Teacher Transfer Process


Teacher Transfer Process



1. Where can I find more information about the Voluntary/Involuntary Transfer Process?

Article XI Transfers and Article XII Employee Assignments in the FCTA/BOE Negotiated Agreement

provide guidance on these processes. For additional information, call the Human Resources Office or

FCTA. Use this link for quick access to the Negotiated Agreement:


2. What are some of the reasons a school or department would have to reduce staff?

Schools are allocated a certain number of staff members based on student enrollment and

specialized programs housed in the building. Primary reasons for reducing staffing are:

A decline in student enrollment

An increase in the class size formula

A reduction or elimination of a specialized program

A change to the work year (10-, 11- or 12-month assignments)

3. How does a school or department determine which staff member will be excessed or

involuntarily transferred?

The principal/manager considers the following:

Teacher performance


Length of service

Frequency of being subject to the involuntary transfer process

Best interest of the overall needs of the school system

4. How do I make sure my principal or manager knows the full extent of my qualifications?

You can discuss this with your supervisor, provide them with a copy of your résumé, teaching

certificate and/or complete a Certificated Staff Accomplishments Inventory form. This form is found on

the intranet via Form Finders or direct at

http://insidefcps/formfinder/attach/Certificated_Staff_Accomplishment_Inventory.doc. The form is

NOT required, but it can serve as a tool to capture your professional profile.

5. What happens if I am excessed from my current assignment?

Teachers who have been excessed are noted on the “To Be Placed” list maintained by Human

Resources. The “To Be Placed” list includes excessed teachers and those teachers returning from

leave July 2010.

6. When will teachers be informed that they have been excessed?

The goal is to inform teachers in a timely manner so they are able to access the March Vacancy List.

7. I have been on extended leave for the 2009-10 school year. When must I let HR know my

intentions for the coming year?

Teachers on leave must inform Human Resources by April 1 if they intend to return for the 2010-11

school year.

Source: Human Resources, January 2010

8. Can a teacher on the “To Be Placed” list participate in the transfer process?

Absolutely. Teachers on the To Be Placed list are encouraged to submit Transfer Forms for positions

of interest posted on the Vacancy Lists published from mid-February to mid-May.

In addition, teachers who want to be considered for vacancies that occur after the mid-May Vacancy

List is posted may submit a list of ten (10) schools or assignments for which they wish to be

considered on the appropriate form to Human Resources. Open transfer requests are honored

through July 15. Details about the Transfer Process are found in the Negotiated Agreement,


9. What is the timeline for starting the process to reassign staff from the “To Be Placed” list?

This process is scheduled to begin in April. Human Resources will work with the Instructional

Directors to identify a placement that matches your areas of certification. The Instructional Director

will let you know your assignment for the 2010-11 school year.

This is just the start of the process. Placements continue until all teachers on the To Be Placed list

have been reassigned. Placements will occur as current teachers submit their requests for a leave of

absence, retirement or resignation.

10. What options do I have when the Instructional Director offers me an assignment?

This is your placement for the 2010-11 school year. You may remain in that assignment or submit

Transfer Request Forms in response to posted vacancies. You may also request a leave of absence

for the school year.

11. Is it possible I could learn my work year is being reduced or that I am being involuntarily

transferred after the March Vacancy List has been posted, or even later?

Per the Negotiated Agreement, 11-month and 12-month teachers whose work year is being reduced

will be alerted by May 1. The exception to that target date will be if funding information is limited or

unavailable by May 1.

Due to potential budget reductions, staffing may be adjusted throughout the spring. Impacted staff will

be notified as soon as possible and their names will be added to the To Be Placed list.

Source: Human Resources, January 2010

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