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Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

23 "More than half of

23 "More than half of all new Scottish graduates manage to find work”, Scotsman 26-9-12: "Just over half of those graduating from Scottish universities are finding permanent employment in the UK, according to a new report. Of the 45,000 students who left higher education in 2010- 11, 55.6 per cent secured full-time work in the UK, figures from the Scottish Government show – a 
2.2 per cent rise on 2009-10. Overall, 88.5 per cent of graduates went into further study or some form of employment, while 5.9 per cent were believed to be unemployed.” "Silence is golden in classroom", Herald 25-9-12: "Silence in the classroom can enrich children's educational experience and improve behaviour and exam results, according to a Scottish academic.” "Holyrood warned college merging is not a quick fix”, Herald 24-9-12: "The strategy of widespread college mergers across Scotland is not a quick fix for the problems facing the sector, a leading academic has warned.” "Northern Irish backlash over tuition fees”, Herald 22-9-12: "Moves to close a loophole that allows students from Northern Ireland free university places in Scotland have provoked a backlash.” "GCSE to be axed in exam shake-up”, Herald 18-9-12: "The GCSE exam in England is to be replaced by a new qualification called the English Baccalaureate Certificate in a move that widens the gulf between schools north and south of the Border.” "Colleges turning away thousands of students”, Herald 10-9-12 "Reputation is key for universities”, Herald 5-9-12: "Students continue to choose universities based on reputation and history rather than quality of teaching and cost, research suggests.” "Principal: University cash bias will harm economy”, Herald 6-8-12: "A leading figure in higher education has issued a warning over the Scottish Government's policy of concentrating research funding on traditional universities.” "Ewan Crawford: Textbook lessons in how not to bridge the inequality gap”, Scotsman 25-7- 12: Ewan Crawford on social inequality in Scottish education. "Teachers slam SNP 'diktat' over Scottish question in English exam”, Herald 10-6-12: "The Scottish Government has been accused of 'nationalistic fervour' over its plans to introduce a compulsory question on Scottish literature in the new Higher English exam.” Scottish Award Winners Literature Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Book of the Year winner 2012 was Janice Galloway for All Made Up, Granta Books, 2011. (paperback, £8.99, 320 pp). The book also won the Literary Non-Fiction category. In the second volume of her memoirs, Galloway reveals how the child introduced in This is Not About Me evolved through her teenage years. Shortlisted in this category were also: Bella Bathurst, The Bicycle Book (HarperPress), Roger Hutchinson, The Silent Weaver (Birlinn), Kapka Kassabova, Twelve Minutes of Love (Portobello), Emma Rothschild, The Inner Life of Empires (Princeton University Press). Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

24 Fiction winner was Ali Smith for There but for the, Hamish Hamilton, 2011 (hardback £16.99, 357 pp). Ali Smith's novel is a funny, moving book about time, memory, thought, presence, quietness in a noisy time, and the importance of hearing ourselves think. Shortlisted were also: Alan Bissett, Pack Men (Headline), Jane Harris, Gillespie and I (Faber), J M Ledgard, Submergence (Jonathan Cape), Zoe Strachan, Ever Fallen in Love (Sandstone Press). Poetry winner was Angus Peter Campbell for Aibisidh, Polygon 2011 (paperback, £9.99,164 pp) The poems in this bilingual collection by award-winning poet examine the decay and fragmentation of Gaelic language and identity in the modern age, exploring the ways in which language and identity intersect with the historical and natural landscapes of Scotland. Shortlisted for the poetry award were: John Burnside, Black Cat Bone (Jonathan Cape), Carol Ann Duffy, The Bees (Picador), Andrew Greig, As Though We Were Flying (Bloodaxe), J O Morgan, Long Cuts (CB Editions). First Book winner Simon Stephenson for Let Not the Waves of the Sea, John Murray, 2011 (hardback, £16.99, 320 pp), a moving account of the writer‟s journey, following the loss of his brother in the Indian Ocean tsunami. If it is a story of grief, it is also a story of hope and of the unexpected places where healing can be found. Simon's journey takes him from Edinburgh in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, to Downing Street in London, to Thailand and the island where his brother died, to the scene of an ancient tsunami on the north-west coast of the United States, and to the town where he and his brother's favourite childhood film was made. Along the way there is heartbreak, dengue fever, Greek mythology, and hard physical labour in the tropical heat, but there is also memory, redemption and humour as well. Shortlisted for this award were: Luke Williams, The Echo Chamber (Hamish Hamilton); Karin Altenberg, Island of Wings (Quercus); Rachael Boast, Sidereal (Picador); Allan Wilson, Wasted in Love (Cargo). ( Winners of the 2012 James Tait Black Prizes were American novelist Padgett Powell (Fiction), for You and I, and Fiona MacCarthy (Biography), for The Last Pre-Raphaelite: Edward Burne-Jones and the Victorian Imagination. Shortlisted for the fiction category were: A.D. Millar, Snowdrops (Anchor); Belinda McKeon, Solace (Picador); There but for the, Ali Smith (Hamish Hamilton). Shortlisted in the biography section were: Ian Donaldson, Ben Johnson: A Life (OUP); Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention (Viking); Susie Harries, Nikolaus Pevsner: The Life (Chatto & Windus). A new category for drama has been added to the JTB Prizes, with the first £10,000 award winner due to be selected in August 2013. ( The 2012 Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition was won by Jen Hadfield for her poem The Kids. Second prize went to Mike Valley for Look Homewards Now and third prize to Malcolm Watson for The Perils of Surgery. Film, television and media The BAFTA in Scotland New Talent Awards 2012 saw Ainslie Henderson win the Best Animation category for her film “It‟s About Spending Time Together”. The award for the Best New Work went to Anna Ginsburg for her four-minute promotional piece for the Bombay Bicycle Club‟s single “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”. Best Actor / Actress was Lyn Murray, Best Director of Photography Hakon Palsonn, Best Writer went to Agata Jagodzinska, Best Editor to Johanna Erholtz. Other winners included: Ruaridh Arrow, Julian Schwanitz, Neil Hartop and Gareth Griffiths. Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

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