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Quick reference

Quick reference

The first line defines

The first line defines path and name of the parameter file, the second line defines path and general name for output files. The output filename starts with a point. This means that the path listed in the first line should be used (parameter file and output file can be found in the same directory). In case the program is installed for the first time or the parameter file which has been used previously (filename of current parameter file is stored in STEM.parameters_file_name.m) was deleted, a file-select window is opened: Choose the file STEM_parameters.m in the directory \Standard_parameter_file. Then the STEMsim program will start. Now proceed with File as described above … Change parameter file and global output filename according to the new project. If directories are given which do not exist yet, they will be created when the Done-button is pressed:

Save, Done. 2. Set parameters of the illumination system Start the program and press Probe Fill in values for High-tension and spherical aberration constant. To obtain the optimum parameters of the illuminating system, check “Set Scherzer condition”. Then, the “Scherzer”values for aperture radius and defocus are computed. Done 3. Generate the crystal CRYST par

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