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No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

"Scotland-London high

"Scotland-London high speed rail link to get go-ahead", Scotsman 8 Jan. 2012 ( _1_2043333): "MINISTERS are set to back plans for the first section of a new High-Speed rail link this week, paving the way for a Scotland-London high speed connection within 20 years." "Alex Salmond signs Abu Dhabi green energy deal", Scotsman 8 Jan. 2012 ( _deal_1_2043360): "SCOTLAND is to tie up a deal with one of the world's richest cities to boost the burgeoning renewable energy sector. "What will the Olympics do for Scotland?", Herald Scotland 8 Jan. 2012 ( "New figures uncovered by the Sunday Herald show that public sector expenditure on the Olympics from the UK Treasury pot between 2005-6 and 2009-10 is more than £2.6 billion (£2669 million). Over the same time, the direct spend in Scotland as a result of London 2012 was less than £1m. So in terms of public-sector spend in Scotland as a result of the Olympics, the country made 0.04% of what the rest of the UK reaped." "Mission to make Edinburgh's Royal Mile fit for a King", Scotsman 13 Jan. 2012 ( "IT is one of the Scotland's most popular attractions, thronged with visitors drawn to centuries-old architecture, historic seats of power and colourful street entertainers. But council leaders have admitted parts of Edinburgh's showpiece thoroughfare have become "dreadful” to visit – as they triggered a new action plan aimed at transforming its fortunes." Antony Akilade, "How racist is Scotland?", Herald Scotland 15 Jan. 2012 ( "For Scotland, with the prospect of a heated debate over independence and the allocation of precious oil reserves, there is perhaps a complacency that whatever the outcome of any referendum, the weave of networks that reaches across our shared borders will somehow spare us coming to blows. My father came from Nigeria, where a brutal civil war was fought when Biafra sought secession. Biafra was where the oil was most abundant. What distinguishes Biafra from Scotland? Nigeria from Britain? Are people really so very different there? Has science and progress subdued our gut emotions? As the figures attest, in Scotland white-onwhite racism – if that's the right word – is a reality and we would do well to tread cautiously when we come to rally our competing tribal passions." "Green driving revolution fails to bloom in Scotland", Herald Scotland 16 Jan. 2012 ( "THEY have been hailed as the cars to transport motorists into a greener 21st century, but it seems electric vehicles have so far failed to spark much interest in Scotland." "35m boost for Scottish films", Herald Scotland 17 Jan. 2012 ( "SCOTTISH films aiming for the commercial success of The King's Speech will be funded by a new multimillion pound finance company backed by the nation's arts funding body."

"Scottish unemployment: danger of 'lost generation' as jobless total rises 19,000", Scotsman 18 Jan. 2012 ( "SCOTLAND'S unemployment crisis could leave a "lost generation” consigned to the dole queue with jobless levels heading back towards the epidemic scale of the 1980s, leading economic and business figures have warned." "Alex Salmond reveals vision for Scottish armed forces", Scotsman 20 Jan. 2012 ( orces_1_2067235): "ALEX Salmond has set out his vision for an independent Scottish defence force, saying it would consist of the same number of army, RAF and navy personnel as under plans being drawn up by UK ministers." "Edinburgh in u-turn over privatising 2,000 council jobs", Scotsman 20 Jan. 2012 ( cil_jobs_1_2067962): "PLANS to outsource services supplied by Edinburgh City Council's maintenance, catering and porter staff to save tens of millions of pounds were abandoned yesterday after SNP and Labour councillors put aside party differences to vote them down." "Chinese tourists are biggest spenders visiting Scotland", Scotsman 20 Jan. 2012 ( "CHINESE visitors to Scotland are outspending those from India and Russia for the first time, according to the national tourism agency." "A Tale of Four Cities: Economic gap between Scots cities widens", Scotsman 23 Jan. 2012 ( s_cities_widens_1_2072135): "While Edinburgh and Aberdeen rank among the top ten cities across the UK in economic indicators, Glasgow and Dundee sit in the bottom ten." "Premiere treatment for Edinburgh film festival", Herald Scotland 7 February 2012 ( "EDINBURGH International Film Festival (EIFF) will host twice the number of premieres this year compared to last, its new artistic director has revealed. Meeting the nation's press for the first time since moving to Scotland from Japan in January, the film critic and writer Chris Fujiwara said there would be between 120 and 150 features and short films this year." "Donald Trump brands Alex Salmond 'insane' over windfarms", Scotsman 10 Febr. 2012 ( ver_windfarms_1_2107670): "DONALD Trump is to fund an international crusade against 'monstrous' windfarm developments around Scotland's coast, after launching an astonishing broadside over First Minister Alex Salmond's plans to streamline the offshore planning process. In a furious attack, the billionaire US businessman accused Mr Salmond of being 'hellbent on destroying Scotland's coastline and therefore Scotland itself'." "Edinburgh flies up ratings a Europe's second best airport", Scotsman 15 Febr. 2012 ( "beaten only by Malta." "Thousands of Scots 'will lose out in benefits move'", Herald Scotland 23 Febr. 2012 ( Scottish Studies Newsletter 39, May 2012

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