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New Standards for Wireless LANs

New Standards for Wireless LANs

Real World Example: Path

Real World Example: Path Loss • Received power of a sender is decreasing with the distance between sender and receiver • Depends on Frequency • Many models, e.g. Okumura-Hata Walfish-Ikegami UMTS 30.03 • Mostly shown in dB (attenuation) Pathloss [dB] 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 0 200 400 600 800 1000 - 40 - Distance [m] UMTS 30.03 Vehicular From Walke: UMTS - the fundamentals TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011

Noise and Interference • So far: only a single transmitter assumed – Only disturbance: self-interference of a signal with multipath “copies” of itself • In reality, two further disturbances – Noise – due to effects in receiver electronics, depends on temperature • Typical model: an additive Gaussian variable, mean 0, no correlation in time – Interference from third parties • Co-channel interference: another sender uses the same spectrum • Adjacent-channel interference: another sender uses some other part of the radio spectrum, but receiver filters are not good enough to fully suppress it • Effect: Received signal is distorted by channel, corrupted by noise and interference - 41 - TZI – FB 1 – Kommunikationsnetze Andreas Könsgen – Summer Term 2011

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