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New Standards for Wireless LANs

New Standards for Wireless LANs

Channel characteristics

Channel characteristics change over time and location – signal paths change – different delay variations of different signal parts – different phases of signal parts quick changes in the power received (short term/fast fading) Additional changes in Multipath Propagation – distance to sender – obstacles further away slow changes in the average power received (long term/slow fading) All fading effects are frequency-dependent - 36 - power short term fading long term fading TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011 t

Radio Channel Characteristics • Superposition of numerous direct and reflected multipath components with different attenuation and phasing • time variant • Differentiation of fast and slow fading • Fast fading due to superposition of different phases • Slow fading is due to the change of propagation environment • Both fading types depend on the frequency A - 37 - B TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011

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