2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools


2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools

6. Description of how teachers are being prepared to master the Maryland Teacher

Technology Standards (MTTS).

Instructional Technology uses a variety of options to engage teachers in expanding their

understanding of technology solutions especially those areas needed to master the MTTS.

Some methods include:

Co-curricular development with curriculum and other teacher specialists.

Professional development in various areas of technology

o After school training

o Summer Technology Academy

o Integrated with normal teaching

Additionally through updating of curriculum to integrate technology for students the

teachers also gain insights into areas that they also need to become proficient in.

7. Description of how administrators are being prepared to master the Maryland

Technology Standards for School Administrators (MTSSA).

Similar to teachers Instructional Technology uses a variety of options to engage

administrators and expand their knowledge and uses of technology. Some methods include:

Inviting administrators to participate in professional development along with

teaching staff

Presentations and updates during administrative meetings

Workshops and one on ones with specific areas of technology to engage them.

8. Demonstration of alignment of professional development to the Maryland Teacher

Professional Development Standards and the Maryland Instructional Leadership


Professional development is aligned with the Maryland standards. FCPS provides approved

MSDE credited course work for teaching staff throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Many of the classes also provide a technology focus.

9. Strategies for how the school system will work toward meeting The Maryland

Educational Technology Plan for the New Millennium targets of one instructional

technology infusion specialist for every 100 instructional and administrative staff

members to assist with professional development and curriculum integration.

Develop a five year plan based on sufficient funding to increase the current number of 9

technology infusion specialists to 34 through the additional of five staff positions per year.

This does not meet the 1:100 ratio set by the state, but puts FCPS near to the target in short

time frame. If further funding becomes available then the number per year could be

increased to meet the state ratio.

10. Strategies for rewarding technology literate teachers teaching in economically

disadvantaged areas to remain in those areas.

Purchase equipment and software for use by technology literate teachers who are

motivated to use technology effectively.

Provide additional training opportunities to those teachers who are on the “leading edge”

of technology integration.


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