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Fendt 900 Vario - AGCO GmbH

Fendt 900 Vario

The new Vario dimension

Since the premiere of the legendary 926 Vario in 1995, the Vario 900 range has been a

symbol for ground-breaking innovative power in high horsepower tractor design and

is the most successful high horsepower tractor range in Europe.

Today, farmers and agricultural contractors alike are confronted with growing field

sizes, disproportionately increasing transport distances and rising cost pressures.

Fendt has the answer to the challenges of the future: the new high horsepower 900

Vario tractor range. The new 900 Vario offers powerful, time-saving and cost-oriented

technological solutions for field and road applications, all in one package.



Fendt 922 220 hp 162 kW

Fendt 924 240 hp 176 kW

Fendt 927 270 hp 199 kW

Fendt 930 300 hp 220 kW

Fendt 933 330 hp 242 kW

Fendt 936 360 hp 265 kW

Maximum power acc. to ECE R24


Introduction 2 - 3

Economical vehicle concept 4 - 5

x5-cab for maximum comfort 6 - 7

Variocentre: intelligent controls 8 - 9

Reversing driver station 10 - 11

Engine technology for best economy 12 - 13

Vario transmission - benefits in all areas 14 - 15

Cutaway diagram 900 Vario 16 - 17

Driving safety 18 - 19

Suspension systems for maximum ride comfort 20 - 21

Tyres and ballasting 22 - 23

PTO transmission 24 - 25

Powerful hydraulics 26 - 27

Auto-Guide steering system 28 - 29

Extra Fendt features 30 - 31

Services 32 - 33

Technical specifications 34

Standard and optional equipment 35

overall costs

59 %

32 %


111 %

72 %

30 %


Modern vehicle design paired

with superior performance

fuel costs

write-o / interest

servicing 2 %

repairs 4 %

other 3 %

Low costs per hour

When comparing the actual costs involved

in investing in a tractor, it is important to

consider the overall costs and operating costs

per hour or hectare. These include fuel consumption,

which is the single greatest factor

amounting to over 50 % of costs, write-off

including resale value, servicing, repairs and

miscellaneous costs such as insurance or


Thanks to innovative drive technology and

the latest in engine technology, you profit

from the exceptionally favourable operating

costs per hour (variable costs) of a Fendt. In

the overall cost calculation, this results in

lowcosts for worked hectareor transported

ton per kilometer, the only truly decisive factor

for your success calculation.

Sample calculation, based on fuel consumption data for a Fendt Vario and a competitor’s tractor, which appeared in

top agrar 12/2004. (Competitor’s fuel consumption is 4.4 litres per hour more than Fendt’s). Calculations based on a

diesel price of 1 euro per litre and 8000 operating hours in 10 years.

Not only in the agricultural equipment experts are impressed.

The styling and operating economics of the 900 Vario not only impresses agricultural equipment experts.

In addition to being honoured a gold medal at the Agritechnica 2005 for its innovative technology, the 900 Vario

also received three further design awards. Remarkable here is that the standard for the international reddot

award is very high and the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany is only given to award winners of

other design prizes. Other competitors for these awards for which Fendt received the “best of the best“ in the

product category “Transports”, were no less than famous luxury sedan and sports car manufacturers. This is a

sign that technical innovation goes hand-in-hand with leading design at Fendt.

The technological innovations and sophisticated

details in the new 900 Vario are clad in

a new dynamic appearance.

The distinctive contours combine both form

and function equally.

At the same time, the major objective in the

development of the 900 Vario was to build a

tractor that enhances productivity - whether

in heavy-duty field operations or on the


Innovative design in the top class

Based on a joint design study with Porsche,

Fendt engineers have developed a modern look

for the 900 Vario.

Essential design elements are a waisted bonnet,

newly designed lighting elements and a new

cab. Great effort was taken to pair optimum

function with the most modern design in all



More power and more comfort Impressive profitability

The new 900 Vario range not only features a

new, innovative engine technology or a new

flagship with 360 hp.

It also has a transport speed of 60 km/h, larger

tyre dimensions and higher payloads, all of

which open new possibilities for you. You also

profit from the newly developed x5-cab, featuring

integrated automatic air-conditioning

system and the new Variocenter with greater

operating and ride comfort.


An excellent return on investment is the key

benefit of Vario tractors. The initially higher purchase

price is offset by higher productivity and

lower fuel costs during every hour of operation.

A further plus in the overall profitability calculation

is the good resale value of a Fendt. Benefit

from the exceptional overall profitability of the

900 Vario!

• Innovative design

paired with maximum


• Four-valve engines with

7.14 l displacement and

the latest technology for

optimum efficiency

• State of the art Vario drive

technology with intelligent

control for efficient power


• 60 km/h haulage speed

at reduced engine speed

(1950 rpm)

• Practice-orientated tyre

concept, largest tyres possible

for standard tractors

• High lift capacities and

hydraulic delivery rate

• Up to 18-ton permissible

gross weight

• Highest level of operating

and ride comfort in the

x5-cab with Variocenter

• Absolute productivity and

profitability in the overall

cost calculation

Room for well-being

The feedback on the 936 Vario “Black Beauty”, which was rst presented at the Agritechnica in 2005, has

continued to be overwhelmingly positive. Spurred on by this outstanding echo and the increasing interest in

customised equipment, Fendt now o ers the exclusive “Design Line”, starting with the Agritechnica 2007, to satisfy

special customer requests. The complete package includes a chrome bonnet head, a stainless steel exhaust,

a Dieselross steering wheel and a custom paint job in one of four di erent colour schemes. The colours available

are black, black-red, steel blue, pine green and, of course, Fendt green.

Fendt has always attached utmost importance to safety in all aspects. Therefore, Fendt now o ers a security

system for the entire 900 Vario range. The certi ed immobiliser system “Key Control” guarantees security against

theft and unauthorised driving. It is the rst system of this kind in the agricultural equipment industry that

is approved by insurance companies; it o ers vehicle security on par with automobiles. Every tractor has an

individual key that only ts that speci c tractor.

In addition, Fendt has set up a centralised factory-based tractor database service that is available around the

clock. This prevents most errors during increasingly complex programming of the vehicle. All vehicle information

for each tractor is stored in its own “tractor le”. The new security system also makes o ine programming possible,

which allows Fendt to guarantee worldwide serviceability independent of communication networks.

Ever-increasing working hours at a stretch

and higher tractor utilisation require

optimum working conditions to aid in protecting

the driver’s health and combating

fatigue. Fendt’s answer to this important

issue is x5. The x5 cab on the 900 Vario is the

largest cab in the standard tractor segment.

x5 – extra visibility, extra space, extra

climate control, extra comfort and extra


Room for highest performance

With the new x5 cab, Fendt has created a pathsetting

dimension in driving comfort.

The five-pillar cab features exceptional allround

visibility with extremely low sight lines.

