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No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

Postscript Just as this

Postscript Just as this article was nearing completion in late March 2012 nearly 1.5 million visitors had been welcomed to the new National Museum of Scotland. Indeed, such has been the success of the transformation, that the magical figure of one million visitors was achieved in November 2011, less than four months after reopening. This makes the National Museum the most popular visitor attraction outside of London. Acknowledgement I am very grateful to my colleague Geoff Swinney, now an NMS Research Associate, who kindly shared his research on the early history of NMS. References Jenni Calder ed (1986) The Enterprising Scot: Scottish Adventure and Achievement Jenni Calder (n.d.) Royal Scottish Museum: The Early Years Jenni Calder ed. (1989) The Wealth of a Nation: In the National Museums of Scotland TM Devine (2011) 'Enlightening Strikes', New Statesman, 22 August 2011, p.1 David S. Forsyth (2011) 'Great Scots!' in History Today, August 2011, p.6 Arthur Herman (2001) The Scottish Enlightenment: The Scots' Invention of the Modern World Fiona McLean and Steven Cooke, 'The National Museum of Scotland: A Symbol for a New Scotland?', Scottish Affairs, no. 45 autumn 2003 Geoffrey N. Swinney (2011 in preparation) Constructing views from 'North Britain': aspects of the historical geographies of collecting by a national museum in Scotland, Charles McKean (2000) The Making of the Museum of Scotland James Tate (2011) NMS website article: Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Museum, 23 October 1861: http://nmsvintra01/aboutUs/history/foundation/default.aspx?PageView=Shared Charles D Waterston (1997) Collections in Context: The Museum of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the inception of a National Museum for Scotland At ten o'clock prompt on Friday, 28 July 2011, after three and a quarter years of closure, the Victorian half of the National Museum of Scotland reopened to an expectant and eager public some 5,000 of whom who were waiting patiently outside in Edinburgh's Chambers Street. It is just as well that the street had been closed to traffic for the occasion! In that first day alone 22,000 people flocked in, many with a great sense of awe and most with the aim to enthusiastically interact with the sixteen new galleries which formed the core of the £46.4 project to redevelop the Grande Dame of Chambers Street. [David S. Forsyth is Senior Curator of Scottish Social History and Diaspora at the National Museum of Scotland. His text will be continued in the next edition of the Scottish Studies Newsletter. He'd be pleased to get your comments at] (New) Media in / on Scotland Subsections: - The Euro crisis then reports in chronological order, then - The referendum / independence issue - The English question Back to top

The Euro crisis, Cameron's veto etc. created intriguing discussions in December 2011 in which a decisively different Scottish position from England's governing Tory and Lib Dem attitude was not as visible as one might have hoped: "Crisis over Europe: Part one – what it means for the Coalition" ( about the Westminster coalition. "Crisis over Europe: Part two – what it means for Scotland" ( "Crisis over Europe: Part three – what it means for the EU" ( "Crisis over Europe: Part four – First Minister's view" ( by Alex Salmond. "Osborne bets against RBS 'casino' bankers", Herald Scotland 20 Dec. 2011 ( Year of Creative Scotland 2012 ( "Year of Creative Scotland 2012 is the beginning of an exciting programme that will embrace London 2012 and celebrate Glasgow 2014. It's a chance to spotlight, celebrate and promote Scotland's cultural and creative strengths on a world stage, and to position Scotland as one of the world's most creative nations to audiences at home and across the world. Through a dynamic year-long programme of activity we will celebrate our world-class events, festivals, artistic and cultural heritage." (With a download section and information on the government site.) Glasgow's Mitchell Library celebrates 100 years at Charing Cross: "WALKING into Glasgow's Mitchell Library at Charing Cross doesn't feel like walking into a library. The bold neoclassical exterior looks more like the hallowed halls of American political power or an Italian baroque church. Inside, the sweeping marble staircases, polished Tabasco mahogany panelling, severe looking busts of moustachioed men and stained glass might make you think you'd stumbled into a gentlemen's club of the 1930s or the Senior Common Room of an Oxbridge college. Sometimes referred to as the 'Street Corner University', the Mitchell Library is about to open an exhibition in celebration of its 100 years at the Charing Cross site. It is without a doubt one of the city's most iconic and best-loved buildings. The Mitchell is now the largest public reference library in Europe, with over two million books and 13 floors of reading rooms. It was founded by Stephen Mitchell, who was born in Linlithgow in 1789 and took over the family's tobacco business in 1820." The Scotsman 2 Dec. 2011, "Scottish Trident nuclear plans would leave UK without deterrent", Scotsman 8 Jan. 2012 ( _deterrent_1_2043364): "AN INDEPENDENT Scotland committed to banishing nuclear warheads from Faslane would impose disarmament on the whole of the UK, a leading defence expert declares today." Scottish Studies Newsletter 39, May 2012

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