2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools


2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools

Section III – Increase the effectiveness, efficiency and security of school and central office

administrative functions and operational processes.

1. Description of how the technology will be used to improve management and

operational efficiencies, including developing and implementing communications tools,

data management systems, integrated student information systems, curriculum/content

management systems and learning management systems.

Improved productivity and efficiency through the use of appropriate software

applications (e.g. PeopleSoft, eSchoolPlus, Pinnacle, Cognos/ReportNet, Maryland State

IEP) for administrative decision-making and instructional leadership.

Expanded communication among FCPS staff, parents, and community through the use of

system resources such as email, telephone, and web pages.

Additional resources available through the FCPS Intranet resulting in reduced printing

costs and improved access to policies, procedures, resources, and forms. (e.g.

FormFinder, online help databases)

Expansion of the online student grading program (Pinnacle) to support elementary

schools that will encourage parental involvement and will enable monitoring a child’s


Increased efficiency in administrative management tasks such as maintaining student

attendance and grades.

Continue to investigate cost savings and better work flow solutions through development

of additional capabilities in Peoplesoft such as electronic mileage reimbursement.

Implement electronic time sheet completion and submission.

Implement electronic pay advices thereby minimizing printing costs.

Investigate and field test movement towards more electronic based documents.

Implement district-wide web conferencing to minimize travel and support distance


Continued collaboration through user groups that communicate and discuss potential

changes or enhancements to applications and thereby improve employee efficiency.

A web-enabled catalog for the PL/IMC collection and online booking of instructional

materials will enhance and facilitate access and increase efficiency in delivery of


Interoperable communication among applications will reduce or eliminate redundant

data entry.

Investigation of document imaging and data retrieval/reporting solutions to increase

system access and storage of critical data.

2. Strategies for providing electronic communication with students, educators, parents

and the community.

FCPS utilizes a number of technologies and processes to provide electronic communication

to the school system and the community at large. Some of these are discussed in more detail

in other parts of this document. Briefly though here are some of the main areas.

Provide current information through the main web site www.fcps.org

Implement a standard format for all school websites to provide consistent easy to find

information for parents and students.


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