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Scottish Studies Newsletter - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Scottish Studies Newsletter - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

14 "Scotland will be

14 "Scotland will be made to reapply for EU membership after independence, says EU chief", Scotsman 07-12-12: "The European Commission has confirmed its view that EU membership would no longer apply to any territory within its boundaries which became independent after leaving a larger member state." "George Kerevan: Our future could be brighter without Europe", Scotsman 07-12-12: "Being ejected from the EU, writes George Kerevan, might not be the worst option for an independent Scotland in the present economic climate." "Scottish independence: Ditch the Queen, Salmond told", Scotsman 25-11-12: "The Queen should not be head of state of an independent Scotland, the chairman of the pro-independence Yes campaign has said. At a Radical Independence Conference yesterday, former Labour MP Dennis Canavan criticised the Scottish Government's proposal to keep the monarchy in place if Scotland backs independence." "Scottish independence: Westminster cites 'evidence' that EU would bar Scotland", Scotsman 22-11-12: "An independent Scotland would have to negotiate its way back into the EU, the coalition government said yesterday. In the clearest statement yet from the UK government on the post-independence position in Europe, Foreign Office minister Hugo Swire said the 'weight of international legal precedent' held that Scotland would have to reapply for membership. Meanwhile, Labour MP Ann McKechin suggested an independent Scotland could be hit with import tariffs when trading with the rest of the UK if it is not granted automatic admission to the European Union." "Allan Massie: Scottishness can be a matter of choice, not fact", Scotsman 21-11-12: "'Some of the most passionate Scots were not born here but contributed greatly to the nation, so let's not get hung up on nationality', writes Allan Massie." "Scottish independence isn't good for business, warns Aggreko boss", Scotsman 21-11-12. "Scottish Independence: Ex-US President Bill Clinton wades into separation row", Scotsman 17-11-12: "Bill Clinton has raised fresh questions over Scottish independence, arguing that the bonds that bind people 'matter more' than what makes them feel separate. The former US President told an audience in London that the issue of independence was a 'classic case' of identity politics which would dominate 21st century." "MI6 'should hold talks with CIA about Scottish independence' – expert", Scotsman 15-11-12: "MI6 should hold immediate talks with the CIA and other United States security services about the prospect of Scottish independence, an expert in international relations experts has said. It remains unclear how intelligence-sharing as part of the 'UKUSA Agreement' would be affected if Scotland goes it alone, according to Dr Daniel Kenealy, of Edinburgh University." "Scottish independence: Madeleine Albright warns of fragmented Europe", Scotsman 12-11-12: "Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright has voiced concerns about independence as she warned that Scotland leaving the UK could lead to a more 'fragmented' Europe." "Scottish independence: 'Rump' UK would cease to be one of Europe's 'big three'", Scotsman 12-11-12: "The 'rump' UK would cease to be one Europe's 'big three' powers if Scotland votes Scottish Studies Newsletter 41, April 2013

15 for independence in 2014, senior foreign policy experts have warned. London could also lose its vital influence with the US as its current position as a defence 'agenda-setter' disappears and it falls behind the military clout of France." Financial sector "HBOS chiefs slammed for 'catastrophic' failure", Scotsman 06-04-13. "Numbers don't add up", Herald 24-03-13: "Those with sharp eyes may have noticed that the prospect of the Government selling its stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds appears to be moving up the agenda. This now looks set to happen before the 2015 General Election – potentially at huge losses to the taxpayer." "Taxpayer-owned RBS pays 95 staff £1m or more", Scotsman 09-03-13: "Royal Bank of Scotland last year paid 95 of its employees more than £1 million despite running up a loss of more than £5 billion. The figure compares with 428 at Barclays and 204 at HSBC but RBS, still 82 per cent owned by the taxpayer, will come in for particular scrutiny because of the state bail-out and its huge losses. The bank has already been criticised for handing out £607m in bonuses and yesterday revealed that the top ten executives shared £21m in total remuneration, although that figure was 16 per cent lower than in 2011." "Mervyn King suggest RBS split to end 'nonsense'", Scotsman 06-03-13: "The governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King has raised the prospect of splitting the Royal Bank of Scotland to end the 'nonsense' of its current part-nationalised status." "Lloyds and RBS: too big to fail – and too big to manage", Guardian 04-03-13: At the heart of the argument over the results of the partially state-owned banks is sovereignty of the people: "Hearing the CEOs of Britain's 'too big to fail' banks talk up their annual results in the past few days, it was difficult not to feel a mixture of pity, respect and fear. In particular, the heads of the partly state-owned Lloyds and RBS face demands that are logically impossible to meet, and to see them trying to be everything to everyone almost produces compassion. Their struggles also elicit respect, because they still manage to put on a pretty good show. But then you realise what they can't tell us, and how their bank's failure will be the financial equivalent of a nuclear meltdown, and you shudder." "Stock chart for the Royal Bank of Scotland", Guardian, no date. "Leaders: At last light at the end of RBS tunnel", Scotsman 01-03-13: "Stephen Hester, chief executive of 81 per cent government-owned RBS, has sent the most encouraging signal from the stricken company since its taxpayer rescue in 2008. He said the bank would be in a 'condition fit to sell' before the next election in 2015 and wanted to give the government the option to start selling its stake as soon as next year." "RBS boss admits 'chastening' year as losses breach £5bn", Guardian 28-02-13 ( "RBS's sale is running to a political timetable, not a financial one", Guardian 28-02-13: "On optimistic estimates, reforms might be complete at Hester's bank before the next election. But no one will know if it will be even worth investing in until weeks before the poll." Scottish Studies Newsletter 41, April 2013

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