1907-02-15 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers


1907-02-15 - Northern New York Historical Newspapers




This store Is the rendervous

of Poultry men and Poultrywomen

from many miles

about here and If you're Interested

in Poultry, you'll

And everything here you're

likely to want. The Genuine

Cyphers Incubators and

Brooders are here, all sfces

and all prices. Colony Coops,

Brood Coops, Portable

House*, Egg Testers, Egg

Foods, Brooder Stoves, Shell

Boxes, Fountains, Feeders,

Leg Bands, Markers, Caponizing

Tools, Foods, Remedies,

Disinfectants, Lice Powder

and Paint, Orit. All the

Keyes-Davis Specialties,

"Mann's" and "Standard

Green Bone Cutters. Ask

Howard Mignery to tell how

to make poultry pay large


249-251 Main St.,

Danbury, Conn.

Nichols & Adams

Sales Stables,


Has Received this

Week Carload,No. 2


Weight 1,100 to 1,500, Well Matched,

Well Broken, Single or Double,

apection invited.


Tie Latest, tie Very Latest

Finishes and Mounting, combined

with our methods of producing perfeet

likenesses, are making our pictures

more and more sought for by

people who value exactness of detail.

The highest perfection in every single

instance is our aim.



Danbury National Bank Building.

Clearing Sale.

The whole month of Jauuary

will sell BELOW COST

our Entire Stock, eousistiug



Cloaks, Suits, Furs,

Skirts, Sweaters,

Fancy Neckwear

and Petticoats.

Ureal Bargains for the savjug



Tel :»:;:•. 175 Main St., Banbury.

5ext to Kiuij. 1 A. Benjamin.

Now is the Time.

Ladies Suits, Skirls and

Winter Coats to Order.

We are also busy on Fur Alterations

and Repair*. Price* Moderate. Work



Ladi**' Toiler* »nd furrkt*.

JK»b Main Street, Banbury. Conn

The New Fancy French

Suitings are Here.

And here is pleasing abundance, and in many colors and mixtures—Elephant

grays, London smokes, browns of light, dark and

medium shades in mixture, and the new green effects. Thirty-six

inches wide, and only fiOc yard.

New pastel shadeB in gray, tan, green and brown mixtures, 52

inches wide, all wool, tl yard.

Considering the width these goods are among the best values

we have ever been able to offer and is is advisable to make selections

right away while the assortment is complete. May be impossible to

find exactly what you want later.

One Pattern bf\ a Kind and No v


Exclusive line of dress patterns, and positively no duplicating

or matching. Soft spring shades for line dresses. Prices from f 8 to

$12 a suit.



Telephone 157.

One More Week of


Of Heavy Weight Qlothing at Kelley's

Clearance Sale,

165 Main Street, Danbury, Conn.

5 One Block out of the high priced district. What is our gaiu is your

A gain. Give us a trial and save a hard earned dollar.


| J 65 Main Street, Danbury, Conn. §



The Simplex Piano. «.

The Piano anyone can play. It's the most perfect

instrument of its kind made to-day—for the home where

music is enjoyed—and that means nearly all homes—and

the real pleasure that can he obtained from the .Simplex

Piano is worth its weight in gold. The price of the

•Simplex Piano is $600. We make a liberal allowance for

your piano in part payment. Send for handsome catalog.

Hunt's Leading Music House,


JOHN E. HUNT. President.

165 Railroad Avenue, - White plains, N. V.

The Best Place to Buy a Piauo.


E, Slone & Son, Danbury, Conn.

Special Sale of

Printed Muslins.

All the new pat terns in dainty colorings and printed on tine

cloth. Remember, you have the time now to make up one or more

of these choice dresses for spring and summer wear. Also now hj the

time to make your selections when the line it, complete. Look in

our south window. They are wbrtb more money but our price wil lbe

12 l-2c. Per Yard.


