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Maximum on-road and in-fi eld driving safety

The chassis ensures optimum handling on the road and

in the field. With the unique Fendt Stability Control (FSC),

you are in control, even when negotiating curves. At the

same time, the nearly maintenance-free braking system,

comprising two integral multi-disc brakes for the rear

wheels and a disc brake on the cardan shaft for the front

wheels, offers high driving safety and excellent deceleration.

And with the wide-angle mirror, you have everything

that happens next to you in view.


Automatic steering axle lock

The optional automatic steering axle lock automatically

unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers

with self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigid

self-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators do

not need to lock the self-steering axle manually outside

of the preselected speed range and when reversing.

Everything in view, even in the dark

The ingenious lighting concept on the 800 Vario doesn't leave you in the dark. Both the high and low beams provide a one-of-a-kind

high level of illumination intensity. The work lights on the 800 Vario can be individually adjusted for up to 360 degrees of illumination.

Xenon work lights are available as an option.


60 km/h transport speed at

reduced engine speed

(1,750 rpm)

Fendt Stability Control FSC

Self-levelling front axle

suspension with locking


High performance dual-circuit

braking system

Wide-angle mirror

Fendt Reaction steering system

Tachograph optional

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