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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Library -

Department: Library - SPLOST Cost Center: 29060500 Function: Culture & Recreation Fund: Special Revenue Major Department Functions The Library - SPLOST fund was created as a 1% Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for the purpose of constructing the new library and purchasing equipment and additional library materials. The balance of the money remaining in this fund and the investment income derived from it must be spent for the benefit of the library. Major FY 2010 Goals Acquire additional materials for the library in accordance with the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax referendum that was passed. Complete a project to expand by a total of 6,000 square feet the Adult Services Collection area and the Multi-Purpose Meeting area, and for the acquisition of additional furniture and equipment. Significant Expenditure Changes A CIP project has been approved for the expansion of the Library - $1,019,768. FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2009 FY 2010 BUDGET SUMMARY FUNDING SOURCES Actual Budget Actual Adopted Investment Income $ 51,452 $ 60,000 $ 16,984 $ - Appropriated Fund Balance 119,645 205,693 289,272 240,000 Total Funding Sources $ 171,098 $ 265,693 $ 306,256 $ 240,000 APPROPRIATIONS Purchases $ 140 $ - $ 175 $ - Supplies 141,771 240,000 241,639 240,000 Capital Outlays 29,187 25,693 64,442 - Total Appropriations $ 171,098 $ 265,693 $ 306,256 $ 240,000 V - 121

Department: Recreation Cost Center: 10060110 Function: Culture & Recreation Fund: General Mission Statement To make visible and maintain quality park facilities and recreation programs that will meet the needs of our citizens regardless of age, sex, race, or national origin including people with disabilities. To make visible the Fayette County Parks and Recreation Department. To identify and utilize Human Resources, Physical Resources, and Professional Development Resources. To provide the department with staff and equipment in four divisions: Administration, Athletics, Programs and Therapeutics. Major Department Functions Plan, program and develop quality and wholesome recreation programs and activities that promote healthy lifestyles, connect family and neighbors, encourage lifelong learning, and celebrate life. Assist local sport associations in carrying out their missions. Plan and direct the refurbishment of existing parks and the development of new parks. Collaborate recreation services through cities, the Board of Education and private organizations. Major FY 2010 Goals Continue to make improvements to existing parks as financial resources are made available. Provide staff with educational opportunities and resources in order for them to grow professionally. Maintain 20% yearly net income on all Recreation sponsored programs. Maintain participation numbers in Recreation sponsored programs. Obtain at least one funding source to purchase needed Recreation equipment. FY 2010 Significant Expenditures Completed renovation of Brooks Park Restroom and Concession Stand. Completed Brooks Park batting cage installation. Completed ADA ramp for Brooks Park fields 1 and 2. Completed construction of Kiwanis Park restroom facility. Tapped into the City of Fayetteville sewer line on Redwine Road. Completed retaining wall at McCurry Park softball/football. Completed refurbishment of track at McCurry Park. Other significant budgeted projects were placed on hold due to the economic environment. V - 122

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