The continuous tinted front and side windows

are distinctive elements. The standardequipped

automatic air-conditioning system

ensures an optimum ambient temperature in

the quiet cab under all operating conditions –

a spacious wonder for your well-being.


More than ordinary suspension

The three-point cab suspension on the x5-cab is

an entirely new concept that guarantees a torsionfree

connection to the tractor body. It minimizes

the transmission of acoustic and mechanical vibrations.

The tilted spring elements have integrated

level control, so that constant ride comfort is

guaranteed without having to change settings.

The combination of suspended cab and active

suspension on the driver seat (optional) is unique

in the standard tractor segment.


The new lighting concept on the 900 Vario

allows work lights to be adjusted to suit

individual requirements. 360° illumination

around the vehicle is possible. Xenon work

lights are available as an option.

• Five pillar cab with

5.5 m 2 glass area

• 320° horizontal visibility

angle, 145° vertical

visibility angle

• Pleasantly quiet cab: only

72 dB measured at the

driver’s ear acc. to OECD

• Pneumatic three-point cab

suspension with integral

level control

• Integrated braking and

pitching compensation

• Ergonomic, carefully

designed Variocenter on

the right armrest, in which

all control functions are


• Integrated automatic


• New lighting concept –

visibility even under poor


• Optionally available with

integrated reversing driver

station – all control and

display elements swing

along with driver station

• Design Line (optional)

Fendt Key Control

Ergonomically designed intelligence

has a name: Variocenter

For demanding users: the multi-function armrest in the Pro version ful ls all wishes.

multi-function joystick

with activation

keys for automatic

modes and control

keys for the third

and fourth auxiliary

control units

cruise control

memory keys

engine speed

memory keys

hand throttle

control elements

for auxiliary control

units 5 - 8

hydraulic oil


speed indicators

centre information


compressed air


ISO bus compatible

Varioterminal has a

6.5” colour monitor

for ne adjustments

crossgate lever for

1st and 2nd auxiliary

control units

power lift control module

for front and rear

power lift with quick lift

switch, depth control

and PTO actuation

accelerator pedal


membrane keypad

for activating TMS,

Variotronic TI , operating

range selection, 4WD

and di erential lock

engagement, front axle

suspension and PTO

speed selector.

fuel level

ground speed


engine temperature

People who have workplaces free of clutter

work more efficiently. Already proven for

desks and workbenches, this also applies to

the driver station in a tractor. With the new

Variocentre, Fendt has created an excellent


The Power version of the 900 Vario is conceived for

large-sized farms that require vehicles with pure traction,

but ony need elementary automatic functions for

simplifying complex procedures.

It is not tted with a crossgate lever nor a comfort front

power lift control module and does not have control

keys for the Variotronic TI Headland Management

System. The four possible auxiliary control units and

the optional front power lift can only be controlled via

the linear modules.

lighting control panel

controls for rear window

heater and wiper



controls for automatic


controls for

centre information


The plus in ergonomics

All the tractor control elements on the 900 Vario

are centrally-located on the steering column

unit and the multi-function armrest on the

driver seat.

A driver seat with heating and pneumatic

suspension offers a high degree of comfort.

Optional active suspension and seat ventilation

systems are also available.

The multi-function armrest can be adjusted


independently in vertical and horizontal

direction. It accommodates the Varioterminal

and multi-function joystick, as

well as all operating functions. That means

you get optimum ergonomics. There are

no longer relative movements between

the driver and the operating elements, i.e.

Varioterminal, since they always move

together with the driver.


Power lift under tight control

The newly designed Varioterminal boasts a

modern design with a considerably larger

screen. Its position on the multi-function

armrest can be adjusted independently.

The power lift controls are located next to

the joystick and crossgate lever. With a

new type of power lift control module,

you now have the quick lift switch, depth

control and front and rear PTO engagement

in control, all in one place.

• Ideal ergonomics in the

Fendt Variocentre

• All operating elements are

integrated in the multifunction


• Driver seat with air suspension

(optional: active

suspension with seat ventilation)

• All driving functions are on

the multi-function joystick

• Horizontally and vertically

adjustable multi-function

armrest – no more relative

movements between the

driver and the control


Varioterminal with 6.5"

colour monitor on the

multi-function armrest

• Driver seat including

multi-function armrest,

can be turned 10° to the

left and 20° to the right

Variotronic TI headland

management system

Reversed driving is just as easy as forward

Besides classic operations, specialty operations

for contracting, municipal and forestry

applications are increasing in professional

areas. For these very demanding types of

operations, Fendt offers a factory-installed

full-function reversing driver station, which

turns your 900 Vario into an uncompromising

two-way vehicle.

No compromises

The Fendt factory-installed reversing driver

station (optional) on the 900 Vario was already

taken into account during the design phase of

the X5-cab and is one hundred percent integrated

in the vehicle concept. The result is a

full-function reversing driver station without



Changing directions is fast

Without getting out of your seat, you can

unlock the lock, pull the steering column

down towards the seat with the help of

supporting springs and turn the entire driver

station in the desired direction. Then simply

push the steering column back into working

position and lock it in place. Without any

further steps, you can start the Vario and

continue working. The seat can be turned

90°, which makes it easy to climb down from

the driver station when it is reversed.


Reversed driving without limitations

All operating and display elements swing

along into the reverse position. The

joystick functions and the steering are also

adapted to the changed driving direction.

You therefore do not have to rethink operating

movements and can drive forward

and reverse without impairment of driving

or operating comfort while having all the

operating and control elements in their

accustomed position.

• All operating elements

turn along with the seat

• No limitations during


• Everything functions in the

usual way – the same as

when driving forward

• Joystick and steering

functions are automatically


• Optimum visibility to the


• Perfect for specialty


• Expands the operating


• Driver seat including

multi-function armrest,

can be turned 10° to the

left and 90° to the right

(reversed driver station)

1482 Nm torque, 360 hp max. power at 1900 rpm and a

speci c fuel consumption of 198 g/kW for the 936 Vario,

thanks to implementation of the latest technology.








































1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200





922 924

Fuel consumption







A fuel consumption indicator is integrated in the Varioterminal

on the 900 Vario. It constantly informs you about

the current fuel consumption. Additionally, there is an extra

menu page that displays average fuel consumption along

with the current consumption, a value that previously had

to be calculated from the amount of fuel that was re-fuelled

and the corresponding number of operating hours. Additionally,

there are two sum counters that allow you to assign

the amount of fuel used precisely to a certain area or, in the

case of agricultural contracting, to a certain customer. Fuel

consumption per hectare can also be logged at the same

time in the on-board computer.

So powerful and yet so economical

thanks to the latest engine technology

The external EGR system provides targeted cooling of recirculated exhaust,

which lowers fuel consumption considerably compared to internal

recirculation systems. It saves you up to 10 percent in fuel.

i n s i d e

The 900 Varios have e cient cooling units with maximum servicefriendliness.

The Visctronic electronic fan control can be activated by

every cooler individually. The e ciency with which the cooling system is

controlled is substantially higher than that of other cooling systems and

cooling reserves need not be maintained, which has a positive e ect on

fuel consumption.

