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OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET - Fayette County Government

Department: Information

Department: Information Systems Cost Center: 10010535 Function: General Government Fund: General Mission Statement The Mission of Information Systems is to provide Strategic Vision, Leadership, and Enterprise solutions to County leaders and staff so they can meet their goals and deliver results to the public. Major Department Functions Provide installation and support services for Desktop and Laptop Computers, Servers, and Peripherals such as Printers, Scanners, and Plotters. Install and provide support services for desktop software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and other similar programs. Install and provide support services for various third party software applications such as CARS, OMS, Visa-craft, ICON, E-911 CAD system, and MUNIS. Establish and support the County s access to the State of Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). Provide Leadership Enhancements and Support Services for the development of the County s Geographic Information System (GIS). Provide installation and support services for the County s Networking Equipment including Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and VPN Devices. Provide support for the County s Cable Television equipment such as Cabling, Amplifiers, and Splitters. Provide installation and support of the County's Network infrastructure including WAN and LAN fiber optic and Copper cabling, Equipment racks, Patch panels, and Jacks. Maintain the County s Internet presence including maintenance and support of our Web-Server, E-mail Servers, Domain Name Server, and the Firewall and Security Devices. Provide routine Backup and Archival of the Countie's data in accordance with the County's Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Provide on-call support services for Public Safety Departments on a 7-day, 24 hour basis. Provide support for existing in-house developed computer programs. V - 24

Department: Information Systems Cost Center: 10010535 Function: General Government Fund: General BUDGET SUMMARY Major FY 2011 Goals Continue to expand the County's GIS system by assisting with the development of new GIS layers such as an accurate Street Numbering layer. Expand the use of new technologies such as VMware Server Virtualization to create "Virtual Servers" to increase failover capabilities and maximize utilization of hardware resources. Move older physical servers with aging hardware over to the County's Blade Center and Virtual Server environment. Increase the capacity of the County's SAN (Storage Area Network) and expand it across multiple sites to physically disperse the County's data and provide redundancy and resiliency. Expand the County's Tivoli Storage Management System to provide increased cross-site replication of the County's data. Improve the conditions of the County's Network Telecommunication Rooms by providing increased cooling, monitoring, and security. Develop improved policies and procedures for the IS Department. FY 2011 Significant Expenditure and Staffing Changes One full-time position was transferred to the Finance Department. Four capital projects were approved with a total estimated cost of $57,300. FY 2009 Actual FY 2010 Budget FY 2010 Actual FY 2011 Adopted FUNDING SOURCES General Fund Contribution $ 761,301 $ 762,510 $ 727,443 $ 645,755 APPROPRIATIONS Personal Services $ 667,616 $ 668,436 $ 623,272 $ 554,529 Operating 77,420 87,894 75,997 87,734 Capital Outlay 16,265 6,180 28,174 3,492 Total Appropriations $ 761,301 $ 762,510 $ 727,443 $ 645,755 V - 25

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