We are showing a line line of New Edges, Insertions, All Ovars

and Baud*, either on Suit* or Nainsook Cloth. The ussorlnicut is

large, the prices will please you.

Our Uiideruiiittlm Sale is a Busy One.

E. STONE & SON, 229 Main St.


Head-on at Dover Plaint.

The northbound North Adams express

which passes through Brewster

dally at 10:48 a m. was wrecked at

Dover Plains last. Saturday morning.

It. was a head-on collision between

the express and a freight train head­

Sudden Death at Ice Pond.

A hobo, John O'Conuell by name,

died very suddenly Sunday eveuing

in Simmon* boarding house, Ice

Pond. Be had on the preceding day

received his pay for assistiug in the

ice harvest and had speut a good

share of it for liquor. Sunday afternoon

he compluiued of sharp pains in

the side but it was not considered

serious. At six o'clock he was dead.

Coroner Michell was notilied. Be

secured the services jf Dr. L. A.

Sutton to examine tin- body aud determine

the cause of death; Chaiincey

A. Dopkius to embalm the body and

prepare it for burial ami E. M. Wood

to pilot the party over bills and dales

to the boarding house. When they

arrived they entered the house which

is partitioned off into rooms with

beds arranged in tiers three high.

O'Conuell was viewed and the cause

of death 'was heart disease brought

about by uii over indulgence of


Union Temperance Service.

The union meeting of Methodist,

Presbyterian and . Baptists at the

Methodist church Sunday evening

brought out a large audience and the

speaker. Rev. H. Smith, of Saugertie*,

won friends for the cause of the Anti-

Saloon League by setting ft'forth

Brewster Marriage a Failure.

A suit returnable at the preseut

term at the Middlesex County Connecticut

Superior Court bus been

brought by Myrtle Braimird of

Clinton against Henry ii- Bishop of

Madison, asking that her marriage

to Bishop which occurred in Brewster,

June 12) of last year be annulled

aud that the court decree her a

single woman.

Miss Hlamard, who some times

goes under the name of Bishop, alleges

that Bishop, by force, compelled

her to leave her father's home


W. *A. Towner, of Brooklyn, was

In town Monday.

Miss Ethel Towner is spending a

few days in Yonkers.

The employees of O. W. Sloat ar«

just now in the throes of the annual

ed south.

The freight hail, been switching in I clearly the objects of the association


the Dover Plains yards and wan out and referring to the legislation P. O'Bara, owner of several fa«t

on the main line on the time of the desired to render more effective work. horses has added the Rutledge pacer

express when it rounded the curve The friends of law aud order in to his list this week.

approaching the station.

Brewster are aware that such tools as There Is some little talk of a school,

The two locomotives came together Tower are worse than useless and house fsite on a portion of the land

with a terriliu crash hut the momen­ that his deception and mlsrepresenta formerly of Richard Bayt.

tum of the express had been de- tion cannot be too severely criticised. Rev.|' Mr. • Wyeth was called, to

creased as ,the engineer was begin­ The attempt on the part of Demo­ Schenectady km Friday tohitteudfthe

ning to slow down to make the stop cratic organs here and there for funeral of his sister-in-law.

at Dover Plains shutting off steam purely political purposes, to make

entirely and applying- the emer­ the public believe that Republican

Mail Agent Rutledge is lioldfngltb*

gency brakes the instant he saw the legislators are responsible for the ribbons over the roadster formerly


defeat of temperance legislation is owned by Postmaster Penny.

The engineer and fireman of the encouraged by Tower only.