No matter if you use your high-horsepower

tractor predominantly for field applications

or for haulage – in either case superior overall

profitability is crucial.

The 900 Varios have engines with the

latest technology, with impressive power

and awesome torque with extremely

favourable fuel consumption – the basis

for an economical tractor.

Economical engine technology

In the light of increasing diesel prices, fuel

economy takes on an entirely new meaning.

In the 900 Vario, Fendt employs the new Deutz

TCD 2013 L06 4V engine to increase economy.

It has a speed-independent common rail

high-pressure fuel injection system and fully

electronic engine control.


External EGR – economical and

Fully approved for RME fuel

environmentally-friendly The 900 Vario is also approved for

The high-tech injection system and the first-rate RME fuel without restrictions, as are

external exhaust gas recirculation system com- all Fendt tractors starting with the

plement each other. Cooling and proportion- 1995 models. The use of rape methyl

ing of recirculated exhaust gas optimises the ester according to DIN EN 14214 is

combustion process significantly. The benefit fully approved by Fendt as standard

in comparison to a simple, internal exhaust gas speci cation. You pro t from the cost

recirculation system is substantially lower fuel bene ts – the tractor does not need


to be converted, nor is costly additional

insurance required.


• 4-valve engine with 7.4 l


360 hp max. power at

1900 rpm (ECE R24)

(936 Vario)

• Common rail highpressure

injection system

with an injection pressure

of up to 1600 bar

• Electronic engine control


• Visctronic electronic fan

control for absolutely

efficient cooling units

• Low specific fuel

consumption of 198 g/kWh

(936 Vario)

• Fuel consumption


• 660-litre tank capacity for

long work days

• Servicing interval every

500 operating hours

• Unrestricted use of RME

β= 45ϒ

α= 30ϒ


α= 45ϒ


10 km/h







Experience the Vario advantages –

on the road, in the eld and at the lling station

Operation Operating time Fuel consumption

Mowing -10 % -10 %

Chopping silage maize -10 % -10 %

Harvesting potatoes -5 % -10 %

Harrowing/drilling -5 % -10 %

Weeding -5 % -10 %

Ripping -3 % -3 %

Ploughing -3 % -3 %

The savings potential for various working procedures is clear to see.

You save valuable working time through higher area coverage and

also pro t from lower fuel consumption.

Source: Nürtigen University

Engine speed



β= 45ϒ


10 km/h



Engine torque

Hydraulic power transfer

Mechanical power transfer

PTO drive


1. Torsional vibration damper

2. Planetary gear set

3. Ring gear

4. Sun wheel

5. Planet carrier

6. Hydro pump

7. Hydro motor

8. Collecting shaft

Automatically drive economically with the standard-equipped TMS Tractor Management System.

When TMS (Tractor Management System) is activated, the tractor electronics control the engine and transmission. This significantly increases operating

comfort for the driver. The driver only needs to set the desired speed, TMS controls the rest. In the graphic above, one can see that the tractor

drives on level ground at a reduced engine speed.

On the slope, the load increases, so TMS increases the engine speed. As soon as the load decreases (on level ground or downhill), the quantity of

fuel injected is reduced. This maintains an economical driving style since TMS drives the tractor at the lowest engine speed possible.

10 km/h

35.0 km/h

The productivity of a tractor, and therefore

also its return on investment, is determined

in great part by fuel consumption. But

an economical engine is only one of the

determining factors. It is just as important

to maintain the engine at its economical

optimum while achieving as high an area

coverage as possible. No problem with the

Vario drive concept from Fendt.

Fendt Vario – better than power shift. It

allows you to utilise power reserves that

are not even available to modern power

shift transmissions.

10 km/h

40.0 km/h

60.0 km/h

10 km/h

Fuel consumption

Efficiency through high effectiveness

To convert the massive engine power into

traction, the one-of-a-kind stepless Vario

technology has been developed further. The

Fendt ML 260 transmission provides for maximum

drive train efficiency during heavy-duty

traction work or high-speed road transport.

The top speed of 60 km/h is already attained

at a fuel-saving engine speed of 1,900 rpm.


Fendt Vario: better than power shift

With infinitely variable speed, you can utilise

power reserves that are not even available to

modern power shift transmissions. With conventional

transmissions, you are always one

gear too high or too low, because of the steps.

Vario allows you to mobilise the power reserves

that are hidden in between the steps.

That means: power flow without interruptions.


A creeper gearbox for special operations is no

longer necessary. With the 900 Vario, you can drive

30 m/hr and up at rated speed.

In addition to economic benefits, the stepless drive

also offers you a one-of-a-kind benefit in ride

comfort. To increase driving comfort, the 900 Vario

has a turboclutch feature, which prevents engine

stalling. While driving with TMS, the electronics

take over the complete transmission control and

you only need to set the desired speed.

• Maximum working

capacity with optimum

fuel consumption

• Up to 10 percent greater

area coverage thanks to

optimally adjusted travel


• 60 kph maximum speed

at reduced engine speed

(1900 rpm)

• Super creeper gears

included – also in reverse

operation (from 30 m/h)

• Operated using the

joystick instead of several


• TMS Tractor Management


• Turboclutch feature for

greater driving comfort

• Stepless reversing of travel

direction (shuttle gears)

without wear

• Stop-and-go feature

Overview of technology

The fourth-generation Fendt 900 Vario is an uncompromising new development,

which incorporates the experience gathered from over 10 years of stepless drive

technology for high horsepower tractor design.

The result is enhanced performance, efficiency and comfort.

It comprises six different models ranging from 220 hp to 360 hp maximum power.

1. Independent wheel front axle suspension

(lockable and maintenance-free, 300mm

suspension travel) with Fendt Stability Control *


2. Front power lift with external actuation


3. Front PTO (optional)

4. 2 da hydraulic connections in the front with

fixed piping (optional)

5. Planetary final drives

6. 7.14 l Deutz engine with 4-valve technology

7. Cooler unit with Visctronic fan control

8. External exhaust gas recirculation

9. Stepless Vario transmission

10. Hydro motor

11. Hydro pump

12. Enclosed 4WD clutch

13. Nitrogen pressure accumulator

(front axle suspension)

14. Control valve for Fendt Stability Control *

15. Fuel tank with 660-l capacity

16. Planetary axle

17. Wet, integrated multi-disc brake for the rear


18. x5-cab with integrated automatic

air-conditioning and 5.5 m2 glass area

19. Pneumatic cab suspension

20. Armrest with Variocenter

21. Super Comfort Seat Fendt Evolution with

climate control and active suspension


* Pro version with dual-circuit four-wheel braking system

i n s i d e

22. Passenger seat with automatic seat belt

23. Side view mirror, electrically adjustable,


24. External rear controls for linkage, PTO and

one hydraulic control unit

25. Wheel weights on the rear wheels (optional)

- without speed restrictions or wide vehicle


26. Integrated Fendt Auto-Guide pro steering

assist system (optional)





























The ball-type coupling can take up to a vertical load of up to four

tonnes in Germany (EU: three tonnes) without speed restrictions at

60 km/h for 6-cylinder tractors.

