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February 19, 2013 - Fayette County

February 19, 2013 - Fayette County

At 11:10 A.M. a motion

At 11:10 A.M. a motion was made by Dolf and seconded by Rowland to close the public hearing. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the motion was carried. Motion was made by Rowland and seconded by Dolf to adopt the Fayette County budget amendment for the 2012-2013 budget as filed on January 28, 2013 and published on February 6, 2013. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the following resolution was adopted. Resolution # 225 BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Fayette County Board of Supervisors that the following county departments be authorized to make the amended appropriations listed below during the 2012-2013 fiscal year as approved in the budget amendment on this date. Current Budget Amended Budget Non Dept (Includes transfers of $1,722,228) $2,450,114.00 $2,425,106.00 Board of Supervisors $199,920.00 $207,920.00 Auditor $346,670.00 $335,031.00 Treasurer $561,840.00 $550,440.00 Attorney $395,762.00 $405,911.00 Sheriff $2,542,090.00 $2,652,977.00 Recorder $220,186.00 $213,100.00 Cemetery $7,995.00 $7,760.00 Civil Service $3,245.00 $2,910.00 Engineer $5,750,000.00 $6,050,000.00 Veterans Affairs $48,950.00 $49,556.00 Conservation Board $646,150.00 $639,611.00 County Care Facility $25,000.00 $12,500.00 Historical Society $3,000.00 $3,500.00 Sanitarian $87,785.00 $88,435.00 Zoning $64,622.00 $68,897.00 Roadside Management $250,850.00 $259,950.00 Courthouse $180,550.00 $138,550.00 Substance Abuse $41,200.00 $40,928.00 Case Management $342,995.00 $364,707.00 Mental Health $2,608,597.00 $1,207,677.00 Sanitary Disposal $360,991.00 $351,991.00 Recycling Program $249,318.00 $247,318.00 County Farm $238,800.00 $141,976.00

The Board met with Carol Keune, Community Services, for an update. The Board met with J.D. King, County Engineer, for an update. The Board had a discussion regarding the Cell Phone Policy. Motion was made by Dolf and seconded by Rowland to adopt the sign policy. It shall be the policy of the Fayette County Secondary Road Department to seek sign cost reimbursement (prorated if applicable) from the city or town requesting a new or replacement destination sign. Installation costs shall not be charged. An estimate of cost shall be provided prior to action. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the motion was carried. Motion was made by Rowland and seconded by Dolf to approve the Detour agreement for IA 3 PCC overlay. The Iowa DOT has work on IA 3 planned for the summer of 2013. To accomplish their work they plan to use Fayette County V62 and C33 as a detour route. The DOT will take certain actions and request the Fayette County Road Department to accomplish others prior to establishment of the detour. Fayette County will be reimbursed for this work. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the motion was carried. A review was held on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013 at 9:15 AM in the Fayette County Courthouse, West Union, IA. Members Present: Darrel Dolf and Jeanine Tellin and Vicki Rowland Members Absent: None Others Present: John & Deb Dessel, Matt Dinan, Mark Dinan, Daryl Koehn, David Dennler, Bruce Steege, Alden Richards, Janelle McElree, Lillian Hansel, Becky Walz and Catherine Miller The Board of Supervisor's reviewed the restriction they placed on Request #299, John & Debra Dessel request to rezone approx. 0.091 acres of a 0.50 acre parcel from Suburban Residential to General Commercial to operate a motorcycle repair business. Said property is located in the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of the NW ¼, Sec. 16, Union Township. The original request was approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission on Mar. 11, 2010 and by the Board of Supervisor's on Mar. 29, 2010 with hours of operation as Mon. – Sat., from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM though April, 2013 with no signage. Mr. & Mrs. Dessel were present to discuss the continuance. Mr. Dessel stated that he hopes to continue for another five years. He has a young man interested in pursuing the business at a separate location when Mr. Dessel retires. There was additional discussion on the existing business, extending the approval period. People, as listed above were present to support Mr. Dessel's request. Miss Miller stated

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