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2 Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012 Scottish Studies ...

2 Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012 Scottish Studies ...

29 for a rollercoaster

29 for a rollercoaster ride round Caledonia, from Furry Boots City to the Costa Clyde, via the Cold Shoulder of Scotland, the West Lothian Alps and the Reykjavik of the South. The result is a breathtaking and quirky celebration of Scotland, packed with fact and anecdote. Deacon, Russell, Devolution in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2012 (paperback £19.99) The only up-to-date introduction to the politics of devolution in the UK New for this edition: revised and updated throughout ; new case studies and tables; new sections on topics including English regionalism, the London Mayor, the Calman Commission, Labour and the Welsh Assembly, and Ian Paisley. The political landscape of the UK was altered dramatically with the devolution of power to London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This introduction to the major changes caused by devolution looks at both the historical background and contemporary political events. It assesses the operation, strengths and weaknesses of the devolved state, and uses relevant case studies to illustrate the more complex ideas. Devine, T. M., Scotland's Empire. The Origins of the Global Diaspora, London: Penguin Press 2012 (paperback £9.99) From T. M. Devine, acclaimed author of The Scottish Nation and To the Ends of the Earth, Scotland's Empire tells the compelling story of Scotland's role in forging and expanding the British Empire, from the Americas to Australia, India to the Caribbean. By 1820 Britain controlled a fifth of the world's population, and no people had made a more essential contribution than the Scots - working across the globe as soldiers and merchants, administrators and clerics, doctors and teachers. In this highly acclaimed book, T. M. Devine traces the vital part Scotland played in creating an empire - and the fundamental effect this had in moulding the modern Scottish nation. Devine, T. M., The Scottish Nation. A Modern History, London: Penguin Press 2012 (paperback £9.99) The acclaimed history of Scotland from T. M. Devine, who is also the author of Scotland's Empire and To the Ends of the Earth. This bestselling history of Scotland traces the epic story of a nation from the act of union to today's ongoing debates regarding its future. Ranging from high politics to everyday life, The Scottish Nation is the definitive account of modern Scotland. Devine, T. M., To the Ends of the Earth. Scotland's Global Diaspora, 1750-2010, London: Penguin Press 2012 (paperback £9.99) From T. M. Devine, acclaimed author of The Scottish Nation and Scotland's Empire, To the Ends of the Earth is the story of the Scottish people and their role in the world. It was a Book of the Year in the Herald (chosen by Alex Salmond), Scotland on Sunday, New Statesman and Spectator. The Scots are one of the world's greatest nations of emigrants. For centuries, untold numbers of men, women and children sought their fortunes in every part of the globe, from the British Empire to the United States, in cities and on prairie farms, as traders, bankers, missionaries, soldiers, politicians and engineers. To the Ends of the Earth puts this extraordinary epic centre stage in Scottish history, cutting through myth and sentiment surrounding stories such as the Highland Clearances and the Enlightenment to show the true impact of Scottish emigration on the world, and on the nation it left behind. Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

30 Forbes, Anne L, Trials and Triumphs, The Gordons of Huntly in Sixteenth-Century Scotland, Edinburgh: Birlinn 2012 (paperback £25.00) This book first traces the rise of the Gordons from minor magnates in Berwickshire to major players in the north and nationally. They reached their zenith in the person of George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly, during the sixteenth century. The rest of the book focuses on his family, with the parallel biographies of four of his sons and two of his daughters. Their very different stories illuminate the period because they participated in, and were deeply affected by, the lives of Mary Queen of Scots and her son James, who were vital pawns in the European power play between England, France and Spain during a crucial time of religious and political change. This book is an important addition to the historiography of the Gordons of Huntly, rulers of the north of Scotland and involved in most significant events of sixteenth-century Scotland. Gantzhorn, Ralf, Schottland. Wanderungen an den Küsten und in den Highlands, Oberhaching: Bergverlag Rother, 4th ed. 2012 (paperback 14,90 €) Der Rother Wanderführer »Schottland« stellt 50 ausgewählte Tages- und Mehrtagestouren in den Southern Uplands, in den Highlands, an den Küsten und auf den Inseln vor. An der Nahtstelle zu England befinden sich die Uplands, die den Wanderer mit sanften Hügeln, malerischen Buchten und Zeugnissen englisch-schottischer Geschichte locken. In den Central Highlands thronen grüne Berge über weiten Hochflächen und kristallklaren Seen. Die Gebirgsgruppen der Grampian und Cairngorm Mountains werden auf aussichtsreichen Gratwanderungen, teilweise in anspruchsvollem, felsigem Gelände erkundet. Auf den Inseln der Hebriden lässt sich vom Strandspaziergang bis zur hochalpinen Gratüberschreitung für jeden Geschmack das Richtige finden. Grandiose Touren finden sich auch im einsamen Norden Schottlands und auf den Orkney-Inseln. Ralf Gantzhorn, Autor und Fotograf, hat Schottland zu allen Jahreszeiten durchstreift. Auf 50 abwechslungsreichen Touren führt er den Leser durch die Wanderregionen dieses ursprünglichen Landes. Ausführliche Routenbeschreibungen, Karten mit eingezeichnetem Routenverlauf und aussagekräftige Höhenprofile machen die Planung und Durchführung einfach. GPS-Tracks stehen zum Download bereit. Zusammen mit detaillierten Hinweisen zu Anfahrt, Anforderungen, Einkehrmöglichkeiten und Sehenswürdigkeiten ist dieser Rother Wanderführer ein unentbehrlicher Reisebegleiter für alle Schottland-Liebhaber. Für die vierte Auflage wurde dieser Rother Wanderführer vollständig überarbeitet. Goodwin, Mark / Martin Jones / Rhys Jones, Rescaling the state: Devolution and the geographies of economic governance, Manchester: MUP 2012 (hardback £65.00) Rescaling the state provides a theoretically-informed and empirically-rich account of the process of devolution undertaken in the UK since 1997, focusing in particular on the devolution of economic governance. Using case studies from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the book examines the purported reasons for, and the unintended consequences of, devolution. As well as comparing policy and practice across the four devolved territories, the book also explores the pitfalls and instances of good practice associated with devolution in the UK. Rescaling the state is an important text for all social scientists – particularly political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists and human geographers – interested in the devolution of power in the UK and, indeed, all instances of contemporary state restructuring. It is also a significant book for all policy-makers interested in understanding the increasing complexity of the policy landscapes of economic governance in the UK. Scottish Studies Newsletter 40, November 2012

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