The piton x (heavy duty) is designed for a vertical load of up to four

tonnes in Germany (EU: three tonnes).

The controls and display for the steering axle lock are located on the clearly

laid out and easy to operate Varioterminal. The terminal is used to select the

control valve, engage or disengage the steering axle lock, as well as de ne

the upper and lower speed setpoints to match prevailing conditions.

Driving safety guaranteed

In view of the currently strongly increasing number of forced steered trailers

at this time, Fendt o ers factory-installed connection points for forced

steering according to ISO/DIS 26402. These can be mounted on the left

side, or both sides, and are tted with standardised ball heads.

Through the separation of horizontal and vertical force lines in the vehicle

body, the low hitch point system with swinging drawbar, as well as the

other systems, increases driving stability and therefore safety.

The trend towards heavy trailers with low

hitch points is increasing, particularly for

high horsepower tractors. Whether you are

driving with a slurry tank, a loading wagon

or heavy dumper, you can profit from the

favourable force lines in the tractor made

possible by a lower hitch position. It also

permits significantly higher vertical loads

than classic low hitches.

Innovation of the

Year 2007:

awarded an



Automatic steering axle lock

With the innovation of the year 2007, the automatic

steering axle lock from Fendt, free-castering

self-steering axles are automatically locked

above a specified speed and when reversing.

The controls and display are located on the

clearly laid out and easy to use Vario-Terminal.

Fendt Identifier protects against operating

errors when changing implements, by ensuring

secure identification of the trailer.

Since the demand for heavy trailers with forced


steering, which require higher vertical load

capacity on the towing vehicle, is currently

increasing, Fendt offers a new concept with

low hitch systems.

Maximum driving safety

In the 60 km/h version, the 900 Vario is standard-equipped

with the FBS2 dual-circuit braking

system and Fendt Stability Control FSC. In

addition to enhanced comfort, these systems

provide greater driving stability and increased


braking capacity, which permit a maximum

speed of 60 km/h. A further benefit is a higher

permissible gross weight and the higher

payload that goes with it. Even in the Power

version, a permissible gross weight of 18

tonnes is possible for the 900 Vario – although

only with a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

FSC controls the behaviour of the independent

wheel suspension of the front wheel, dependent

on travel speed and therefore ensures

better tracking when driving in curves.

• FSC: speed-dependent

Fendt Stability Control for

greater comfort and driving


• Reactive steering system

ensures better straightahead

driving at fast speeds

on the road and provides

the driver with steering


• FBS2: Fendt dual-circuit

four-wheel braking

system** ensures tremendous

deceleration even with

highest payloads

• Automatic trailer steering

axle lock (optional)

• Low hitch systems can

be transferred between

tractors of different ranges

• Low hitch point with up to

four-tonne vertical load at

40 km/h

* Pro version with dual-circuit four-wheel braking system

** Only for the Pro version

1250 mm

The pneumatic suspension has integrated level control, so that

the level of comfort always remain constant without having to

make adjustments. The large height di erence and long distance

between the spring elements on the x5 cab compensate

for braking e ects and pitching movements.

The 900 Vario makes the impossible possible

350 mm

The hydropneumatic independent wheel suspension is equipped with a double wishbone

axle, which optimises steering angle. The fully automatic level control ensures that

suspension travel remains the same on both sides (up to eight tonnes of front axle load).

Furthermore, the entire suspension travel can be run through manually, the joints and

bearings are maintenance-free and have no lubrication points.

The transport of goods for purchase and

sales jobs is playing an increasingly important

role in agricultural production today.

Fendt‘s answer to this challenge: a standard

tractor with a 60 km/h high-speed

chassis. This chassis guarantees maximum

operational performance capability on the

road and in the field – without compromises.

More mobility with greater safety

The 900 Vario is the first standard tractor with

full in-field capabilities that can be registered

for a top speed of 60 km/h. The basis for this

higher mobility is a perfectly adapted highspeed

chassis. The symbiosis between a front

axle with independent wheel suspension, FSC,

a reactive steering system and dual-circuit

four-wheel braking system enables driving

safety on par with commercial vehicles along

with maximum payload reserves.


Comfort begins at the front axle

The hydropneumatic independent wheel

suspension on the front axle has a 300 mm

suspension travel, which is the longest of any

standard tractor. The fully automatic level control

ensures a constant suspension travel up

to a maximum front axle load of eight tonnes.

When mounting ballast weight, changing tyres,

etc., the entire suspension travel can be run

through manually. The front axle suspension

can be locked to allow exact implement control



in the front mounting area – axle swing is


A combination of suspension systems

The combination of shock load stabilising,

x5-cab with pneumatic suspension and independent

wheel front axle suspension with

level control, provides ride comfort on par

with commercial vehicles. This also increases

safety substantially, since the vehicle is not in

danger of developing bounce when driving

with mounted implements.

• 20 percent greater transport

capacity with 60 kph

(compared to 50 kph)

• Top speed of 60 km/h –

even with the largest tyres


• Hydropneumatic independent

wheel suspension with

300 mm suspension travel

• Fully automatic level control

with lockable front axle suspension

• Reactive steering system

ensures better straightahead

driving at fast speeds

on the road and provides the

driver with steering feedback

Fendt Stability Control (FSC)

Thanks to the independent wheel front axle suspension

and swinging mud guards, the steering angle

allows a minimum turning circle of 6.6 m for the

936 Vario (6.1 m for 922 Vario).

936 936

Tyre options

936 936

936 936

Intelligent 4WD and di erential lock technology

Standard for Power and Pro

According to the mode selected, 4WD and di erential locks

can be automatically engaged and disengaged dependent

on steering angle or speed. If you choose 100% 4WD or

100% di erential locking, these are engaged permanently.

Both functions can be engaged and disengaged under load,

in automatic as well as 100 percent modes.

For users that do not require front hydraulics,

there is an elegant solution for mounting front

weights up to 2500 kg quickly and easily using

the long suspension travel of the front axle


Weight where and when you need it

The 900 Vario, with its relatively low unladen weight of around 10 tons and a clever ballasting concept, allows

you to adapt weight distribution to your requirements. In this way, for example for trailed implements,

when you add weights in the front, a 60:40 weight distribution is possible. If the tractor is then used for draft

work, and subject to the corresponding torque and forces, the values are shifted and you have "dynamic

ballasting” of 40:60, which lies in the optimal range for draft work.

No matter, if you use your 900 Vario for field

work, or for haulage or for special operations

– in any case, you profit from low

unladen weight. On the one hand, you have

higher payload reserves and on the other

hand you don’t need to transport unnecessary

weight. A tailor-made ballasting concept

is available for heavy-duty draft work.

