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Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Issue 40, Nov. 2012 - Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

59 The long nineteenth

59 The long nineteenth century set the world on the move. Travel became increasingly important for business and pleasure, for war and peace. At the same time, new forms of moving people arose: the balloon, ships, undergrounds, funiculars, the railroads. Each carried riders to great distances, different locales, and novel pursuits. But motion wasn‟t purely spatial; new movements arose as well, sweeping the inhabitants of the period into fresh vistas of thought and endeavor. We seek papers and panels that capture the sense of movement at work and at play during the long nineteenth century (1789–1914). Papers may address the intersections of movement/s, focus on technologies of motion in isolation, or reveal the desires for gain, glory, greed – that set the world on its feet. Some suggested topics: We also welcome other interpretations of the conference theme. The campus of California State University, Fresno, will host us in 2013. Its setting makes it the perfect place to explore the conference theme, since Fresno is ringed by the original Gold Rush towns and three superb national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon), two of which are nineteenth-century creations. As a result, Fresno still bears evidence of the vast changes caused by the movements of the nineteenth century. The library of CSU Fresno houses the Donald G. Larson Collection on International Expositions and Fairs; material from this archive will be featured in a special exhibition for the conference. Please note: submission of a proposal indicates intent to present. The deadline for submissions to this conference has passed. Haggis Hunting: Fifty Years of New Playwriting in Scotland Marking the 40th anniversary of the Scottish Society of Playwrights and the 50th anniversary of the Traverse Theatre 4 – 6 April 2013, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland. 2013 marks a dual anniversary for theatre Scotland: the 40th anniversary of the Scottish Society of Playwrights and the 50th anniversary of the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland's leading new writing venue. The purpose of this conference is to explore, interrogate and celebrate fifty years of new playwriting in Scotland. It will examine the influence of Scottish plays and playwrights internationally, as well as considering the changing focus of the work in terms of theme, politics and dramatic form and production. See the conference website for more information. Call for Papers Contributors to Haggis Hunting: Fifty Years of New Playwriting in Scotland are invited to submit proposals for 20 minute papers exploring work from this period. Proposals must include: A title and abstract of 300 words The author's full contact details For performance-based proposals: o Technical or spatial requirements o Biography of 150 words All proposals should be sent to: Possible topics, themes and approaches include (but are not limited to): Plays or playwrights by decade Contemporary plays and playwrights Explorations of national identity Forgotten voices of the Scottish stage National Theatre of Scotland Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

60 Scottish Theatre and Internationalism Dramaturgy in Scotland Devised theatre work Contemporary theatre practice in Scotland Political theatre including the legacy of 7:84 Scotland 'Other Scotlands' Scots abroad The Traverse Theatre The work of individual playwrights, not limited to, but including: David Greig, Zinnie Harris, Linda McLean, Nicola McCartney, John McGrath, David Harrower, Gregory Burke, DC Jackson, Morna Pearson, Sue Glover, Liz Lochhead, Hector McMillan, Stanley Eveling, Peter Arnott, Rona Munro. NB: Papers on other playwrights are most welcome. Theatre for Children and Young People in Scotland Proposals for performance presentations and reflections are also welcome. Deadline for proposals: 30 November 2012 Crosscurrents The 8th Cross-currents Postgraduate Conference in Irish and Scottish Studies 12 – 14 April 2013, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland. Call for Papers The AHRC Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies is holding a major international 3-day postgraduate conference at the University of Aberdeen, 12–14 April 2013. The conference provides a forum for postgraduate students and research fellows who are working on Irish and/or Scottish Studies. The key disciplines covered in this conference are Literature, History, Celtic Studies and Film Studies. We would welcome submissions for individual 25-minute papers in any of these disciplines. Suggested topics: Nation and Narration Place and Text Screening Identity The Limits of Representation Constructing Histories The Politics and Poetics of Translation The Politics of Memory Representing Colonial/Postcolonial Society The Decline of Empire The Question of Historical Authority Representations of Conflict Remapping the Nation The Future of Irish/Scottish Studies Selected Proceedings will be published. 200-word abstracts are to be posted/emailed by 28 January 2013 to: Shane Alcobia-Murphy Cross-Currents School of Language & Literature King's College University of Aberdeen Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

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