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Which is better suited

Which is better suited for a visual comparison with experimental data. Calculating results for different thicknesses, e.g. by choosing Area par : a slider will appear after Area Par Load allowing to view images corresponding to different thicknesses. If a Multislice computation is performed, the results are stored after each slice and the thickness-slider will appear. If “number of rings” in the detector-input-window is set to number larger than 1, two additional slider will appear allowing inspection of results corresponding to different settings of the radii of the inner and outer detector circles. The following shows an example which has been obtained for the calculation of an interface between GaAs and AlAs:

The next paragraph shows how STEM-images of interfaces can be simulated. 9. Computation of interfaces Computation of interfaces corresponds to one of the “hidden” options of the STEMsim program which can be switched off to keep the input-windows as simple as possible. To switch the “interface”-option on, one has to edit the parameter-file directly. Open the parameter-file “…\SrTiO3\STEM_parameters.m” and alter line 237 from SP.FUNCTIONALITY.LEFT_RIGHT_MATERIAL=0; To SP.FUNCTIONALITY.LEFT_RIGHT_MATERIAL=1; Starting the STEMsim program and selecting CRYST par, it is possible to define a second material (with same lattice parameter and crystal structure) as the first one:

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