936 936

Universal applicability

With an unladen weight of 10,360 kg, the Fendt

936 Vario is the first choice for all kinds of heavyduty

applications. It has a weight-power ratio of

29 kg/hp and exceptionally dynamic handling performance.

A permissible gross weight of 18,000 kg

provides ample payload reserves for heavy implements.

For heavy-duty traction work, you can

ballast the tractor variably and for haulage, you

also benefit from its low vehicle weight.


New tyre sizes Tailor-made ballast weights

High engine power alone is not enough for To match performance and tyres, the

heavy-duty traction work. To transfer the 900 Vario also has a new modular ballast

extra engine power from the new 900 Vario weight concept. At the front, the tractor

optimally to the ground, it was designed with accepts weights up to 2500 kg, with or

enough space for a completely new tyre con- without front power lift. At the rear, two

cept. Wheels with a 2150 mm diameter can be 1000 kg wheel weights are possible with-

mounted on the rear axle, they are matched by out speed restrictions. The rear weights are

1750 mm diameter wheels on the front axle. In integrated into the rims in such a way that

comparison to previous tyre concepts, this is a

15 % increase in tyre contact

no wide vehicle markers are necessary.


• Advantageous unladen

weight of only 10,360 kg

(936 Vario)

• Excellent power-to-weight

ratio of 29 kg/hp (936 Vario)

• High payload up to 7600 kg

• Front weight with or without

front power lift

• Rear ballast weights with

wheel weights up to 1000 kg

on each side

• Roadworthy ballast weight

concept - no speed restrictions,

does not require “wide

vehicle” markers.

• Comprehesive tyre concept

with the largest possible

tyres for standard tractors

ensures optimum transfer of

traction and soil protection,

up to a 2150 mm rear wheel


• Electrohydraulic engagement

for 4WD and

differential lock, can be

actuated under load

Standard with ange PTO

The 900 Vario is tted with a ange PTO as standard. When

required, you can switch between di erent PTO pro les easily and

in a relatively short amount of time.

Save yourself unnecessary steps

External actuation of the linkage and rear PTO controls are available

for the 900 Vario. Mount rear implements easily and save yourself

unnecessary steps, for example, when lling the slurry tank or

mounting and removing implements.

Powerful drives at the front and rear

Optional front PTO with excellent e ciency

The 1000-rpm front PTO on the 900 Vario is driven directly from

the engine crankshaft. This allows you to pro t from its exceptionally

favourable e ciency.

Never endanger the drive shaft again

Concentrate on the essentials at the headlands. The standardequipped

PTO automatic mode engages and disengages the PTO

as soon as you lower or raise the implement.

You will appreciate the operating comfort

of the 900 Vario, in particular for tillage

applications, where you often must operate

the PTO controls in addition to the linkage

controls. It offers you extensive, highquality

PTO management with start-up


Two-speed PTO as standard

The PTO engagement control has 2-speed

preselection. It is conveniently operated with a

membrane keypad on the Variocentre. The 900

Vario comes with the PTO speeds 750 rpm und

1000 rpm at the rear as standard. The „540E“

economy PTO with 750 rpm enables fuel-saving

work with implements that are designed for

540 rpm. A 1000/1000E combination is also

available. It allows 1000-rpm PTO implements

to be run at a reduced speed, which optimises


fuel-efficiency. The optional front PTO is driven

directly from the engine‘s crankshaft, making it

particularly efficient. Automatic start-up

control ensures that the front and rear PTO

shafts are started up according to the power

requirements of the implement. That extends

the service life of PTO units and lowers

machine costs, for the implements as well.


Automatic modes

The well-known and valued PTO automatic

mode is also available as standard on the 900

Vario Profi. After being activated simply by

pushing a button, it automatically engages and

disengages the PTO, depending on the lifting

height of the power lift. The 900 Vario offers you

operating comfort inside and outside of the cab.

The electrohydraulic PTO engagement can be

operated externally from the tail lamp bracket.

• Two-speed PTO with

comfort controls

(540E/1000 rpm,

1000/1000E optional)

• Flange PTO at rear

is standard

• PTO actuation with

start-up control

• PTO automatic mode

(automatic engagement

dependent on height of

the linkage)

• External PTO actuation

at the rear

• External PTO-engine speed

control (via TMS)

Linkage with power reserves

Powerful hydraulics

for modern implements

The lift capacities of the front and rear linkage on the 900 Vario have been signi cantly increased

compared to the previous models. The EHR rear linkage has a maximum capacity of 11800 daN and

the front power lift 5550 daN. This allows the 900 Vario to lift heavy implements without a problem.

The front power lift is an integral part of the tractor design. The coupling point is therefore relatively

close to the vehicle, which has a favourable e ect on the weight distribution of the tractor when

equipped with mounted front implements. Regarding linkage design, the 900 Vario is well thoughtout

into the very last detail. For example, the top link can remain on the tractor as it is, even when

it is not required.

Premium class hydraulic equipment

In the Pro version, the 900 Vario is tted with hydraulic equipment that leaves no wishes

open. The EPC rear linkage can be switched over to double acting mode with the terminal. Pulling

implements down in hard soil is no longer a problem and even dismounting implements is

easier, since the rear power lift can always be lowered, even if the balls ends are wedged.

A double-acting comfort front power lift is available as an option instead of the standard front

power lift. In the Pro version, up to eight electric da auxiliary control units are optionally

available. The connections at the rear are all connect-under-pressure lever couplings.

Modern implements demand ever greater

flexibility and performance from the

tractor hydraulics. Fast lifting and high oil

delivery rates are required for economical

operation. The 900 Vario models, with

their load sensing hydraulics and electrical

hydraulic valves, are well-equipped for

comfortable operation.

Electrical valves: rst-rate work and control comfort

ow rate raise

timer function settings

ow rate lower

The 900 Vario in the Power version has a simpler range of equipment than the

Pro version and is designed for heavy-duty traction work with conventional

implements. It can be equipped with a maximum of four electric auxiliary control

valves (standard are 3 electric auxiliary control valves). These are controlled with

linear modules. A crossgate lever and multi-function joystick are not possible in the

Power version. When using the optional front hydraulics, these are controlled via

one of the linear modules. A da comfort power lift is not possible here. In contrast

to the Pro version, the EPC rear linkage is single-acting.


activate timer


activate external valve actuation

You can control electric proportional valves with the multi-function joystick,

crossgate lever, and the linear module. These are all double-acting control units,

which can be used in a single-acting capacity, and also feature a oating position.

The controls for the rst two valves are located on the convenient crossgate lever.

Setting the valve functions with the Varioterminal is simple. Using the rotary

control and function keys, you can easily and precisely adjust the ow rates and

actuation times of all electric proportional valves, set valve priority or enable

external actuation for any of the rear valves.

Powerful hydraulic system

The 900 Vario is equipped with a load sensing

hydraulic system. That means: modern axial

piston pumps deliver the exact quantity of

hydraulic oil required – up to 160 litres per

minute. A maximum of 87 litres of hydraulic oil

is available to mounted or trailed implements.

