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Complete Report - Fayette County Government

Complete Report - Fayette County Government

will be able to ensure

will be able to ensure that stormwater management devices are designed and working properly. In terms of basic surface del ivery, it will provide preventative maintenance and repairs of all stormwater structures within the right-of-way and all pipes directly connected to the right-of-way. This action will help protect the quality of surface water which is the major source of raw water for the Water System. Fayette County continues to strategically position itself for future growth and the maintenance of the current quality of life of our citizens. With the population of the Metropolitan Atlanta Statistical Area approaching 5.5 million and the local area experiencing drought like conditions in the recent past, the availability of potable water is becoming one of the most important attributes affecting growth patterns in the future. Where businesses decide to locate in the future could be determined by the availability of this precious resource. During the summer months, the County completed the construction of Lake Mcintosh which is a 650-acre raw water reservoir located on Line Creek which borders Fayette and Coweta Counties. When it reaches capacity, total raw water reserves should be sufficient to meet our customers' potable water needs for years to come. The EPD has issued to the County a surface water withdrawal permit to withdraw water from Lake Mcintosh upon its completion at a withdrawal rate of 10.4 million gallons per day. The County also continues when possible to take advantage of the capital markets during this period of low interest rates on debt. During the fiscal year, a financial plan was put into place to refund a portion of the outstanding water revenue bonds. The issuance of the 2012B Series Revenue Bonds in July 2012 for this purpose reduced our total debt service payments over future years by more than $2 .867 million. These savings will help offset the additional debt se rvice incurred with the issuance of the 2012A Series Revenue Bonds. ACCOUNTING AND BUDGETARY CONTROLS Management of the Water System is responsible for establishing and maintaining an internal control structure designed to ensure that the assets of the County are protected from loss, theft, or misuse and to ensure that adequate accounting data are compiled to allow for the preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. The internal control structure is designed to provide reasonable, but not absolute, assurance that these objectives are met. The concept of reasonable assurance recognizes that: (1) the cost of a control should not exceed the benefits likely to be derived; and (2) the valuation of costs and benefits requires estimates and judgments by management. All internal control evaluations occur within the above framework. We believe the System's internal accounting controls adequately safeguard assets and provide reasonable assurance for the proper recording of financial transactions. The Water System employs an Enterprise Fund concept to account for its operations which are financed and operated in a manner sim ilar to private business enterprises - wherein the intent of the governing body is that the costs (expenses, including depreciation) of providing goods or - 11 -

services to the general public on a continuing basis are financed or recovered primarily through user charges. Cash flow budgets are prepared and adopted for the System. The System maintains an encumbrance accounting system as another means of accomplishing budgetary control. Encumbered amounts at year-end are recorded as a reservation of fund balance and carried forward into the ensuing year's budget. As demonstrated by the statements and schedules included in the financia l section of th is report, the System continues to meet its responsibil ity for sound financial management. CASH MANAGEMENT Cash temporarily idle during the year was invested in accordance will allowable investments per Georgia law. The System earned interest revenue of $10,372 on all investments for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012. The System's invest ment policy is to minimize credit and market risks while maintaining a competitive yield on its portfolio. Accordingly, deposits are required to be either insured by federal depository insurance or collateralized. At June 30, 2012, all of the System's depositories provided sufficient and/or proper collateralization ofthe System's deposits . RISK MANAGEMENT The System participates in the County's self-insurance for employee medical, dental and vision coverage, and workers' compensation. Third party administrators are employed to process claims for these programs. The County's Human Resource Department monitors all self-funded programs to develop programs for accident prevention and claims reduction in all County departments. REPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS The Government Finance Officers Association ofthe United States and Canada (GFOA) awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to the Water System for its comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011. In order to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, the System must publ ish an easily readable and efficiently organized comprehensive annual financial report. This report must satisfy both generally accepted accounting principles and applicable legal requirements. A Certificate of Achievement is valid for a period of one year only. We believe that our current comprehensive annual financial report continues to meet the Certificate of Achievement Program's requirements and we are submitting it to the GFOA to determine its eligibility for another certificate. - 12 -

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