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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Sheriff s

Department: Sheriff s Office Criminal Investigations Cost Center: 10030321 Function: Public Safety Fund: General WORKLOAD INDICATORS 2007 Actual 2008 Actual 2009 Estimated 2010 Projected Criminal Investigations General Investigations/Murder, Burglary, Theft & Fraud 1,387 1,249 952 1,228 Juvenile Investigations n/a 177 177 177 Department of Family & Children Services - Referrals 367 182 272 362 Arrests 189 234 266 325 Consent Searches 153 61 100 150 Search Warrants Executed 21 22 30 45 Internal Affair Investigations 26 22 30 40 Background Investigations - for bonding agencies n/a 26 30 35 Crime Scene Unit Persons Fingerprinted (2 cards each) 1,761 2,644 4,012 5,376 Crime Scenes Processed - Accidents 21 24 28 35 Crimes Against Persons 70 62 76 81 Crimes Against Property 297 341 192 193 Miscellaneous Scenes 174 146 240 240 AFIS Runs 55 55 28 28 Sheriff's Tactical Narcotics Team Investigations - which include Search Warrants Executed, Drug Transactions and Vice Operations 139 121 216 227 Arrests 253 119 200 272 Weapons Seized 45 7 32 50 Public Drug Complaints Received 146 131 212 233 Drugs Seized by the Drug Suppression Task Force Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Heroin (lbs) 2,137 1,967 - - Various Pills (du) 210 191 - - Marijuana Plants 8,863 21 - - Methamphetamine Laboratories - - - - Fugitive Investigations-Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force Arrests - which includes execution of all felony arrest warrants 114 187 256 351 Customs/Homeland Security Investigations Investigations - which includes cases of National Security/ terrorism, money laundering, and smuggling n/a 62 82 109 Special Weapons and Tactics Team Call Outs 50 10 10 10 Aviation Unit Patrol/Training/Assisting Drug Task Force and other agencies/ In progress calls (hours) 269.2 267.3 366.2 501.7 V - 89

Department: Sheriff s Office Field Operations Cost Center: 10030323 Function: Public Safety Fund: General Mission Statement The mission of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Field Operations Division, is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security for the people of Fayette County. We ensure that sense of safety, service, and security by embracing the tradition of law enforcement officers being involved in the community in order to be concerned about the community. The Field Operations Division has been restructured. The division now consists of the following subordinate sections and units: Court Services section Traffic Enforcement section Uniform Patrol section Warrant Services section Youth Services section K-9 Unit FY 2010 Goals and Objectives Prevent Loss of Life, Injuries, and Property Damage - to minimize the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage resulting from criminal activity and traffic crashes through proactive enforcement, education, and a comprehensive system of problem solving. Fair and Impartial Enforcement of the Law - to enforce the provisions of the Official Code of Georgia and other laws and ordinances to prevent and deter crime. Maximize Service to the Public and Assistance to Allied Agencies - to maximize service to the public in need of aid or information, and to assist other public agencies when appropriate. Manage Traffic and Emergency Incidents - to promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout Fayette County, and to minimize exposure of the public to unsafe conditions resulting from emergency incidents and highway impediments. Protect Public and County Property - to protect the public, their property, Fayette County employees, and Fayette County's infrastructure. To collaborate with municipal, county, state, and federal public safety agencies to protect Fayette County. Improve Divisional Efficiency - to continuously look for ways to increase the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the Field Operations Division. Improve Individual Efficiency - to evaluate personnel and personnel schedules to obtain maximum utilization of our human resources to meet identified needs. Maintain proactive posture and flexibility - to evaluate operational strategies concerning our areas of responsibility to ensure that we maintain a proactive response posture and can confront the changing needs of our community. Maintain and Expand Partnerships and Collaborative Efforts - to evaluate and maintain partnerships and collaborative efforts that assist us in accomplishing our mission and addressing issues and concerns. V - 90

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