Charter for the Frederick County Public Schools'Family/Community ...

Charter for the Frederick County Public Schools'Family/Community ...

I. Name

Charter for the Frederick County Public Schools

Family/Community Engagement Council

The Council will be called the Frederick County Public Schools’ (FCPS) Family/Community

Engagement Council (FCEC). It is authorized by the Frederick County Public Schools and will

serve at the pleasure of the FCPS Superintendent’s Advisory Council.

II. Purposes

The general purpose of the Council is to educate, equip and empower all the citizens of Frederick

County to take an active role in public education.

The specific purposes of the group may include developing strategies and recommendations to:

Identify and reduce barriers to effect engagement.

Maximize opportunities for two-way communication between teachers and families

(particularly at the high school level given the elimination of conferences).

Identify and recommend the best tools to use to engage community members (including

communication tools like social media).

Identify key stakeholders and outline how they can support/engage with the schools.

Serve as liaison between community members who need resources and FCPS.

Develop strategies for bridging cultural gaps.

III. Membership

The recommended composition of this advisory council is:

Elementary school parents (2)

Middle school parents (2)

High school parents (2)

Special Education parent representative

Commuter parent

Charter school parent

Deaf community parent

Title I parent

Education advocate

FCPS Family Involvement coordinator

FCPS School Administration and Leadership executive director

FCPS Community Engagement coordinator

PTA Council of Frederick County president

PTA Council of Frederick County family involvement chair

Frederick County Teachers Association (FCTA) representative

Frederick County Administrative and Supervisory Association (FCASA) representative

Frederick Association of School Support Employees (FASSE) representative

Eliminating the Achievement Gap (EAG) representative

Chamber of Commerce representative

Frederick Rotary representative

Senior citizen representative

FCPS Communications director (*will serve as council facilitator and non-voting member)

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Charter for the Frederick County Public Schools

Family/Community Engagement Council

Additional recommendations:


An educator from each academic level

A special education teacher

FCPS English Language Learners (ELL) supervisor

Higher education representatives


Representatives from nonprofits that work on behalf of students and families

Representatives from various houses of worship

Representatives reflecting the various segments of the Frederick County population

Business representation

Realtor/Frederick County Association of Realtors (FCAR)

Frederick County’s most recent Parent Involvement Matters Award winner

A representative from the School Health Council

Selection of Members:

Term: A term of membership shall last for two years, from July 1 through June 30, with optional

renewals as long as the member continues to identify him/herself with the representative

constituency. For example, a parent representing elementary school parents must still have a

student in elementary school.

Dismissal: Unless there are extenuating circumstances as approved by the executive board, a

council member may be dismissed if he/she misses three consecutive meetings.

IV. Organizational Structure

Officers and representatives: This committee shall have a chair and a co-chair. Elections will be

held at the first meeting of the new membership year. Council members will nominate candidates

and majority vote will determine the leaders. FCPS will provide a facilitator and secretarial

support. Ad hoc committees will appoint their chair/co-chair.

The executive board shall consist of the Chair, Co-chair and standing committee chairs.


The Chair shall preside at all meetings of FCEAC and serve as the ex-offico of all subcommittees.

The Co-chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair at all meetings of FCEAC.

The Chair and Co-chair shall set meeting agendas and forward to the FCPS Facilitator to

disseminate to members 3 days in advance of meetings.

The Secretary shall record and maintain the minutes of the FCEAC meetings. The secretary shall

hold and preserve all records including meeting agendas, attendance sheets, subcommittee

reports and meeting handouts.

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V. Procedural Rules

Charter for the Frederick County Public Schools

Family/Community Engagement Council

Meetings: With the exception of the months of July and December, the full Council will meet at

least one time per month for its inaugural year. The Council will revisit this schedule after its first

year. Council members will set the year’s calendar at their first meeting of the new membership

year. Members can suggest additional meetings as necessary to be organized by the Chair: this

meeting must have the support of two additional committee members. The FCPS facilitator will

arrange logistics for all meetings.

Written notices of upcoming meetings, along with an agenda, will be mailed to members at least

three days before a meeting.

All meetings will be governed by an approved agenda. Meetings will start on time and last no

longer than two hours. Robert’s Rules of Order will prevail. Quorum will consist of 10 council


Meetings will be scheduled, when possible, at alternate locations throughout the county.

However, the default meeting location is the FCPS Central Office building.

Subcommittees will meet on an ad hoc basis.

Minutes: Minutes of each meeting will be kept. Copies will be emailed to the Council membership

within two weeks after a meeting. Once approved, meeting minutes will be posted to the

Family/Community Engagement Advisory Council Web page next business day.

Recommendations and Reports: Council recommendations and reports will be submitted in

writing to the Superintendent’s Advisory Council on a quarterly basis. Documents will include both

suggested action and justification for suggestions.

Meeting Materials: Agenda items and materials for distribution should be submitted to the Chair

via email no later than five days before a meeting.

Communication: The Council’s work will be communicated utilizing all FCPS communication

platforms (dedicated Web page, FindOutFirst, social media). A suggestion box will be made

available to community members. Council members should solicit for and share information with

the constituency groups they represent.

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