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Bibliographie (Offline) - Universität Bremen

Bibliographie (Offline) - Universität Bremen

Dependency Phonology,

Dependency Phonology, Notional Grammar Comprehensive Bibliography 4 ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1987d The limits of linearity. Anderson, John M. and Jacques Durand, eds. 1987. Explorations in dependency phonology. 169-190. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1987e Gothic obstruents: the limits of reconstruction. Ramat, Anna Giacalone, Carruba, Onofrio and Giuliano Bernini, eds. 1987. Proceedings of the 7 th conference on historical linguistics. 1-11. Amsterdam: Benjamins. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988a The type of Old English impersonals. Anderson, John M. and Norman Macleod, eds. 1988. Edinburgh studies in English language. 1-32. Edinburgh: John Donald. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988b The status of voiced fricatives in Old English. Anderson John M. and Norman Macleod, eds. 1988. Edinburgh studies in the English language. 95-112. Edinburgh: John Donald. [Revised version of Anderson, J.M. 1985e] ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988c More on errors and syllable structure. Phonology 5, 157-159. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988d Segment structure and system geometry: a question of Scots economy. NELS 18, 22-37. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988e The great kEntish collapse. Kastovsky, Dieter and Gero Bauer, eds. 1988. Luick revisited. 97-107. Tübingen: Narr. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988f Old English ablaut again: the essentially concrete character of dependency phonology. Duncan-Rose, Caroline and Theo Vennemann, eds. 1988. On language: rhetorica, phonologica, syntactica. A Festschrift for Robert P. Stockwell from his friends and colleagues. 156-177. London: Routledge. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1988g Localism in syntax. Unpublished. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1989a Periphrases and paradigms. Odenstedt, Bengt and Gunnar Persson, eds. 1989. Instead of flowers: Papers in honour of Mats Rydén on the occasion of his 60th birthday. 1-10. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1989b The localist basis for syntactic categories. Kakouriotis, Athanasios, ed. 1989. 2nd symposium on English and Greek: Description and/or comparison of the two languages. 7-32. Thessaloniki: Aristotle University. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1989c Reflections on notional grammar, with some remarks on its relevance to issues in the analysis of English and its history. Arnold, Doug et al., eds. 1989. Essays on grammatical theory and universal grammar. 13-36. Oxford: OUP. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1989d Notional grammar and the category squish. Unpublished. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1990a On the status of auxiliaries in notional grammar. Journal of Linguistics 26, 341-362. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1990b Case grammar constrasts. Fisiak, Jacek, ed. 1990. Further insights into contrastive analysis. 23-28. Amsterdam: Benjamins. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1991a Should. Kastovsky, Dieter, ed. 1991. Historical English syntax. 11-30. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1991b Notional grammar and the redundancy of syntax. Studies in Language 15, 301-33. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1991c Grammaticalisation and the English modals. Kakietek, Piotr, ed. 1991. Problems in the modality of natural language. 9-27. Opole: Pedagogical University of Opole. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1991d Kabardian disemvowelled, again. Studia Linguistica 45.1-2, 18-48. ANDERSON, JOHN M. 1991e A helping of verbs. Dutch Working papers in the English Language and Linguistics (DWPELL) 24, 1- 16.

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