Middle - Frederick County Public Schools


Middle - Frederick County Public Schools

Financial Education is the process by

which people improve their understanding

of financial products, services and

concepts, so they are empowered to

make informed choices, avoid pitfalls,

know where to go for help, and take

other actions to improve their present

and long-term financial well-being.

-2008 President’s Advisory

Council on Financial Literacy

Frederick County Public Schools’ Mission

is to:

• REACH our students with exceptional

teaching and caring support

• CHALLENGE them to achieve their


• PREPARE them for success in a

global society

Eric Louérs Phillips,

Curriculum Specialist

191 South East Street

Frederick, Maryland 21701



The Frederick County public school system does not discriminate in admissions,

access, treatment or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of

race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Personal Financial

Literacy in

Frederick County

Public Schools

Grades 6-8

Teenagers have a great deal of buying

power, so this is a wonderful opportunity

for them to learn how to make good

decisions with their finances at an early

stage in their lives, which will

benefit them enormously as they

grow into adulthood.

- Nancy S. Grasmick

Former State Superintendent

of Maryland Public Schools

Maryland State


of Education


Today’s students need

a strong foundation in

personal finance to help

them budget and manage their

money. Many students work

during high school; some even

have credit cards in their own

names. After high school, young people often

make uninformed decisions that can negatively

impact their credit ratings and their ability to gain

a security clearance for employment. With the

nation currently in the midst of a financial crisis, far

too many people are deeply in debt and are faced

with the reality of losing their homes and their

financial security. The events of the last decade

point to the need for a more focused approach

to personal finance instruction for students, both

while they are in school and in the future. The

state curriculum lays the foundation for a new

generation of competent, confident, and financially

literate adults.

For access to the

complete curriculum:


The Maryland State

Curriculum for

Personal Financial

Literacy Education


$ Apply financial literacy reasoning in order to

make informed, financially responsible decisions

$ Relate choices regarding one’s education

and career paths to earning potential

$ Plan and manage money effectively by identifying

financial goals and developing spending plans

$ Make informed decisions about incurring debt

and maintaining credit worthiness

$ Plan and achieve long-term goals related

to saving and investing in order to

build financial security and


$ Develop financial planning

skills to minimize financial


FCPS Approach to

Financial Literacy


Grades 6-8

Students enrolled in grades 6-8 access the

personal literacy curriculum through the

following required courses:

Grade 6: Life Skills

History of the Ancient World

Grade 7: History of the Medieval World

Grade 8: American Studies I

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