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Quick reference

4. Set size of detector

4. Set size of detector and crystal super cell Detector Done Sizes Number N of points for lookup-table: To generate a lookup-table for atomic scattering amplitudes, the FSCATT-routine of Weickenmeier and Kohl is executed N times, additional values are computed by interpolation. A value of 100 does a good job. The resolution in k-space is determined by the “Pixels per unit cell” along the a and b direction. The a-direction is the horizontal direction, b is vertical. To find values consistent with the detector size, press Check From the “Messages” panel, you can find the minimum values required:

Enter values larger than or equal to the minimum ones (42 42). Next, the number of unit cells per supercell along the a- and b-directions are required. (7x7) is a good starting value. For thicker crystals > 20 nm, larger values are needed because of the broadening of the beam inside the TEM sample. If thicknesses of ~ 50 nm are needed, a size of (11x11) is required. We choose: The values for “Pixels per image” are updated if the mouse is clicked in the related areas. In the last line, the specimen thickness is defined. 4. Atomic scattering amplitude lookup-tables and phase-grating CRYST (to unselect) LUT

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