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Automatic Extraction of Examples for Word Sense Disambiguation

Automatic Extraction of Examples for Word Sense Disambiguation


BIBLIOGRAPHY 89 A List of Abbreviations AW Ambiguous Word BNC British National Corpus FV Feature Vector GNU GPL GNU General Public License IAA Inter-Annotator Agreement kNN k-Nearest Neighbor MBL Memory-Based Learning MFS Most Frequent Sense OMWE Open Mind Word Expert P Precision PF Pool of Features POS Part-of-Speech R Recall SVM Support Vector Machine TiMBL Tilburg Memory-Based Learner WSD Word Sense Disambiguation XML Extensible Markup Language

BIBLIOGRAPHY 90 B Pool of Features CW Current word (0-param). The ambiguous word (AW) itself. - Notation: CW - References: (Mihalcea, 2002), (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Usabaev, 2008) CW Current word (1-param). The word in the surrounding of the AW - at position k. - Notation: CW[=K], optimization=[-3...3] B Bigrams (2-param). Maximum MX bigrams - References: (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Us- occuring at least MN times are determined abaev, 2008) for all training examples. The value of CP Current part-of-speech (0-param). The partof-speech of the AW. - Notation: CP - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) CP Current part-of-speech (1-param). The part- this feature is either 0 or 1, depending if the current example contains one of the determined bigrams or not. - Notation: B[=MN, MX], default=5,20 - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) of-speech of the word in the surrounding VB Verb before (0-param). The first verb found of the AW - at position k. before the AW. - Notation: CP - Notation: VB - References: (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Us- - References: (Mihalcea, 2002), citep18, abaev, 2008) (Usabaev, 2008) CF Contextual features (1-param). The words and parts of speech of K words surround- ing the AW. - Notation: CF[=K], default=3 - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) COL Collocations (1-param) Collocations (Ng and Lee, 1996) formed with maximum K words surrounding the AW. - Notation: COL[=K], default=3 - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) HNP Head of noun phrase (0-param). The head of the noun phrase to which the AW be- longs, if any. - Notation: HNP - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) SK Sense specific keywords (2-param). Maxi- mum MX keywords occurring at least MN times (Ng and Lee, 1996) are determined for each sense of the ambiguous word. The value of this feature is either 0 or 1, de- pending if the current example contains one of the determined keywords or not. - Notation: SK[=MN, MX], default=5, 5 - References: (Mihalcea, 2002) VA Verb after (0-param). The first verb found after the AW. - Notation: VA - References: (Mihalcea, 2002), (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Usabaev, 2008) NB Noun before (0-param). The first noun found before the AW. - Notation: NB - References: (Mihalcea, 2002), (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Usabaev, 2008) NA Noun after (0-param). The first noun found after the AW. - Notation: NA - References: (Mihalcea, 2002), (Dinu and Kübler, 2007), (Usabaev, 2008)

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