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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Marshal s

Department: Marshal s Office Cost Center: 10030290 Function: Public Safety Fund: General Mission Statement The mission of the Fayette County's Marshal's Office is to provide the highest level of professional law enforcement service to all the citizens of Fayette County. Major Department Functions A. Protection of Life and Property To provide services that contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property and the safety of the community B. Prevention, Detention and Investigation of Criminal Activity To prevent crime through aggressive patrol that limits the opportunity for a crime to occur, and through education of citizens that reduces the likelihood of them becoming victims. To provide a thorough, appropriate and efficient investigation of criminal activity and county code/ordinance violations. C. Risk Management To maintain the comprehensive risk management program adopted by the Board of Commissioners To provide a thorough, appropriate and efficient investigation of all workman compensation claims and citizen complaints against County employees. To prevent accidents by the enforcement and compliance of safety rules/regulations adopted by the County. To maintain, design, and implement training programs to fill the training needs of County employees to ensure a safe working environment. D. Apprehension of Offenders To provide for the expeditious, and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law, regardless of his status in the community, by thorough, appropriate, and efficient investigations. E. Maintenance of Public Order To maintain peace and public order. To assist during times of natural or technological occurrences or disasters. F. Recovery of Property To secure and maintain an inventory of all property, evidence, lost and recovered/stolen property being held by the Marshal s Office; thereby, ensuring that all property and evidence is available when needed. G. Training of Deputies To design and implement a training program to fill the training needs of deputies, and to promote a high rate of proficiency in the deputies of the Marshal s Office.To address career developmental goals of agency personnel. H. Compliance with Ethical Standards To ensure the integrity and adherence to professional standards of the Marshal s Office by processing and investigating all complaints against the Marshal s Office. I. Traffic Control To provide for the safe and effective flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the investigation of all county related traffic accidents. V - 79

Department: Marshal s Office Cost Center: 10030290 Function: Public Safety Fund: General One vacant full-time position was eliminated. Major Department Functions - continued J. Community Service To provide the resources necessary for assisting citizens under special non-criminal circumstances. The Marshal s Office management system will plan, staff, coordinate, and control resources in support of community oriented policing. Further, the Marshal s Office community relations/crime prevention objectives are shared by all personnel. K. Marshal’s Office Administration To provide management, administration, and support required for the operation of the Marshal s Office. L. Marshal’s Office Evaluation To develop a performance instrument to periodically evaluate the Marshal s Office overall performance in meeting its acknowledged goals and objectives. Major FY 2010 Goals Continue to expand the "in service" training program for the Marshal's Office. Continue the process of getting another code enforcement officer through Level II accreditation with the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement. Continue to support and advise other Georgia code enforcement departments with training and expertise. Research additional equipment options for more efficient patrol techniques. Continue our successful Proactive Patrol Program. Re-research the security, enforcement and personnel requirements for Kenwood Park. Continue assisting the Georgia Department of Natural Resources with the enforcement of the State's hunting, boating, and fishing laws. Continue the cooperation with other public safety departments concerning Homeland Security and the requirements under the National Incident management System. Continue our increasing cooperation with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department. Send a Deputy Marshal to be certified as a Firearms Instructor. Significant Expenditure and Staffing Changes V - 80

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