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Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities Strategic Plan ...

Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities Strategic Plan ...

Activity 1: Complete

Activity 1: Complete staff biography pages. (3/30/12) complete Activity 1: Put biography information on website. (4/27/12) incomplete Goal 2: Research new self waiver. (Renee Guess) Objective 1: Ensure proper preparation for SELF waiver. Activity 1: Attend DODD training. As scheduled. Objective 2: Implement SELF waiver. Activity 1: Meet with SSA department to determine SELF applicant caseloads. Activity 2: Complete necessary paperwork to DODD for enrollment Activity 3: Enrollment and implementation of SELF waiver. Goal 4: Continue to promote and explore shared services. (Fred Williams) ongoing Goal 5: Caretracker and Gatekeeper to generate revenue. (Lori Moore) Objective 1: Maximize revenue Activity 1: Attend Administrator Training (4/20/12) complete Activity 2: Add modules for transportation and adult day services (7/31/12) Activity 3: Maximize billing and reduce paper cost (8/30/12) Activity 4: Maximize TCM billing (8/30/12)

Customer Perspective: Goal 1: Tell the story of FCBDD (Debbie Yoho) Objective 1: Create a commercial video. (12/31/12) Activity 1: Decide on content of video. Activity 2: Explore creation of video with professional vendors. Activity 3: Film video Activity 4: Use video in community to promote FCBDD. Objective 2: Ensure website is current and up to date. (4/27/12) incomplete Activity 1: Work with Tony Clay to ensure website is kept updated. Goal 2: Hold quarterly meetings with staff to ensure accurate and current information. (Teresa Borden) Objective 1: Meet with staff development committee. (3/21/12) complete Activity 1: Discuss content Activity 2: Create quarterly meeting schedule. Activity 3: Implement quarterly meetings. Goal 3: Create increased communication opportunities. (Sandy Simmons) Objective 1: Increase opportunities for staff input. Activity 1: Install suggestion box complete Objective 2: Ensure communication between all divisions of program Activity 2: Managers will compile division updates. (8/31/12)

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