The hydraulics and transmission have separate

oil supplies, which permit unrestricted use of

bio-oils for the hydraulics.


EPC rear power lift with reserves

The electrohydraulic rear power lift, which has a

maximum lift capacity of 11800 daN,

guarantees that in practical operation even

heavy rear-mounted implements designed for

this power class can be lifted to the fullest lift

height without trouble. The standard-equipped

shock load stabilising counteracts vehicle

bounce by actively raising and lowering the

power lift.


Auxiliary valve equipment for all cases

In the Profi version, the 900 Vario has four

electric double-acting auxiliary control valves

as standard and can optionally be upgraded

with up to eight control valves (6 rear and 2

front). These are controlled with the crossgate

lever, linear modules and the multi-function

joystick. A rear power beyond connection

and free return flow for the front and rear are

available as an option.

• Load sensing hydraulics

• Hydraulic oil delivery

capacity: 160 l/min

(optional 216 l/min)

• Maximum lift capacities:

Rear: 11800 daN

Front: 5550 daN

• EPC rear linkage with

- shock load stabilising

- quick lift

- lift height limiter

- lowering throttle

- position, draft and

mixed control

- external actuation

• Double-acting rear

power lift *

• Integral front power lift

with gas shock absorbers

and external controls

• Up to 8 electric auxiliary

control valves*

• Crossgate lever*

• Maximum available

hydraulic oil quantity: 87 l

• Bio-oils can be used for the

hydraulics thanks to separate

oil supplies

* Pro version

Maximum precision automatically when

working with Fendt Auto-Guide PRO

Fendt Auto-Guide PRO : ts your individual requirements and almost any shape of eld

Fendt proLine

the classic steering assist system for driving

along exact straight parallel lines

Point A


Point B

Simple operation

A colour terminal makes operating Auto-Guide PRO

simple and logical. There isample memory capacity

available for storing eld boundaries, as well as

obstacles in the eld.

When working, tracks that have already been

worked are marked in colour. This facilitates orientation

at night or in poor visibility conditions.

Fendt proContur

for guidance along curved, parallel lines

Fendt proContur

for guidance along concentric circular


Reference station

An optional Local Base Station, which provides the correction signal, is available

for Fendt Auto-Guide PRO . This makes the system autonomous and allows operation

independent of subscriptions for reference signals that are provided for a fee by

commercial correction signal providers. It has been designed to be mobile and can

be set up at any location in a short amount of time. Then you can drive the whole

day long with precision that remains constant.

Fendt Auto-Guide PRO further increases

the well-documented high profitability of

Vario tractors. It further reduces costs for

performing work as well as direct costs.

With the steering assist system, working

quality remains steady and constant, even

on long work days. At the same time, you

benefit from substantially increased

working comfort.

With the Auto-Guide PRO A highlight where profitability is concerned

GPS-supported steering

assist system, accurate pass-to-pass driving

is child’s play. You reduce overlapping as well

as skipping and can therefore optimise area

usage without needlessly using up resources.

The driver also has more time to focus on the

implements, to monitor these and, if necessary,

adjust their settings optimally to changing

conditions. The steering assist system delivers

constant, precise working quality independent


of the length of operation and the prevailing

visibility conditions. In contrast, even the best

driver’s concentration wanes towards the end

of a long work day.


The right accuracy*

You can choose from three accuracy

levels for Fendt Auto-Guide PRO to match

your requirements. The correction signal

“Standard VBS“ offers pass-to-pass

accuracy of 20 cm, the “Precision HP“

5 cm and the system “High Precision“

with a local base station 2 cm. Choose

the accuracy that suits your work.

• Constant working quality

under all visibility conditions

– even on very long

work days

• Overlapping and skipping

is reduced

• Savings in seed, fertiliser

and pesticide expenses

• Savings in fuel and

working time

• Greater area coverage since

full working width is used

and turning manoeuvres at

the headlands are faster.

• Higher working quality

since more attention can

be focussed on the


• Controls are integrated in

the Variotronic TI headland

management system

• Faster system accuracy

when beginning work

• Fast, precise tracking and

sensitive steering

corrections, thanks to

proportional steering


* The accuracy that can be obtained in the eld depends

on the GPS signal, correction signal, system and tractor

factors, type and settings of the implement and the

conditions in the eld.

Auto-Guide equipment varies from country to country

Often small things are what make everyday

life pleasant

External hydraulic actuation at the rear makes mounting implements

easier. In addition to the linkage, a hydraulic control valve (e.g. from the

hydraulic upper link) and PTO engagement can also be actuated here.

The new solution for cable lead-through – even easier and dirt can’t

get in

You have surely experienced this in your

day to day work. Whether you have to

change implements when you are pressed

for time or have to work many hours in your

Vario without breaks during peak work

times, often the small detail solutions are

what make life easier. Fendt offers you a

number of such details.

The front ballast weights on the 900 Vario have a modular design. Up to

2500 kg in additional weight can be added, without tools, by using either

the front power lift or a special frame support. The long suspension travel

of the front axle is used when mounting the weights, it can be run through


Coupling hydraulic connections the easy way. The four hydraulic connections

at the rear (optionally up to six) in the Pro version and the three

(optionally four) hydraulic connections on the Power version are tted with

double connect-under-pressure couplings as standard.


All driving functions are integrated in the ergonomically

optimised joystick on the multi-function armrest. In addition

to the buttons for automatic functions and hydraulic valve

control, you can activate two engine speed memory and

cruise control keys without having to change controls.

The new standard-equipped Varioterminal is located on

the multi-function armrest. This eliminates annoying relative

movements. The fully ISO-Bus compatible Varioterminal

has six function keys and a 6.5” colour monitor.


Comfort for the passenger. The 900 Vario is standard-equipped with

a passenger seat and automatic safety belt. A comfort passenger

seat is available as an option.

To extend maintenance intervals, the new inline air lter system has

permanent dust suction cleaning. That minimises downtime during

peak working times.

The automatic hitch with remote control (standard) can

be adjusted in height, quickly and easily. The locking pin

is opened with a lever. The hitch can then be lowered or

raised on the guide rails – with only one hand.

Innovative technology, intelligent

services – all from one source

Consultation: the way to a tailor-made Fendt

Fendt sales agents are experienced specialists who can provide you

with extensive advice and information on technology, equipment

and the overall pro tability of a Fendt tractor.

A trial run in the eld – experience the di erence

You cannot pass judgement on a Fendt tractor without the experience

of driving one in the eld. Fendt tractors enjoy a rst-class reputation

for superb driving and operating comfort. Not until you have driven a

Fendt, do you realise how big the di erence really is when compared

with other tractors.

It is clear that you get cutting-edge technology

with a Fendt tractor. But that is not

enough for a successful business nowadays.

That is why Fendt sales partners also offer

extensive services. All from one source.

