2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools


2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools

Connecting auditory language to written word or graphical representations.

Supporting individual learning or tutoring.

Remediation for basic skills.

Accommodating for a disability/limitation.

Despite the positive trend this data predicts, FCPS still has much work ahead. In addition to the

need for additional or updated hardware and software and additional personnel, the reporting

data indicates that students regularly use technology for achievement and assessment in some

areas, but that there are weaknesses in other areas including those that support higher-level

thinking skills.

The FCPS Master Plan Vision Statement includes the following quote:

“Students look forward to school each day. They take full advantage of the rigorous academic

curricula and strive to develop their talents. They utilize the power of technology to explore a

world of new ideas and information. They acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve and the

confidence to succeed, and are rewarded with a wide choice of offers from higher education and


With this data and these visions in mind, our goals and progress will be matched to the FCPS

Master Plan, to the over-arching goals of the National Educational Technology Plan, and the

recommendations of the Maryland State Department of Education Technology Inventory.


Most experts believe that the use of computers and the Internet provide notable potential for

enriching education by providing new ways for students and staff to collect and manage

information, and explore their world. The challenge now is to move beyond “potential” and

demonstrate that technology “can” improve student achievement. Access is not enough.

Schools that have physical access to computers and the Internet still need the support and the

knowledge to bridge the gap from basic productivity to seamless integration across the


Through the use of technology and digital content, we can engage and capture the interest of

students with information that is current, dynamic, and interactive. Students have an

unprecedented opportunity for collaboration with peers and experts in particular fields of work,

as well as publishing to a wider audience. In the hands of motivated, knowledgeable, and wellprepared

teachers, digital content can nurture the kind of confidence, creativity, thinking, and

learning in students that drive them toward meeting our highest standards for achievement.

The ultimate goal of the original Five-Year Technology Plan was to maximize the ability of

teachers and students to use technology to accomplish tasks faster, more comprehensively, and in

a more engaging manner than was possible without it. During those five years, teachers gained

the skills necessary for personal proficiency. The goals of the previous Three-Year Plans, and

extended in this Plan, are to embark on the process of learning to use the various software

applications to seamlessly integrate technology into instruction thereby impacting student


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