TheJYoung People's Presb\#erian

freight train jumped as did also the Referring to Assemblyman Yale, RocIetyMiave organized and will meet

engineer of the express. The fireman Mr. Smith said in the pulpit and out at the chapel Sunday evening.

of the'expresB was Thomas Ward, of of it: "In connection with this work After a long and tedious struggle

this village. A deep incline along I know only good of Mr. Yale. Be Mrs. Henry Stevens is slowly mend­

the track prompted liTui not to jump, has given the league strong support ing. It is cheering news to her many

but he had the presence of mind to and is highly commended."

friends and neighbors.

retreat to the tender. The sudden No other answer is needed to the Invitations have been received by

stop threw Mr. Ward and a large many columns of vituperation in­ several In this place to the 2a th

amount of coal in the pit of the locospired by those who worship Tower. wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs

motive and when assistance eame he

Chas. Roberts, at Pawliug.

I was nearly out of sight. When Clearing Sidewalks.

hauled out he was found to be unhurt. Village Street Commissioner Diehl On Monday evening two sleiglt

Passengers were shaken up con­ received many complaints last week loads and one from Four Corners

siderably but no one was fatally about the laxity of occupants and journeyed to Pawling aud took in

Injured. J. G. Jewett, of Utica, an owners of property in not clearing the the social at the Butcher Bouse.

inspector for the Mutual Milk and sidewalks of snow and he at once The icicle season is still with us

Cream Company, was walking toward interviewed as far as possible all who aud from 5 to 18 below is the daily

the door in the drawing room car failed to comply with the village record. The ice harvest being over

when tlie crash came. Be was hurled ordinance which requires that all the farmers are taking advantage of

against the glass door and was found sidewalks and gutters shall be.freed the sledding to put in feed, wood ami

unconscious his body hanging partly from snow six hours after It ceases do other necessary hauling.

outside and partly Inside the car. Be falling unless It should cease during

Those wishing to know how to be

was taken to the New York Bospital. the night aud in which case it shall

happy and still l>e a farmer will do

He will recover. Louis P. Payn was be removed before Yi in. the-next day.

well to attend the Jolly Farmers en­

driven into his silk hat and the jam Mr. Diehl toured the village and

tertainment. Refreshments served

resulted in a black eye.

noted each and every offender.

at the close. Remember next Thurs­

Sidewalks adjoining properties

Conductor Murley of the express

day eveuing at .1 udd's Ball.

without dwellings belonging to non­

was unfortunate enough to fracture

residents were cleared off by the As K. C. Crosby returned to his

his little linger. D. J. Ryan, repre­

Commissioners force of laborers aud home after business hours Wednessenting

the Fleischman Yeast Com­

the expense Incurred there.!u will be day evening he found his friends

pany, wa* the oidy Breamter pas­

added to the next village tax. Resi­ and townsmen awaiting him to tender

senger aboard and he escaped undent

taxpayers were interviewed and a surprise and remind him of his


the result is greatly improved condi­ birthday. It was almost two when

• Traffic was held up for five hours. tions. We. are pleased to note that the lost good-night aud congratula­

Sleighs were sent from Dover Plains Mr. JHehl'wit bout fear or favor Is entions were given.

to the scene of the wreck. Passenforcing all ordinances relative to A resident of Patterson has Ingers

were taken to the village and highway matters.

vented an article which should prove

provided with dinuerat the hotel.

a great blessing to any one in any

The only particular damage done

callingjwho uses a horse and wagon.

was the putting OUt ol Commission of

A patent will be applied for and the

two worn out engines and the break­

manufacturer of the article will be

ing of the platforms on a few of the

commenced at once. Details of this

passenger coaches.

interesting appliance will be given to

the public later.


News speaks of lining those with

biled shirt, etc. We entertain the

same views aud when we see young

men haruessed in what they imagine

is the real "loud noise" for evening

aud especial if their station iulift)

does not absolutely demand it. It reminds

us of what Josh Billings said

about cod llsh aristocracy.

and go to New York Stute with him

Two weeks from next Monday Jus­

where they were married against her tice Isaac Mills will preside at the

will. The papers, state that she was i trilt| teruJ of the Supreme Court at

but 15 years old at the time. j ( anue|. The calendar as nsual i- a

They were married by Justice L^j OJJ0 hnt Merest cotters in the

Murty, to whom, in tilling out (be Buffr* case which will of course ...certificate

she gave her age as 20. Mr. j |«tr|rt At-

Murty says there was nothing in her torney Weeks will push the case with

appearance that showed signs of un-, niMe|, vigor and will be assisted by

willingness and they were very happy

after the knot was tied. At that

time Bishop's occupation was chaufb'ur.