More freedom for investments - the AGRICREDIT nancial services

Financing through AGRICREDIT guarantees attractive conditions and exible

repayment periods, customised to meet your needs.

Renting creates freedom

Do you need a vehicle to ll a short-term capacity requirement, without

having to purchase one? Are you looking for a tax advantage or do you

require solvency for another investment? Fendt StarService o ers you


Fendt dealers and distributors receive regular

training and are true specialists for Fendt

products. They have in-depth know-how of the

entire product line and will offer you

competent consultation. Ask your local Fendt

sales partner. Or contact us at www.fendt.com

for an individual Fendt demonstration.


Know-how through practical training

Profit by technically and economically optimising operations

with your Fendt tractor, whether in the field, on the

road or in the books. Professional instructors show you

how to utilise top class technology efficiently and safely,

in theory and practice.

Genuine Fendt parts - from AGCO Parts – so that your

Fendt remains 100 % Fendt: Original Fendt parts are

tailored to your Fendt. They carry the assurance of series

quality and are tested for functional reliability. That pays

o in several ways: - 12 month guarantee on original Fendt

parts and installation - Highest level of operating comfort -

Top resale value

With a Fendt Service Package, you have servicing

and repair costs under control. Would you

like to have the prescribed servicing work done

on the basis of reasonable fixed costs? Or do

you want full control of costs per operating

hour without unpleasant surprises? Choose

between the Service, ProService and FullService



Fast diagnostics thanks to Fendias

The StarService technician uses FENDIAS to gain access to the digital

data inside your Fendt. Furthermore, if required, data is gathered

and analysed while the machine is running – for example, data

from the hydraulics or the transmission. All for the sake of fast error

diagnostics and operational availability.

Mobile expert service

Many Fendt partners have a modern service vehicle. Tried and test,

optimised tools, as well as service documentation and FENDIAS, the

computer-supported analysis and diagnostics system, are always on

board. This allows the mobile StarService technician to localise and

rectify errors quickly.

Rent a tractor including the Service Package

at a fixed cost through your FENDT StarService

partner. This frees up your funds and you can

easily calculate the costs per hour.

We can take over all servicing work, complete

insurance coverage and repairs*, if you like.

* Repairs according to FENDT warranty policy; natural wear (e. g. tyres) and malicious

damage are excluded.

Fendt StarService Emergency Hotline

Available 7 days a week! 1) FENDT sales partners are mobile

and have only one objective: to keep your Fendt operationally

available, rst of all through preventative measures. Should

something actually happen, fast and competent help – even

on-site at your farm or business – is available through the

Emergency Hotline! 1) during the harvesting season from May to October

Fendt24 – because your time is invaluable!

Your StarService partner has the most commonly required

parts in stock. If a part is not in stock, we deliver those that

are ordered by 6 pm by 8 am the next morning. During the

harvesting season 1) your StarService partner has access to

Fendt24. Here orders are taken around the clock and are ready

for delivery within two hours.

936 936

936 936


Overall length

Overall height

Technical Speci cations


Rated power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)

Max. power (kW/hp) (ECE R24)

Rated power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68) 6)

Max. power (kW/hp) (EC 97/68)

No. of cylinders / cooling / aspiration / fan control

Injection / engine control / exhaust gas recirculation

Bore / stroke (mm) / displacement (cm 3 )

Rated speed (rpm)

Speed at max. power (rpm)

Max. torque (Nm/rpm)

Torque rise (%)

Optim. fuel consumption (g/kWh)

Fuel tank (l)

Oil change interval (op. hrs.) 5)

Transmission and PTO

Transmission type

Speed range: Range I (forward / reverse)

Range II (forward / reverse)

Top speed (km/h)

Rear PTO (rpm) standard:

Front PTO 1)

Hydraulic system


Hydraulic pump capacity (l/min)

Working pressure (bar)

Rear power lift control

Auxiliary valves max. (standard) Profi version:

Power version:

Max. lift capacity rear power lift at drawbar (daN)

Max. lift capacity front power lift (daN)

Max. available oil volume (l)

Braking system


Profi version: (rear / front) 8)

Power version: (rear / front)

Weights and dimensions

Unladen weight acc. to DIN 70020 (kg)

Perm. gross weight (kg) with dual-circuit braking system:

with single-circuit braking system:

Max. hitch load (kg)

Overall length (mm)

Overall width (mm)

Overall height (mm)

Ground clearance 3) (mm)

Wheelbase (mm)

Front track 3) (mm)

Rear track 3) (mm)

Min. turning circle (m) 11)

Electrical equipment

Starter (kW)





Climate control

922 Vario 924 Vario 927 Vario 930 Vario 933 Vario 936 Vario

140 / 190

162 / 220

158 / 215

167 / 227








2) 7) 60

160 (216 1) )






16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










154 / 210

176 / 240

172 / 234

180 / 245








1) = optional 2) = depending on country of registration, 3) = depending on tyres, 4) = can also be used as single-acting, 5) = is halved when using RME, 6) = definitive power specifications for registration

7) = only Profi version with dual-braking system, 8) = optional single-circuit braking system, only 50 km/h, 9) = with 40/50 km/h top speed, 10) = with 40 km/h top speed, 11) = without steering brake (no steering brake possible

for dual-circuit braking system, with standard tyres for Profi version

2) 7) 60

160 (216 1) ) 160 (216





1) )

160 (216





1) 160 (216 )





1) load sensing



EPC, lower link control, shock load stabilising

8 da




4) (4 da 4) ) electr. valves / crossgate lever

4 da 4) (3 da 4) ) electr. valves


16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










176 / 240

199 / 270

194 / 264

202 / 275









16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










199 / 270

220 / 300

217 / 295

224 / 305









16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










220 / 300

242 / 330

238 / 324

245 / 333








2) 7) 60


16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










243 / 330

265 / 360

261 / 355

269 / 366

6 cylinders, four-valve technology / water / turbocharger, intercooler / VISCTRONIC (fully electronic)

common rail / EDC / external EGR


stepless Vario transmission

0.02 to 34 km/h / 0.02 to 20 km/h

0.02 to 60 km/h / 0.02 to 33 km/h

2) 7)

2) 7)

60 60

540E / 1000 / 1000E 1)


air brakes, spring-loaded handbrake

FBS2: Fendt dual-circuit four wheel braking system, wet, integrated multi-disc brake

single-circuit braking system, wet, integrated multi-disc brake / 4WD engagement


12V / 170Ah

14V / 2 x 150 A








2) 7) 60

160 (216 1) )






16000 (18000 9) )

15000 (18000 10) )










5-pillar large cab, 3-point pneumatic suspension system with pitch and roll compensation tinted front, side and

rear windows, roof hatch, automatic air-conditioning

922 Vario 924 Vario 927 Vario 930 Vario 933 Vario 936 Vario

front rear front rear front rear front rear front rear front rear

Standard tyres Profi version (60 km/h) 540/65 R34 650/65 R42 40/65 R34 650/65 R42 600/65 R34 650/85 R38 600/65 R34 650/85 R38 600/65 R34 710/70 R42 600/70 R34 710/75 R42

