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1.2.2 Instrument Setup 1

1.2.2 Instrument Setup 1 – INTRODUCTION The MERTIS instrument (fig. 1.2) is an IR-imaging spectrometer based on the push- broom principle which is located on the MPO. It is based on an uncooled micro- bolometer array providing spectral separation and spatial resolution according to its two-dimensional shape. The operation concept principle is characterized by interme- diate scanning of the planet surface and three different calibration targets—free space and two on-board black body sources. Sharing the same optical path, a pushbroom radiometer is implemented according an in-plane separation arrangement. The general instrument architecture showed in figure 1.3 comprises two separate parts—the sensor head (SH) including optics, detector and proximity electronics and the electronics unit (EU) containing sensor control and driving electronics, as well as the power supply. This highly integrated measurement system is completed by a pointing device which orients the optical path to the planet and the calibration targets. 1.2.3 Short Term Shutter For spectrometer data acquisitions a reference signal representing the instruments background ratiation is necessary for on-board data processing and for on-ground cali- bration. This is performed by periodical acquisitions without the targets scene/planet radiation. Therefore a shutter is foreseen, the MERTIS Short Term Shutter (MSTS), covering the optical slit by closing the MSTS. The designated integration position of the MSTS in the MERTIS instrument is indicated with the red dashed ellipse in figure 1.2. Within this master thesis, the Demonstrator Model (DM) of the MSTS shall be de- signed and constructed, which finally shall prove its functionality after integration in the MERTIS instrument. 4

BepiColombo MERTIS 1 – INTRODUCTION Reference: Issue: Date: Page: MER-DLR-TN-007 Draft Rev: 1 25.05.2007 2 Figure 1.2: MERTIS instrument model with the MSTS integration position indicated with the red The main dashed parameters ellipse of the [12]. instrument are given in table Table 2.2-1 Planet View S/C MLI Space View MRBA MPOI MHAR EU MSBA SH Fig. 2.2-1 MERTIS structure block diagram MBB3 MSOP S/C Radiator MSHS Orbit ±5K/ MSTS MLTS MRAD …+40°C MBOL -20 MBEL (TRP) MEOP MRED Panel MOST MBB7 MICU Instrument MPSU S/C Figure 1.3: MERTIS instrument block diagram [12]. Parameter Unit Spectrometer Radiometer (µRAD) Focal length F 50 mm F – number F# 2.0 Optical efficiency opt 0.54 Microbolometer array detector illuminated pixels pixels 160 x 120 @ 35 µm 100 spatial 80 spectral µRAD thermopile line array 2 x 15 @ 250 µm Spectral channel width 90 nm / pixel Spectral resolution / 78 – 156 Spectral range 7 – 14 m 7 – 40 µm MBEL MBEL / MHKE 5

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