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New Standards for Wireless LANs

New Standards for Wireless LANs

Signal Propagation ●

Signal Propagation ● Propagation in free space always like light (straight line) ● Receiving power in free space proportional to 1/d² (d = distance between sender and receiver) ● Sources of distortion ● Reflection/refraction – bounce of a surface; enter material ● Scattering – multiple reflections at rough surfaces ● Diffraction – start “new wave” from a sharp edge ● Doppler fading – shift in frequencies (loss of center) ● Attenuation – energy is distributed to larger areas with increasing distance reflection refraction scattering diffraction - 30 - TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011

Attenuation results in path loss • Effect of attenuation: received signal strength is a function of the distance d between sender and transmitter • Captured by Frii's free-space equation – Describes signal strength at distance d relative to some reference distance d 0 < d for which strength is known – d 0 is far-field distance, depends on antenna technology - 31 - TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011

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