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Maximi Planudis in memoriam [Pt.1]

Maximi Planudis in memoriam [Pt.1]


10 Maximi Planudis in memoriam Similar to buy and sell are teach and learn, give and obtain, and in some instances the same lexical items appear whether there is copying of the locative or of the ablative – as hire in English. 18 In some languages, the locative phrase corresponding to the ‘indirect object’ in (15), (20) and the like has a distinctive superficial marker – the dative inflexion. Cf. Latin Mihi librum dedit. This same inflexion also characterizes the locative phrase in corresponding locationals: Mihi est liber. Compare English Ezra has sold the pig to Fred and The pig belongs to Fred. However, the locative in the non-directional instances can also (as in the directional – cf. (16)) be subjectivized. Compare Habeo librum or Fred owns a pig. 19 (21) V : LOC : ABS ERG : : N : N : : : : : : Fred owns a pig Consider too ‘affective’ verbs like know (compared with teach/learn) or understand (explain), which I would also interpret as taking a locative subject. 18 See Anderson 1971b: §§9.2, 11.3-4. 19 I am ignoring here the distribution of ‘definiteness’, which is clearly crucial to a full account of such sentences. Observe too that (for the purposes of the present discussion) we are allowing throughout for the subjectivization of LOC in have-predications in terms of its subcategorization as ERG. However, there are considerable doubts concerning the appropriateness of this. Have is like contain in lacking a ‘passive’ with by… Further, with respect to such an interpretation, the occurrence of examples like The table has a book lying on it is in contravention of the principle governing the hierarchy of quasi-predications formulated in Anderson forthcoming: §§VI and X.

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