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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Fire and

Department: Fire and Emergency Medical Services Cost Center: Function: Public Safety Fund: Major FY 2010 Goals - Continued Facilities Begin design of Station 4. Begin process for acquisition of building lot to replace Station 3. Emergency Medical Services Continue to provide focused educational programs for EMS personnel unable to pass the National Registry Examination at their present level. Continue phased replacement of Medtronic monitors with new Phillips medical equipment to gain the advantages of lower contershock threshold levels. Update station library with new EMT and Paramedic text materials. Haz-Mat Fund the update of equipment for the multijurisdictional Hazardous Materials response team through the Local Emergency Response Plan. Conduct four (4) LEPC meetings with an emphasis on hazardous material locations and threat and risk planning. Emergency Management Meet or exceed regulatory compliance with Georgia Emergency Management Agencies Preparedness Partnership Agreement. Develop and write the required Pre-Hazard Mitigation Plan and outline hazard mitigation projects and perform a threat and risk assessment. Fire Prevention and Inspection Identify 2 way hydrants and request replacement by Water System. Identify target hazards or similar locations without hydrants for fire protection and request hydrant installations from budget monies. Apparatus & Vehicles Conduct annual compliance testing of ground ladders and aerial ladders. Conduct annual compliance testing of fire apparatus pumps. Public/Media Relations Continue to improve the county website for the Division of Public Safety. Public Education Third grade fire safety. Fire Prevention Week. Information Systems/Computers Provide departmental annual report. Provide municipal service delivery reports. Reserve Unit Conduct monthly fire and EMS training programs. Conduct core competencies/skills maintenance for annual recertification. Administration Conduct the officer promotional process for the position of Lieutenant. Conduct the promotional process for the position of Captain. Complete the reformatting of all promotional prerequisites and requirements. V - 73

Department: Fire and Emergency Medical Services Cost Center: Function: Public Safety Fund: PERFORMANCE MEASURES - GOALS Goal 1: Maintain an average engine company response time of 5 minutes or less and average medic unit response time of 8 minutes or less. Goal 2: Maintain the ability to open and staff the Emergency Operations Center within 15 minutes during nornal business hours and within 30 minutes after business hours and weekends. Goal 3: Expand the corporate memberhip of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Reserve Council as well as expand educational preparedness in corporate business Homeland Security initiaties. Goal 4: Maintain an average response of 7 or more reserve members in working residential/commercial structure fires during the day hours and 12 or more reserve members during after hours and weekends. Goal 5: Maintain recertification requirement of all current reserve unit members. Goal 6: Add an additional 10 members to Reserve Unit Goal 7: Maintain educational recertification requirements for 124 staff and 38 reserve members to include: (1) 240 hours annually of Fire education - Core Comp Check-Off (2) 120 hours annually of EMS education. Goal 8: Coordinate community educational programs including: (1) Fire Safety Education with 800 participating annually (2) CPR/First Aide Education with 250 participating annually (3) Injury prevention/Safety Eduation with 500 participating annually (4) Continue participating with the Safe Kids Program (5) Establish 5 Public Access defibrillator sites (6) Continued participation in "Ghost Out" Program with the Board of Education (7) Establish community awareness initiative in Storm Ready Preparation and Homeland Security Preparation. Goal 9: Monitor and maintain station turnout time at less than 1 minute 2005 2006 2007 2008 WORKLOAD INDICATORS Actual Actual Actual Actual FIRE TRAINING 25,781 22,842 35,335 27,669 INITIAL TRAINING FOR NEW HIRES n/a 21,760 7,040 1,400 RESERVE MEMBERS COMMUNITY DUTY HOURS 2,016 1,842 1,413 1,279 FIRE LOSS DOLLAR ESTIMATES INCIDENTS n/a $ 3,127,160 $ 3,933,900 $ 2,541,500 FALSE CALLS 445 379 406 416 FIRES 268 261 286 205 GOOD INTENT 339 386 470 488 RESCUE/MEDICAL 4,511 4,931 4,949 4,995 SERVICE CALLS 291 303 372 327 HAZARDOUS 276 158 229 182 TOTAL INCIDENTS 6,130 6,418 6,712 6,613 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRAINING 13,881 13,000 15,630 17,743 TOTAL PATIENT CONTACTS 5,681 5,522 5,938 5,940 TOTAL NUMBER CALLS 4,511 4,931 4,949 4,995 NUMBER OF TRANSPORTS 3,317 3,591 3,435 3,502 NUMBER OF NON-TRANSPORTS PATIENTS TREATED - % BREAKDOWN 2,364 1,931 2,503 2,505 CARDIAC 10.01% 10.54% 9.21% 9.25% MEDICAL 44.97% 46.12% 50.24% 51.84% TRAUMA 33.90% 32.91% 31.24% 31.88% OTHERS 11.12% 10.54% 9.31% 7.03% V - 74

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