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Download - Hochschule München

Figure 4.15 shows the

Figure 4.15 shows the cross-section of the experimental crystal size gradient and simulated crystal size gradient after heat treatment to 2200K. Within figure 4.15a, the crystal size decreases as function of depth, whereas the crystal sizes within figure 4.15b have steps. Heat treatment of the multi-layers proves that the crystal size depends on the tungsten concentration within the sample. Figure 4.15: SEM cross-sections from 2200K a-C:W films. a) experimental crystal size gradient found within the 18% a-C:W film. b) artificial crystal size gradient by depositing 7 a-c:W coating with different concentrations between two carbon coating on a film. - 46 -

4.2.3 Nano-diffraction Although nano-diffraction initially only acted for comparison to the results from XRD, the results show some interesting new findings. Within the 9% a-C:W sample, a mixture of both W2C and WC1-x is found in the 1450K, 2200K and 2500K. Within the 2800K a mixture of WC1-x and WC is found. These findings are in contradict to the XRD findings, which concluded that within the 2200K and 2500K only WC1-x is present. In addition, the XRD diffractogram of 1450K showed no clear crystal morphology, except wide peaks, meaning no conclusion about the carbide phases could be made. With nano-diffraction, phase identification of W2C, WC1-x and WC crystallites of nm size could be done. Besides phase analysis, crystal size analysis of very small crystallites (1-5 nm) can be done. Besides the 9% a-C:W film, nano diffraction was also done on samples from 18% a-C:W and 22% a-C:W. The findings from the 22% a-C:W support the XRD findings as only WC was found. Besides phase identification on nm-levels, bright and dark field imaging illustrate that within the 22% W sample, clearly WC and graphite has formed. The findings done on the 18% a-C:W film were surprising. Within the 1450K and 2200K, all three carbide phases: WC, W2C and WC1-x were found, figure 4.16 and 4.17. Within the 1450K sample, the majority of the crystals are W2C, whereas a few are WC and WC1-x. - 47 -

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