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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Elections

Department: Elections Cost Center: 10010400 Function: General Government Fund: General Mission Statement The Fayette County Board of Elections and Voter Registration commits to conducting fair and impartial federal, state and local elections and to register citizens to vote. We ensure the electoral process will be conducted professionally and consistently, by demonstrating neutrality and non-partisan decision-making based upon a thorough knowledge of and compliance with all election laws. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to candidates, media and voters by following and helping the public to follow current federal, state and local election laws. Major Department Functions Register qualified Fayette County residents and maintain current voter registration records. Conduct general and run-off (local, state and national), primary, special and municipal elections. Provide information to the Georgia Secretary of State and U.S. Department of Justice. Enforce voter registration and election laws. Conduct Advance Voting in the Elections Office for one-week prior to each election and up to three. other locations in the County. Conduct Early Voting in person for 45 days prior to Federal and State elections and for 21 days prior to Municipal elections. Conduct Absentee Voting out of the Elections Office for 45 days prior to each election for civilians, military personnel, the elderly and disabled, and other county citizens. Process voter registration applications received from Department of Public Safety, public libraries, Department of Human Services sites, Armed Forces Recruiting facilities and through the mail. Maintain the accuracy and integrity of the Statewide voter registration database by keeping current with name and address changes, deaths and felony convictions. Prepare DRE - touch screen, Express Polls, and OptiScan units for use in conducting elections. Recruit and train 180 to 250 poll officers for each election. Conduct Deputy Registrar training. Assess and ensure polling place compliance with ADA and other disability laws. Act as Filing Officer for receiving Campaign Contribution and Financial Statement Disclosure reports. Participate in State-mandated election official certification program and continuing education programs. Major FY 2011 Goals Goal 1 : Conduct uncontested elections to be the best of our ability. Goal 2: Recruit, train, and maintain quality poll officers to manage polling precincts. Goal 3: Maintain public confidence by running the office in an efficient manner. Goal 4: Implement the Election's connection to an imaging software system and begin the imaging of voter registration applications. Goal 5: Continue to start Early Voting in State-wide elections 45 days before the scheduled Election days. We will conduct Advance Voting the week immediately preceding the Election days. V - 16

Department: Elections Cost Center: 10010400 Function: General Government Fund: General Significant Expenditure and Staffing Changes FY 2011 is another election intense year. Proposed personal services costs and operating costs have been increased due to additional elections to be held during the year. FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2010 FY 2011 BUDGET SUMMARY FUNDING SOURCES Actual Budget Actual Adopted Municipal Handling Fees (reimbursement from cities/towns) $ - $ 60,045 $ 85,260 $ - General Fund Contribution 741,384 310,448 318,595 600,732 Total Funding Sources $ 741,384 $ 370,493 $ 403,855 $ 600,732 APPROPRIATIONS Personal Services $ 655,035 $ 322,796 $ 356,752 $ 537,109 Operating 72,580 40,036 47,103 62,848 Capital Outlay 13,769 7,661 - 775 Total Approriations $ 741,384 $ 370,493 $ 403,855 $ 600,732 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 PERSONNEL - (FTE) Budget Budget Budget Adopted Total Personnel 5.60 5.60 4.50 4.50 WORKLOAD INDICATORS FY 2008 Actual Total Registered Voters (Active & Inactive) 74,246 Number of Precincts 40 Number of Elections Held (Including Municipal Elections) 4 Number of Votes 44,403 Applications Processed - TOTAL 12,644 New Registered Voters 4,631 Duplicate Applications 3,478 Transfers 2,264 Name/Address/Both Changes 2,271 Number of Absentee/Early/Advance Voting 8,266 V - 17 FY 2009 Actual 75,448 40 4 122,562 12,575 3,567 3,792 2,575 2,641 80,877 FY 2010 Estimate 76,980 40 4 33,122 6,781 2,656 1,281 1,437 1,407 7,165 FY 2011 Projected 78,000 40 4 66,000 9,425 3,200 3,150 1,550 1,525 12,000

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