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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OTHER FUNDS In addition

OTHER FUNDS In addition to the General Fund, three other funds have historically provided significant revenue for County operations. These are the Fire Services - Special Revenue Fund, the Emergency 911 - Special Revenue Fund, and the Water System Fund. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) fund, a special revenue fund, was created in FY 2008 to account exclusively for revenues and expenditures related to emergency medical services operations. Fire Services Special Revenue Fund The Fire Services Special Revenue Fund provides funding for fire prevention and suppression activities for all areas of the County except for the cities of Fayetteville and Peachtree City, which have decided to maintain their own fire departments. To provide a funding mechanism that will ensure that only those individuals living in the area receiving these fire services pay for the services, a special tax district was created several years ago. Approximately 98% of the total revenues for this fund are generated from the taxation of property. This clearly demonstrates the fund’s dependence on property taxes to pay for the delivery of services. Thus, the revenue for this special revenue fund is considered very stable even in an economic downturn. Other sources of revenue for this fund are Intergovernmental Revenues, Charges for Services, Interest Earnings, and Other Revenues. REVENUE Three Year Comparison of Principal Revenue Sources FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2009 FY 2010 ACTUAL BUDGET ACTUAL* BUDGET Property and Other Taxes $ 7,268,344 $ 7,283,100 $ 7,158,551 $ 7,461,300 Intergovernmental Revenues 241,449 Charges for Services 174,027 Interest Earnings 155,084 Other Revenues 44,765 245,000 200,000 180,000 44,000 243,743 44,002 40,701 41,106 - 45,000 46,000 37,500 Total Revenues *FY 2009 Actual: Unaudited. $ 7,883,669 $ 7,952,100 $ 7,528,102 $ 7,589,800 Charges for Services 0.6% FY 2010 Budget - Percentage Contribution of Revenue Sources Interest Earnings 0.6% Other Revenues 0.5% Property and Other Taxes 98.3% II - 19 Property and Other Taxes Charges for Services Interest Earnings Other Revenues

Emergency 911 Special Revenue Fund Georgia state law provides for a governmental entity to adopt up to a $1.50 monthly surcharge for E911 services for each telephone receiving service in the County. Also during FY 2002, collection was initiated for a similar type monthly charge of $1.00 on each cellular telephone. The proceeds from these surcharges can only be spent for the provision of 911 services within the jurisdiction. The County and cities also have an agreement to contribute on a pro rata basis (i.e., based on the estimated annual population) any funds necessary to cover shortfalls between the amounts generated from the surcharge and the operating budget. The money contributed by the cities is categorized as Intergovernmental Revenues. The contribution from Fayette County is included in Other Financing Sources. There was a one year relief from pro rata basis contribution to the fund in FY 2008. In FY 2009 the pro rata contribution was reinstated to cover estimated shortfalls in funding expenditures. For FY 2010, pro-rata contributions from the cities total $340,195 or 15.2% of total revenues. Three Year Comparison of Principal Revenue Sources REVENUE FY 2008 ACTUAL FY 2009 BUDGET FY 2009 ACTUAL* FY 2010 BUDGET Charges for Services $ 1,899,129 $ 1,856,975 $ 1,939,953 $ 1,895,000 Intergovernmental Revenues - 429,324 429,324 340,195 Interest Earnings 21,958 25,000 1,783 - Other Revenues 100,499 - - - Total Revenues *FY 2009 Actual: Unaudited. $ 2,021,586 $ 2,311,299 $ 2,371,060 $ 2,235,195 Percentage Contribution of Revenue Sources Intergovernmental Revenues 15.2% FY 2010 BUDGET Charges for Services 84.8% Charges for Services Intergovernmental Revenues II - 20

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