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Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

13 the next two years,

13 the next two years, which are likely to include two grim George Osborne budgets, will alter that perspective. However, the centenary of the First World War in 2014, with £50m of events marking the nation‟s shared sacrifices through the year, may see a further surge in pro-British sentiment. Tomorrow‟s ceremony follows weeks of detailed talks between LibDem Scottish Secretary Michael Moore and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.” “Scotland‟s automatic EU rights under fire”, Herald 13-10-12: “Alex Salmond‟s assertion that an independent Scotland would automatically become a member of the European Union is set to come under more fire next week when constitutional experts give evidence before MPs on the „foreign policy implications of and for a separate Scotland‟.” “Call for referendum lessons in schools”, Herald 12-10-12: “Pupils should be educated about the independence referendum in schools if the vote is extended to 16 and 17-year-olds, electoral experts and parents have said.” “Clear the fog around independence”, Scotsman 11-10-12: Many big questions remain unanswered ahead of the signing of an accord on the referendum, writes Bill Jamieson. “Lords anger over voting age move”, Herald 11-10-12: “Plans to give the vote to 16 and 17year-olds in a referendum on Scottish independence have come under fire in the House of Lords.” “Cameron hands SNP a choice outcome”, Herald 11-10-12: “If the speculation is correct, the SNP administration has secured a deal that allows it to organise the referendum, give votes to 16-year-olds, and – in return – only have one question on the ballot. Not good for the Prime Minister.” “Scottish independence: Deal struck for single-question referendum in Autumn 2014”, Scotsman 10-10-12: “A deal on holding Scotland‟s historic referendum on independence has been mapped out by the SNP and Coalition Ministers. The deal will see the vote being held in two years time, with a single question on whether or not people want the country to become an independent state. The SNP‟s preferred wording „Do you agree that Scotland should become an independent country?‟ will be tested by the Electoral Commission to ensure fairness. It is also likely that the deal will allow Scottish Ministers to try and give 16 and 17-year-olds a vote in the referendum.” “Scottish independence: „Very unwise‟ to claim referendum deal is done - Alex Salmond”, Scotsman 10-10-12: Alex Salmond has suggested the UK Government jumped the gun over a deal on the independence referendum, warning it would be „very unwise‟ to say an agreement had been reached until one was actually in place.” “PM: Saving Union is my No 1 priority”, Herald 9-10-12: “The Prime Minister has made the battle to keep Scotland within the United Kingdom his top priority for the Coalition. In a rousing speech to Scottish delegates at the Tory party conference in Birmingham, Mr Cameron vowed to end the SNP‟s monopoly of Scottish identity.” “Leaders: Constitutional questions go beyond Nato membership”, Scotsman 8-10-12: “In pledging to bring forward a constitution after independence which would explicitly ban nuclear weapons from Scottish soil, First Minister Alex Salmond hopes to defuse a detonation at the SNP conference later this month. The party‟s leadership would like to see Scotland remain Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

14 within Nato – but on the clear understanding that her insistence on no nuclear weapons on Scottish soil is respected.” “Independence blow as support for Union soars”, Herald 8-10-12 “Scottish independence: No campaign opens up 25-point lead – poll”, Scotsman 8-10-12: “Opposition to independence has grown, with an increasing gap between Scots wanting to stay in the UK and those wanting to leave, a poll has found. The survey of almost 1,000 Scots showed support for the union at 53 per cent, with 28 per cent favouring a split.” “Ban the bomb from Scotland says FM”, Herald 8-10-12: “A written constitution for an independent Scotland should explicitly ban nuclear weapons from the country, Alex Salmond has said.” “Scottish independence: Independence vote must be won „by a mile‟, warns Ruth Davidson”, Scotsman 7-10-12: “Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is to warn that the pro-UK cause needs to win the independence referendum „by a mile‟ if it is to ensure
stability in Scotland and
avoid further constitutional warfare with the SNP after the vote. In her speech to the party conference in Birmingham tomorrow, Davidson will argue that the Better Together campaign has to achieve an „emphatic‟ victory to avoid damage to Scotland‟s long-term prosperity caused by continuing political uncertainty. The SNP has said it believes the 2014 referendum is a „once-in-a-generation‟ event, suggesting that even if there was a „no‟ vote the matter would be settled for decades.” “Greens ditch SNP „puppet‟ fears and join the Yes Scotland campaign”, Herald 7-10-12 “Leaders: Abortion now part of debate”, Scotsman 7-10-12: “Today a new front has opened up in the debate about whether Scotland should be an independent country. This area of debate was always going to be a factor in this tussle of ideas on the nation‟s future, but perhaps it has taken longer than some people thought before making an appearance. So far the debate about secession has been couched primarily in economic terms – which levers of fiscal power should be operated at Holyrood, and whether Scotland‟s geographical share of oil revenues should all be spent north of the Border. Lately, issues of the monarchy and defence have also made an appearance. This weekend, however, sees the arrival of abortion as a new bone of contention in the referendum campaign.” “Leaders: Quite enough shadow boxing from our leaders”, Scotsman 6-10-12: “The intricate two steps forward, one step backwards, two steps sideways waltz between Alex Salmond and David Cameron over the terms of the independence referendum is close to an end, according to the Prime Minister. Since this is a behind-closed-doors two-step process, the progress of which can only be gleaned from partisan briefings by one or other of the partners, it is extremely hard to know whether they are really in step with each other or not. There was, however, not much mistaking the bullish tone of Prime Minister Cameron‟s remarks yesterday. Agreement on what is to be put to the people is „close‟ he said, adding that it was right that the referendum should be held and indeed that it should be „the people‟s referendum‟ that the people of Scotland „deserve‟.” “Constitutional lawyers to inform referendum debate”, Herald 1-10-12: “A group of leading constitutional lawyers have formed a group to provide „rational and non-partisan‟ information to voters in the run-up to the 2014 referendum. Experts from five universities will examine Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

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