Putnam Election Expenditures.

District Attorney Andrews of \\V.-ichester.

Next Friday we celebrate the birthday

ol the father of our country who

was one of the world's greatct>t mili-

iu the matter Jof the statement of

O'Conuell was a well known character

about (joldeii's Bridge where for

the past several years, oil and on, he

has worked in Thomas. • 'a la ban's

hotel. None of his relatives could

be found.

Colored Folks Dance.

Lineolu's birthday. Feb. 12 1007, will

ever be remembered by the colored

people of this vicinity not for the

tttr >" *""«W"«- ' ''*'" Von IWtlM

Edward C. Weeks, Treasurer ol the 8,,id no ,n,Hr Treasurer ol the

Wm*«W*»t was ever

Republican Committee, of Putnam executed than the retreat across the

County, showing receipts aud expenditures,

duly Hied w : Jei>e\s. return across the Delaw'ui'e a

th the first time and then a second to draw

Secretary of State, showing that he the enemy out in a thin line io skir­

received from the Republican State mish ut the Assaupiuk, create a feel-

Committee £1,100 and Iron) Henry B. ing ol assurance throw the Mriti-h

Ketcham, John K. Vide, Edward I). (ieneral oil his guard, turn his Hank

Siannanl. William B. Week*, ami and linally with such unequal force

Daniel Kent the further sum of £1,000 complete liisdiM-oiulit ure_at Priuctfto'ij

and that he expended the same by and throw him back upon his base.

significance of the holiday but for the paying £200 to each of thirteen com- '''he Democratic pre** continue- to

cake walk aud dance given in the j uiiltecuieii lor legitimate campaign uphold aud advocate one Tower who

Town Bali by Henry Butler. It was ! expense* and £luo to E. W Addis, for '* M ' ,w "* u> '•"* discredited by the

mi alfuir KO well advertised that.it printing- William Church Oeborn VWy organization which he proclaims

elicited the patronage of every town and others allege that the statement '»•* reprehend.. Anti-Saloon Lea^u.-.

in this immediate vicinity. There j j„ "insuflicieul." Judge Keogb is His ell'ori tocirculate falsestateuieuts

were at least two hundred present. IUsked to make inquiry ami lor that

The newly formed Brewster onhes- purpose the committee has been

tra started the music about nine Munitioned to appear before him at

o'clock and two step* and waltz*-* >ew • Itochelle, Sat unlay. |Yb. jjjkl

kept the duut-crs amui-ed until nearly 1

in reganl to Senator Suiitli for which

work he was paid by the Duicbe^s

e-unty Democrat was expor.ed uud

brought to light by I he alertu*-.-* • I

Mr. JohuHon, former pastor of the

mid'night when the cake walk was 1 Option on Real Estate. Biplist church. His dirty work t-T

announced. Three local y.mng men jj,>n. John R. Vole and James Muity Hie poM few years which ha- bet n

W0T0 chosen judge. Only two teams imVe M-cured an option onthe'i'uik reported in the leading papers ol

walked for the prizes. Sie«le ami Bdl poriiou of the farm owned by D ilciies>, WeMcbeHer un.J J'utm.ni

Jackson of Danbury took lh>t prize, lYel \V Storm, a tract ol about Jo l* «•" known. People«f ibih calii 1-

which was a large cake made by acivs. Trice £-.\000.

will not be permitted toexmletb. r

Diehl & Son and J>eiuomJ uud Denny

slime in this vicinity and the Demo­

another out-of town team won second Young Men's Supper. cratic albeh ol Ham P1M1 may put.

prixe- two dollars. Alter 1 be cake J)on't niisi- the young men',, Mtpper tbi- in tbeirpipeandMnokeii.fi i

walk many of the white lolkh b-lt the in the Town Hall

£ The Brewster Standard, .Friday, February 15,1907





Fob. 17, '07—(Gen. 13:1-13.)

