange for appropriate services for those persons appearing before the court. To create and maintain a feeling of respect for and in the court system on the part of the citizens that it serves to that they support and assist the court in its efforts. To maximize, to the extent possible, the development and job satisfaction of court employees so that the court is able to attract, secure and retain the commitment of the kinds and numbers of people necessary to accomplish the court s mission and goals. To create and maintain a feeling of confidence in and support for the court on the part of the other organizations with which it comes in contact, particularly those organizations that are a part of the total criminal justice system. To insure that the taxpayers of Fayette County receive the greatest benefits for the dollars expended for court services. Major Department Functions To docket and set calendars for cases concerning allegations of deprivation, delinquency, unruly conduct and traffic offenses involving children within our jurisdiction. Parameters of mandated time frames will be the standard. Guidelines and operating procedures set by judges will be utilized on each individual case incorporating applicable O.C.G.A.. To liason with the State of Georgia s Department of Human Resources, i.e.: Department of Family and Children Services and Department of Juvenile Justice to insure that the mandates under which the court must operate are compatible with the policies of these two departments. To insure the rights of victims and offenders are protected under the law as well as court preparation, including scheduling of cases, investigation, conducting trials, preparation of court orders, collection of fees and fines, filing of documents and record retention. To seek treatment and rehabilitation of delinquent children. To seek reunification with parents and children who are separated by judicial intervention. To cooperate and work closely with the law enforcement agencies to insure citizens rights are protected as well as the rights of delinquents. V - 45

Department: Juvenile Court Cost Center: 10020600 Function: Judicial Fund: General No significant expenditures or staffing changes. Major FY 2010 Goals Maintain proactive initiative on office space and future needs of Juvenile Court. To initiate a study with DJJ on the viability of locating a detention facility in our county utilizing space in the old jail facility and further to study if including DJJ's offices would be viable option for anticipated build out of the Judicial Complex. To assign, train, and delineate duties for the staff to maximize efficiency. To continue to author with the input from the judges and other agencies a more complete operating procedures manual. Secure grants for programs appropriate to Juvenile Court for delinquency prevention and enhance training of personnel for application process for these awards. To continue to advocate use of advanced technology with JCATS, which will assist the courts in the tracking of delinquents within the circuit and state. To manage increasing caseload efficiently and continue to work with law enforcement agencies to enhance the rehabilitation of children and protect the citizens. To work with the Public Defender s Office to insure that the rights of citizens and juvenile offenders are protected under the new statutes governing appointment of counsel for any qualified clients involved in our Court. To assist and support the DART program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation of children. Investigate the viability of utilizing cameras in vehicles of teenage drivers to reduce recidivism of traffic offenders. Major FY 2009 Goals Accomplished The Fayette County Juvenile Court is continuing the transfer of all traffic citations via the internet and has received a letter commending the Court as an outstanding county in the State of Georgia for this endeavor by the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. Enhance development of the CASA program so that assistance via mentoring can be accomplished for families who have case plans with DFACS for reunification. Implement agreement with the Public Defenders office on expediting legal representations for our clients. Significant Expenditure and Staffing Changes V - 46

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