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Chapter 6 MERTIS Short

Chapter 6 MERTIS Short Term Shutter Demonstrator Model 6.1 Design This chapter discloses the finally realized MSTS DM design with its mechanical and electromagnetic components. To highlight the parameters and their interactions sum- marized in figure 4.8 shall make this design solution comprehensible. The MSTS design had to bear several requirement adaptions during the work period. Here, the clearance between the MSOP and the MEOP structure (fig. 2.2), where the MSTS will be embedded, shall be mentioned. The dimension requirement firstly allowed an overall width of 5 mm. Due to calculation corrections of the optical path, the width was eventually confined to 4.5 mm. This influenced the MSTS FH design, which had to be adapted several times. 6.2 Mechanics The mechanical part can be devided in two parts, even when it is monolithically manufactured. These are the moving FH structure and the non moving mounting part discussed in the following sections. Figure 6.1 shows the CAD model of the MSTS mechanics with the mounted coils and magnet. Table 6.1 lists the defined and calculated mechanical parameters. A comparison of these parameters with the manufactured MSTS test sample is essential for the construction of the Engineering Model (EM) and, ultimately, the Flight Model (FM). The design drawing of the MSTS DM can be found in appendix B. 46

6 – MERTIS SHORT TERM SHUTTER DEMONSTRATOR MODEL Figure 6.1: MSTS DM CAD model which shows the mechanical part (grey), the mounted coils (green), the magnet (red) and the support pin (voilet). Parameter Value Material Ti-6Al-4V l 20 mm b 4 mm h 80 µm m 1.782 g ρ 4430 kgm −3 E 113.8 GPa c 83.0 Nm −1 f (1) eig 110.4 Hz Table 6.1: Defined and calculated design parameters of the MSTS DM mechanical part. 47

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