Abraham and Lot were the cattle

ktagH or ancient history. It is said

r them that they were "very rich"

utfd "had flocks and herds and

tents." Their herdsman and shepherds

were the original cow boys,

and they apparently had the same

troubles that their successors experience.

While Abraham seemed

to be contented with the natural increase

of hlB r-rnapurlty, hlB nephew

Lot hnd been bitten with the getrich-quick

lmraslte, nnd his whole

aim In life seemed to have been how

to beat hfs old uticle lu the rtoek

raising business.

loot's cow 1)03*8 soon caught tli«

Spirit of their employer i>nd began

to crowd Abraham's herdsmen off

the earth. They picked quarrels with

them on the slightest provocation.

They stole their calves and branded

them with Lot's tag. They drove

them off the fat pastures to the

deary harrcns, nud the count of the

herds of A lint Inn i never would coma

rlu'it. And then, one day when the

old trau co:t!d en 1 ire the noise no

longer, he culled lot nnd said In effect,

"We ht:d b?tlr>r dissolve partners'-"

in. It is ovIJoui your Ideas and

infill' no Idriger agree. So you sell tt

the mew thai UIIMM* satisfactory to

yon and take it and I will i.-1u• • what

is left, If you choose the right. I

Will go to the-left; If you take the

valley I will go l»» tin* hills." A magnificent

example of the Golden Hole

In a heart anil an age, where we

should lensl expect It.

Hut Lot was not built on that

pliin. The schemer laughed In his

sleeve at what he tho'ight the unbusinesslike

principles of his uncle.

And with the straiKhtest face he

cftuld manage he said,""! will take

the plain of Jordan," and then he

said to himself. "It's an 111 wind

that blows nobody any good," and he

w**tit out from the Interview feeling

liK«* a stock broker who has jus:

cleaned up a million by a corner In


• "And he pitched his tent toward

Sodom." Abraham went back to the

bills to continuo a simple life, and

Lot set his face toward the ciiies of

the Main. Cities of luxury! Cities

Of Abomination! Cities of Crime!

Tii'-.v were such bot-ueds of Iniquity

•audi sinks of depravity, such putrid

can-asses of llceiiiii.n-ii.---s, that

their names si a ml lu history the'

s> miiii) ins for the very limit of evlldoiug.

Yet for the sake of the Almighty

Dollar Lot deliberately pitched his

tent towward Kodom. What difference

did it make to him that he had

a wife and children to look out

for? Did lie Mop to consider that

Sodom meant Sodomlc business, Sodomic

society* Sodomlc pleasure?

Did he Investigate as to,the church

privileges, school privileges, neighborhood,

privileges? Not a bit of it.

He aaw in Sodom coiner Iota, great

markets for beef and mutton, intere.-i

on money to let, chances to increase

his fort am*, an opportunity

to become a political bo»s. And he

pitched his lent toward Sodom.

And thut is Just what the men of

the world are doing every day. la selecting

a house ihe question is not,

What sort of a reputation has the

place? Hut, Can I make u dollar

there? It la not a question of

Churches and schools, nud libraries

and art galleries, aud intellectual

and moral advantages or all sorts. It

is a question of money ai 6 per cent,

a -oo'i puyiug position for the boys,

a matrimonial market for the girls.

