2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools


2009-12 FCPS - Frederick County Public Schools

Clicker Metafiles ( for version 5)

Cobblestone History - Social Sciences

Cognitive Tutor

Communicate: Sym Writer version 5-standalone

Communications in Print 2 2.65a.

Corel Painter X X

Cyber Ed: From DNA to Protein 1

Cyber Ed: Genetic Engineering 1.7

Cyber Ed: Inside the Cell 2

Cyber Ed: Mitosis 1.5

Cyber Ed: Photosynthesis 1.5

Cyber Ed: The Chemistry of Living Things 1

Cyber Ed:Enzymes 1.5

Cyber Ed:The Plasma Membrane and Cellular


Dana-Portable Word Processor

Decisions Decisions Ancient Empires 5.01N

Decisions, Decisions Building A Nation 5.0N

Decisions, Decisions Constitution 5.0N

Decisions, Decisions Immigration 5.0N

Decisions: About The Environment


DePloy 2.00

Descartes Cove (John Hopkins Center for

Talented Youth)


DIBELS-M Class Direct

Digiac - Accelerated Electronic Program

Digiac - Lith Sensors

Discover Astronomy Maris Multimedia 1

DK: My Amazing Human Body

Drupal 5

E Instruction Windows Chalkboard Driver - Go

to weblink for latest update.

Earth Science Resource Disc

Easy Teach-eInstruction Chalkboard 4.01

Easy Teach-Walk and Talk Board 3.2

Elements 1N

Epson Projector Software

Epson Scanner 3590 w/Warranty

Equation Tile Teasers

Eschool Teacher Access Center 1.90

Essentials of Music Theory 1999.00

Europe Inspirer 4.0N



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