Power version (50 km/h) 540/65 R34 650/65 R42 540/65 R34 650/65 R42 540/65 R34 650/65 R42 600/65 R34 650/85 R38 600/65 R34 710/70 R42 600/65 R34 710/70 R42

optional (60 km/h) 650/75 R30 710/85 R38 650/75 R30 710/85 R38 650/75 R30 710/85 R38 650/75 R30 710/85 R38 650/75 R30 710/85 R38 650/75 R30 710/85 R38

(60 km/h) 710/60 R30 900/60 R38 710/60 R30 900/60 R 38 710/60 R30 900/60 R 38 710/60 R30 900/60 R 38 710/60 R30 900/60 R 38 710/60 R30 900/60 R 38

(50 km/h) 710/65 R30 800/70 R38 710/65 R30 800/70 R38 710/65 R30 800/70 R38 710/65 R30 800/70 R38 710/65 R30 800/70 R38 710/65 R30 800/70 R38

Your Fendt dealer will be pleased to inform you about further tyre options.


Standard and optional equipment

Pro Power

Vario controls

Joystick control (with cruise control memory keys) – ■

Multi-function joystick ■ –

Varioterminal 6.5“ for fine adjustments ■ ■

Variotronic Implement Control for ISO-BUS and LBS implements ■ ❑1) Variotronic TI - headland management system ■ –

Vario TMS engine-transmission management system ■ ■

Preparation for steering assist system ❑2) ❑2) 900 Vario

900 Vario

■ = Standard ❑ = Optional – = not available Pro Power

Hydraulic system

Load sensing system with axial piston pump (160 l/min) ■ ■

216 l/min delivery capacity ❑ ❑

Electrohydraulic power lift DA (EPC), with external controls ■ –

Electrohydraulic power lift SA (EPC), with external controls – ■

Hydraulic lower link lateral stabiliser ❑ ❑

Radar-activated wheel slip control ❑ ❑

Upper link QC hydraulic ❑ ❑

Auto-Guide steering assist system with VBS or HP or local base station ❑ ❑

Lower link hooks Cat. 4 ❑ ❑

Electric immobiliser ■ ■

External hydraulic connection (load sensing) ❑ ❑

Hydraulic valve actuation linear module ■ ■

Hydraulic valve actuation crossgate lever, multi-function joystick ■ –

External control for hydraulic control unit at rear ■ ■

Double connect-under-pressure lever couplings rear ■ ■

Frontpower lift SA, with external actuation ■ ❑

Comfortfrontpower lift DA, with position control, external actuation ❑ –


Pneumatic cab suspension ■ ■

Reversing driver stand ❑ ❑

Height and tilt-adjustable steering column ■ ■

Fendt Super Comfort Seat, air sprung, low frequency suspension ■ ■

Super Comfort Seat Evolution with climate control ❑ ❑

Super Comfort Seat Evolution with climate control and active suspension ❑ ❑

Passenger seat with automatic seat belt ■ ■

Radio mounting kit with two stereo speakers ■ ■

Dual radio slot with 4 loudspeakers ❑ ❑

Radio CD MP3 Blaupunkt with sound system (4 coaxial speakers) ❑ ❑

Radio CD MP3 Blaupunkt with hands-free speaking system, sound system ❑ ❑

Tachograph ❑ ❑

Air-conditioned compartment ■ ❑

Integrated automatic air-conditioning ■ ■

Emissions filter (aerosol) ■ ■

Roof hatch, hinged ■ 3) ■ 3)

Glass roof hatch, hinged with roller shade ❑ 3) ❑ 3)

Rear window wash/wipe ■ ■

Ext. rear view mirror, electrically adjustable, heated ■ ❑

Ext. rear view mirror, mechanically adjustable – ■

Wide-angle ext. rear view mirror ❑ ❑

Int. rear view mirror ■ ❑

Roof work lights, 2 at rear, 1 in front ■ ■

Work lights A-pillar, rear mudguard ❑ ❑

Work lights Xenon A-pillar, rear mudguard, roof front ❑ ❑

LED rear light ❑ ❑

Bracket forauxiliary devices ❑ ❑

Comfort passenger seat ❑ ❑

Cool box ❑ ❑


Fuel pre-filter ■ ■

Preheater package (engine, transmission, hydraulic oil) ❑ ❑

Engine brake ❑ ❑


Turboclutch, automatic maximum output control, cruise control ■ ■

Shuttle gearbox, stop and go function ■ ■

Acoustic signal when reversing ❑ ❑

Chassis / safety features

Shock load stabilising EPC ■ ■

Independent wheel front axle suspension with level control, maintenance-free ■ ■

Dual-circuit braking system with FSC Fendt Stability Control ■ –

Single-circuit braking system (max. 50km/h top speed) ❑ ■

Compressed air system ■ ■

Automatic trailer steering axle lock ❑ ❑

4WD / differential locks

Central 4WD, maintenance-free ■ ■

Comfort controls for 4WD / differential locks ■ ■

Rear / front differential with 100% disc locking ■ ■

Power shift PTO

Rear: Flange PTO 540E/1000 rpm ■ ■

Rear: Flange PTO 1,000/1,000 E/min ❑ ❑

Front: 1000 rpm ❑ ❑

Comfort controls PTO, electrohydr. preselection ■ ■

PTO automatic mode (dependent on linkage height) ■ –

External actuation of rear PTO ■ ■



Automatic hitch with remote control, rear

Ball coupling incl. frame ❑ ❑

Ball coupling, height adjustable ❑ ❑

Forced steering (one or two-sided) ❑ ❑

Pickup hitch ❑ ❑

Swinging drawbar ❑ ❑

Piton-fix ❑ ❑

Compressed air Duomatic coupling ❑ ❑

Rotating beacon ❑ ❑

Wide vehicle marker ❑ ❑

Hinged front wheel mudguard ■ ■

Twin tyres rear ❑ ❑

Twin tyres front ❑ ❑

Easy ballast mounting for front weights ❑ 4) ■ 4)

Front weights, various sizes ❑ ❑

Wheel weights, rear wheels ❑ ❑

Design Line ❑ ❑

Removable toolbox ❑ ❑

1) = operation only with Varioterminal 2) = including Auto-Guide roof hatch, 3) = not possible with preparation for steering assist system,

4) = not possible with front power lift

The Fendt on-line configurator: Here you can put together your own custom Fendt according to your wishes. Visit www.fendt.com.

Wide-angle rear view mirror

Wide vehicle marker


Removable toolbox

Compressed air Duomatic coupling

Sales agent:


Leaders drive Fendt

All data regarding delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions

and weight, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles

correspond with the latest information available at the time

of going to press. Changes may be made before the time of

purchase. Your Fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with

up-to-date information.

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D-87616 Marktoberdorf

Fax +49 (0) 8342 / 77-220 • www.fendt.com

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