No matter if the young people are

bombarded with temptation from

suuriae lo sunset, aud from sunset

to sunrise,UO matter If they are compelled

to associate with money

grubbers or virtue hunters ffoui

week's end to week's end. there is

money in it for Lui. so good-by to

the old fogy Abraham, out on the

hillside farm, 1'urle baa such queer,

o)-i tush inn.-ii Ideas, you know!

Mark you. Lot did not jump right

into Sodom, all at one-. He only

pitched bis tent toward it at first.

Perhaps if Abraham hud mid him he

would lu time become a Sodoinic alderman,

he would have flushed will

indignation. Bui be got there just

the same. So, now. there are plenty

of men and women in Sodom who

never meant lo go there. They turned

very gradually aside. They stood

a long time looking at its distant alliiieineiiis

before they pitched th.'ir

tents lu that direction. They said.

A\ e in.- not obliged lo participate in

the sins of Sodom just because we

happen lo live there. We can do

business in (own and no) pailake 01

the town's sins. Aud they really

thought lhe\ could. Hill Ul0J moved

luo.u s s m or ^v^(^r"•lu..p^ l oo,,^L^e

the miM d.ai.ee. jUdUes •!.«», Mil OruygJaU.


Made by Greeks of Greek Tobacco and

Due to a Government Monopoly.

A controversy which has been going

on in Europe, and especially In

England, as to the rival merits of

Turkish and Egyptian cigarettes fwtiui

likely to he settled by a retain, or a

disinterested but observant American


Though the United States Is the

great cigarette producing nation of

the world there are Imported into

this country every .year more than

$3,000,000 worth of foreign made

cigarettes, some Turkish and some


Turkey Is a large tobacco producing

country, yielding 50,000 tons of tobacco

every year, and the Turks. It Is

VM.'H known, are a nation of smokers.

The amount of tobacco raised in Kg} pt

Is considerable, and yet Egyptian

cigarettes are Imported Into this

country In considerable amounts every


The explanatldil*Of the: mailer. as

offered by the American Consul in

Athens is simple. It nei-ins that the

flreek tobacco crop last year was the

largest Greece ever harvested—about

300,000,000 pounds. A brand of Greek

tobacco Is used for Egyptian cigar*


Why, It Is asked. Egyptian? The

answer Is that Egyptian cigarettns are

made by Oreeks. because t-iaarette

paper is too exnensive in Greece,

where It is a Government mouopoly.

Thus the business has gone over to

Egypt. The most famous cigarette

makers of Efeypt are Greens. •

A very large ..business In cigarette

making has been established in Alexandria,

and it Is in the bonds of

Oreeks. who Import their tobacco

from their own country and In turn

ship it to foreign countries, England

and the United Httfles being the chief

market for Egyptian cigarettes, which

are, in fact. Greek cigarettes, those

bearing the title Tnrlili being iihV

ported from. Turkey, direct.

"Mocha and Java" Coffee.

1 Tlie> United States imports about

Ii000,000.000 pound* of coffee yearly.

Some eight-tenths of tbe supply

conies from Jlraail.. about one-tenth

from other South- American countries

and one-renth >om< eJentral America

and Mexico.

The Importations* of Mbcaai coffee,

which take* its name rroiu the town

Mocha, at the southern extremity of

Arabia, are* only ulioat l^OO.DOO',

pounds annually, a«d> or Java coftea'

only about 10,000,000 pounds.

These quantities are so small as t»

constitute only an infinitesimal proportion

of the vast eonsumptleu of

coffee in the United States. The average

import value-of South America*

coffee is about eight cents per pound,,

compared with J4J. and 1C cents lor

coffee from Arabiai and: the-Kast Lu~


Turkish and Egyptian traders i?o to

Arabia before the' harvest and bay

the Mocha crop ou> the tree. They

make sure that it is noi picked Insfore

it Is perfectly ripe, »nd they attend

to Its preparation,themselves.

Such choice Mocha-, is marketed

largely through Cairo, or Alexandria^

and "the coffee that reaches Mocha

and is exported from- