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No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

No. 39, May 2012 - Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und ...

urgently needed. The

urgently needed. The authors added it would be 'impossible to think' that Scottish MPs could be returned to Westminster if the nation gets 'something approaching full fiscal autonomy'." The authors, who took the opinions of 1507 adults online, warned: 'Ignoring the developments highlighted in this paper – growing popular dissatisfaction with the territorial status quo and support for an English dimension to the institutions of government – will not make them disappear.' Professor John Curtice, co-director of Strathclyde University's Centre for Elections and Representation, said: 'If the English would embrace regional devolution, with English regions with similar powers to the National Assembly of Wales, then problem solved.' Nick Pearce, IPPR director, said: 'There are those that fear that an engagement with a debate about England and Englishness will weaken the Union, but the truth is the opposite. The longer this debate is ignored, or worse, denied, the more likely we will see a backlash within England against the UK.' Paul Wheelhouse, the SNP MSP for South Scotland, said: 'The simplest and most straightforward answer to the West Lothian Question is – and always has been – for both Scotland and England to be fully in charge of their affairs by becoming independent and equal nations.'" A very useful and informative book on how devolution is perceived from the English point of view and on the slowly growing development of an English identity against the backdrop of a possible Scottish independence is Lodge, Guy / Richard Wyn Jones / Ailsa Henderson / Daniel Wincott, The Dog that Finally Barked: England as an Emerging Political Community, Institute for Public Policy Research 2012 ( (or as a PDF file Back to top Education Scotland The Guardian 26 Dec. 2011 describes the situation in English schools and in this way provides an interesting background against which one can compare the situation in Scotland as well as in any other country in Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc. ( Higher education review of 2011: the 10 best blogs of the year", The Guardian 28 Dec. 2011 ( "Universities facing threat from abroad", Herald Scotland 7 Jan. 2012 ( "SCOTTISH universities have highlighted a report that warns European higher education is at risk of falling behind international competitors. Universities Scotland, which represents university principals, said the pace of investment in higher education in emerging countries such as India and China was a significant new challenge for the sector." "McLeish hits out at 'dramatic' cuts to college budgets", Herald Scotland 17 Jan. 2012 ( "Henry McLeish, the Labour politician who led the Scottish Executive between 2000 and 2001, said the SNP cuts would damage education."

"Action urged over language lessons", Herald Scotland 21 Jan. 2012 ( "THE British Council Scotland has stepped up its campaign to reverse cuts to foreign language teaching assistants in schools." "Edinburgh University's £ 50m loan opens a new chapter for library", Scotsman 23 Jan. 2012 ( _chapter_for_library_1_2072138): "ONE of Scotland's leading universities has secured £50 million in funding from the European Investment Bank in a deal to improve teaching and research at the institution." "Pupils told they must study Scots literature", Herald Scotland 25 Jan. 2012 ( "ALL pupils taking Higher English will have to learn at least one Scottish text under a landmark new requirement by the Holyrood Government. Every candidate sitting the exam paper from 2014/15 'will answer at least one question' on a Scottish novel, play or poem as part of the radical shake-up. The hugely significant move aims to ensure future generations of Scottish young people grow up with an understanding of their culture and literary heritage." "Axe bonuses and limit pay of university principals, says Government report", Herald Scotland 29 Jan. 2012 ( "UNIVERSITY principals could have their bonuses axed and salary rises severely limited under radical plans proposed by a review of the higher-education sector. A ministerial panel has also backed elected university court chairs, staff and student representation on remuneration committees, and a requirement for 40% of Court members to be women. But the groundbreaking report has rejected the direct election of principals." "St Andrews won't take away degree", Scotsman 2 Febr. 2012 ( " FRED Goodwin will not have his honorary degree from St Andrews University withdrawn, despite students' calls for it to be stripped along with his knighthood. The university said it would not be making the 'precipitate gesture' of revoking Mr Goodwin's honorary degree. 'Fred Goodwin was given an honorary degree in good faith by the university in 2004, shortly after he had been knighted and in the same year that Forbes magazine had made him Businessman of the Year and Scotland on Sunday declared him 'Number One Scot',' a spokeswoman said. 'Clearly a great deal has changed since that time. The university is sensitive to the varied opinions expressed about Mr Goodwin's part in the collapse of RBS and its damaging effects on the economy and the lives of many thousands of people. Revoking the degree, however, cannot change history, nor ameliorate the harm done by the banking collapse.' The University of St Andrews Students' Association has called for the degree to be revoked." "£45m cut in further education funding", Scotsman 2 Febr. 2012 ( 2094336): "COLLEGES will see their teaching budgets cuts by up to 8.5 per cent under funding arrangements for the next academic year, it has been confirmed. Announcing its funding for 2012-13, the Scottish Funding Council said the overall budget would be £500 million, down from £544.7m." Scottish Studies Newsletter 39, May 2012

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