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northeast iowa mental health & disabilities services ... - Fayette County

northeast iowa mental health & disabilities services ... - Fayette County

2. Service Coordinator

2. Service Coordinator The service coordinator will perform the following functions: 1. Assist individuals in completion of the CPC Application and collection of the supporting data if needed. 2. Complete initial assessment and service request based on assessment. 3. Serve as liaison between CPC office and individual. 4. Make referrals and coordinate services between all service providers. 5. Completion of Recertification on an annual basis. Service Coordinators will be assigned based on the following premises: 1. If the applicant has a Medicaid Targeted Case Manager or a county social worker, that person is the service coordinator. 2. If not, then a worker from the residential unit. 3. If not, then a worker from a vocational provider. 4. If not, then a worker from the outpatient therapy provider. P. FUNDING AUTHORIZATION Counties shall be responsible for funding only those services in the Northeast Iowa Mental Health & Disabilities Services Management Plan. Individuals, in conjunction with the service coordinator, may request additional services. The decision to approve or deny the request will be made by the CPC administrator based on outlined service guidelines and available funds. Counties shall not authorize funding for new services provided out of state. All services funded in whole or in part by Counties must be pre-approved by the CPC Administrator in order to receive reimbursement. Pre-approval of funding, in and of itself, does not guarantee payment. Q. EMERGENCY SERVICES The Mental Health Institute in Independence is the designated provider for voluntary and court-ordered hospitalization for individuals with mental illness. The staff from contracted outpatient service providers must prescreen all individuals. Staff from Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health Center, Abbe Center for Community Mental Health, and Covenant Clinic Psychiatry are available by phone 24 hours and will conduct a face-to-face assessment, if possible. In the case of involuntary commitments an individual is determined by order of the court to be in crisis (IC 229.1(14)) and requires immediate hospitalization. The court shall order inpatient treatment in the most appropriate facility in the State of Iowa recommended by involved medical professionals. Counties will reimburse medical facilities at the rate contracted by the host county. For a list of preferred hospitals, see Appendix F. Hospital staff must notify the CPC Administrator of admissions by the end of the next working day. Messages may be left on the CPC Office voice mail. A completed CPC application and releases of information must be forwarded within 3 working days. 21

R. PROVIDER REIMBURSEMENT FOR SERVICES Counties will only reimburse for those services that are authorized and at the rate approved in the contract. The following billing protocol should be followed: 1. Invoices must provide the following information: a) Name of each individual served during the reporting period. b) Number of units of service, unit rate and total cost of units provided to each individual. c) Reimbursement billed to other sources (including client participation or copay), and therefore deducted from the county costs, for each individual. d) Summary of total costs to county by service. 2. Invoices shall be submitted to the county of legal settlement CPC Office. 3. Counties will reimburse out-of-county providers according to the terms and rates outlined in the host county contract. 4. Providers must submit invoices within 60 days of the service unless the provider is waiting for third party payment. No bill will be paid that is over one year old from the date of service rendered without specific approval from the Board of Supervisors with the exception of bills from the Iowa Department of Human Services. Invoices are paid twice per month. Please consult individual counties as to specific guidelines. S. STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENT Each county will hold meetings of their CPC Advisory Board/Stakeholders Group, including at least one public hearing when required to develop future plans, including the Strategic Plans and amendments. Input is received on an individual and group basis. The CPC Advisory Board/Stakeholders Group from each county consists of family members, individuals receiving services, funders and other interested individuals. The CPC Administrators from each county will gather information from their respective Advisory Board/Stakeholders Group and will collaborate with the other CPCs within the Northeast Iowa Plan counties to develop at least one shared goal for the subsequent years’ strategic plans. The CPC Administrators included in the Northeast Iowa Management Plan will meet at least quarterly to review and discuss the progress of the Northeast Iowa Systems Administrative Plan and continue to develop the plan based on input from the corresponding Advisory Board/Stakeholders Group. The Northeast Iowa Systems Administrative Plan will be available online at each of the county’s websites (for those counties that have websites), as well as the Department of Human Services’ website. Brochures are available at each county’s CPC office describing what services are available through the MH/DD fund. CPC Administrators are available to speak at various engagements to explain the CPC process to interested groups. The CPC Administrator from each county will track exceptions to policy, trends in services, and needs for amendments to this plan. If amendments are found to be needed, the CPC Administrators will discuss the issues surrounding the need for an 22

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