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December 10, 2012 - Fayette County

December 10, 2012 - Fayette County

On roll call, all voted

On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the resolution was adopted. Motion was made by Dolf and seconded by Rowland to approve the following 9 points: (a) how the need for the activity was identified;The proposed KKCC project consists of the construction of a 8,500 sq. foot structure at the site of the former city swimming pool along North Pine Street in West Union. In addition to increasing the available space by approxiamately 1,800 sq. feet, the project will increase the number of children licensed for care to 110 children. KKCC currently serves 93 children and/or 54 families in the basement of the West Union United Methodist Church. (b) how the proposed activities will be funded and the sources of funds; The proposed project will be funded by the CDBG funds in the amount of $800,000. The local match portion will come from Kaleidoscope Kids and a USDA loan in the amount of $825,000. Kaleidoscope has begun a capital campaign for some of their local match. (c) date the CDBG application will be submitted; The CDBG community facilities applications will be submitted on or before January 16, 2013 to IEDA. (d) requested amount of federal funds; The requested amount is $800,000. (e) estimated portion of federal funds that will benefit low-and moderate-income persons; 70% of the clientele at the Kaleidoscope Kids Childcare Center are low-and-moderate. (f) where the proposed activities will be conducted; The project will be conducted within the city limits of West Union, located in Fayette County. (g) plans to minimize displacement of persons and businesses resulting of funded activities; There will be no displacement of persons and businesses as a result of funded activities for the community facilities project. (h) plans to assist persons actually displaced; There are no plans to displace any persons. (i) the nature of the proposed activities. The nature of the project is to assist Kaleidoscope Kids with a continuum care approach for their center. The proposed project is to construct a 8,500 sq. ft. structure at their new designated location. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the motion was carried. The Board met with members of the Kaleidoscope Kids committee for an update and a discussion requesting a monetary donation. Motion was made by Dolf and seconded by Rowland to adopt the following resolution : Resolution # 220 A Resolution terminating the Civic Plaza 28E agreement between Fayette County and City of West Union.

WHEREAS, Fayette County and City of West Union entered into a Civic Plaza 28E agreement on December 20, 2010 and, WHEREAS, both the Board of Supervisors of Fayette County and the City council of West Union have determined the 28E agreement to be ineffective in the management and operation of the Civic Plaza; and, WHEREAS, sections 17 and 20 of the current agreement allows for termination and amendment of the agreement by Resolution. WHEREAS, Fayette County and the City of West Union wish to enter into a new 28E agreement to be executed at a later date. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Fayette County Board of Supervisors as follows: SECTION 1. That the termination of the current Civic Plaza 28E Agreement between Fayette County and the City of West Union is hereby approved. On roll call, all voted aye, none nay, and the resolution was adopted. In accordance with section 277.20 of the Code of Iowa, the Board of Supervisors proceeded to canvass the tally lists of the West Central Community School District, Issue X, Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. YES 130 NO 28 A public hearing was held on Mon., Dec. 10, 2012 at 10:00 A.M. in the Fayette County Courthouse, West Union, IA. Members Present: Darrel Dolf, Jeanine Tellin & Vicki Rowland Members Absent: none Others Present: Ken & Eileen Meyer & Catherine Miller Mrs. Rowland made a motion to open the public hearing at 10:02 AM. Mr. Dolf seconded the motion. #340, Eileen Meyer, West Union, IA, is requesting a waiver of the subdivision ordinance to split approx. a 9.59 acre parcel from a 49.12 acre parcel located in the E ½, NE ¼ , NE ¼, Sec. 17, Dover Township in an Agricultural Zoning District. Mr. & Mrs. Meyer were approached by potential buyers to sell 9.59 acres for future (5- 10) years development. Current plans are to construct an accessory building to house land maintenance equipment and develop the property. The land is in CRP through 2021. A parcel East of Great River Rd. consisting of 3.10 acres was split and sold in 2005 for access to an adjoining parcel in Section 16. Mrs. Rowland made a motion to close the public hearing at 10:12 AM. Mr. Dolf seconded the motion.

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