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Domande corredate di risposte. In inglese la risposta ... - Fazi Editore

Domande corredate di risposte. In inglese la risposta ... - Fazi Editore

9) What is the date of

9) What is the date of the first hardcover edition of Twilight? Either Italian one and US one. 5 oct, 2005 US. 29 giugno 2006 IT. 10) How many colours can a vampire eye be? What are they? Three main colours. Black, red, yellow (golden, amber, etc etc). Tre colori principali: nero, rosso, giallo (dorato, ambra, ogni sfumatura dell’oro o del giallo è stata giudicata corretta). 11) What is the month of Edward’s disappearance in New Moon? September. Settembre. Subito dopo la festa di Bella. 12) Chapter four of New Moon starts with what sentence? Time passes. Il tempo passa. 13) Volterra it’s the setting of New Moon chapters 20-21-22. In 2007 Stephenie Meyer visited this same city and a big event was held there in her honour, what was the day? 19 maggio 2007. 19 May 2007 14) What was the name of the original sequel to Twilight? Forever Dawn. 15) Who’s the first friend of Jacob’s to change into a wolf? Embry. 16) What famous Italian artist is mentioned in the first description of Jane? Botticelli 17) How many people of the Volturi guard escort Edward, Bella and Alice to the three Volturi? Four. Quattro. Prima Felix e Demetri, a cui si aggiunge Jane una volta scesi dentro il covo dei Volturi, prima di arrivare, si aggiunge anche Alec. Fine capitolo 20, inizio capitolo 21. NM. 18) Where did Edward go after leaving Forks in New Moon? Texas and South-america. Sono state accettate sia le risposte che nominavano il Sud-America, sia il Texas, sia quelle che le nominavano entrambe.

19) Who amongst the Cullens voted yes to the issue of Bella becoming a vampire? Emmett, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice, Esme. 20) In what chapter of New Moon does Alice came back in Forks? Chapter 16. Alice torna nel capitolo 16, ma rivela la sua identità nel capitolo 17. Sono state entrambe accettate come corrette. 21) The Preface of Eclipse: to what chapter/s does it refer? Chapter 24 Capitolo 24. 22) How many hours together does Edward have to see Bella when Charlie grounded her in Eclipse? Two hours and a half.. From seven to nine thirty PM. Due ore e mezza. Dalle 19.00 alle 21.30. 23) The guys at Forks High school are betting with what boy Bella will end up, for whom does Tyler bet? Edward. He bets ten on Cullen. Edward. Scommette dieci su Cullen. CH3 24) How old is Quil’s imprint, Claire? Two. Claire ha due anni. 25) What’s the name of one of Taha Aki strongest spirit warriors? Utlapa. 26) How did the Third Wife die? She stabbed herself to death. Si è pugnalata. 27) How many victims Gary Ridgway killed? 48 women. 48 donne. 28) What was the name of Rosalie’s closest friend when she was still human? Vera.

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