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Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

57 Conference

57 Conference Announcements Scottish Literature International Lecture 2012 The 2012 Scottish Literature International lecture, “The Discovery of Scotland: Walter Scott and the Invention of World Literature” will be held in Committee Room 1, The Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, Edinburgh, on Wednesday 7 November 2012. Ireland and Scotland: Conflicts and Cross Currents 10th NEICN Conference: North East Irish Culture Network in Association with the Scottish Irish Network (SIN) and the University of Sunderland. 9 – 11 November 2012, Chester Road Campus of the University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England. NEICN website Call for Papers Following the success of the previous nine international Irish Studies conferences, this year the University of Sunderland, in association with NEICN, invites papers for an interdisciplinary conference, which will run from 9th to 11th November 2012. The conference organisers hope to represent a wide range of approaches to Irish and Scottish culture from academics and non-academics alike. Performances, roundtables, collaborative projects, and other non-traditional presentations are encouraged in addition to conference papers. We welcome both individual submissions and proposals for panels. In connection with the conference theme we welcome submissions for panels and papers based around the often overlapping and interconnected histories and cultures of Ireland and Scotland. Possible themes include, (but are not limited to): Theory, Gender, Advertising and Commodity Culture, Gothic, Fantastic, Tartan and/or Emerald Noir, Romanticism, Revolution, Evolution, Language, Immigration, Diaspora, Borderlands and Border Identities, Devolution, Ulster, Partition, Celticism Along with papers specific to the conference theme, we are interested in using this conference to highlight the most recent work in the field. Therefore, we welcome submissions addressing any and all topics or themes relevant to Irish and/or Scottish studies. Following the interdisciplinary nature of the conference we welcome proposals from the areas of: Literature, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Performing Arts, History, Politics, Folklore and Mythology, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Tourism, Art and Art History, Music, Dance, Media and Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Celtic Studies and Studies of the Diaspora. North American and other international scholars, practitioners in the arts, and postgraduate students are all encouraged to submit proposals to the conference organisers. Each session will include three or four 20-minute presentations each followed by discussion. A selection of the accepted papers will be subsequently published in the conference proceedings. Length: Papers should not exceed 2000 words / 20 minutes‟ delivery. The deadline for submissions to this conference has passed. Alasdair Gray International Conference Université Européenne de Bretagne & Université de Brest 15 – 17 November 2012, HCTI, EA 4249, Université de Brest, Brest, France Call for Papers (pdf: here) Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

58 Ever since the publication of Lanark in 1981, Alasdair Gray (1934–) has become one of the most influential and prolific artists of his generation. He is now considered a major contributor to not only Scottish but also European literature. A true polymath, Alasdair Gray is at the same time a writer of fiction and non fiction, a gifted playwright, pamphletist (Why Scots Should Rule Scotland – 1992 and 1997, How We Should Rule Ourselves – 2005), poet and painter. From Lanark to the recent publications of Old Men in Love (2007), Fleck (2008), A Gray Play Book (2009) and the impressive autopictography A Life in Pictures (2010), Alasdair Gray‟s literary and pictorial works display a continuously renewed energy that it will be our task to comprehend. We will be interested in Alasdair Gray‟s creative independence and contribution to the aesthetics of subversion inherited from the political and cultural past of Scotland. Through his experiments in generic hybridisation and parodic rewriting, Alasdair Gray has proved committed to the complex notion of truth, often viewed in his fiction and non fiction as a catalyst for social change and progress. This first international conference on the artist whom Ali Smith once called a “necessary genius” will welcome proposals that address issues that can be varied and broad in scope (the following are but indicative topics). We will also be happy to explore ideas with colleagues who are interested in cross-disciplinary issues. Alasdair Gray‟s symbolical and formal contribution to the reinvention of devolutionary and post-devolutionary Scotland the author and his avatars: God, the mad scientist, the Oracle, the ageing pedestrian ... the word/image relationship in Gray‟s works, intertextuality and interpictoriality the Gothic and the fantastic in Alasdair Gray‟s fiction and painting parody, satire and commitment: the birth of new cultural nationalism? captation and subversion of allogeneous materials: the ethics of rewriting in Alasdair Gray‟s fiction and pamphlets fiction and metafiction, modernism and (or vs.?) postmodernism, etc. ... The deadline for submissions to this conference has passed. Robin Jenkins: A Centenary Celebration A celebration of the life and work of Robin Jenkins (1912–2005), to be held in the Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, on Saturday 24 November 2012. Special Session on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Life & Works Loco/Motion: 34th Annual Conference of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association 7 – 9 March 2013, Fresno, California, USA. Call for Papers As part of next year‟s NCSA conference, I‟m seeking papers for one or more panels about Robert Louis Stevenson that address the theme of “Locomotion”. Scholars may consider the theme literally (treating images of travel and physical movement in Stevenson‟s works), or metaphorically (e.g. chronological, ethical, historical, intellectual, psychological, or spiritual “motion”). Feel free to email me if you have questions about the appropriateness of a topic for presentation. A representative of the Robert Louis Stevenson Silverado Museum will join us to discuss the library‟s rare books/manuscripts and to display exhibits from the collection. Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

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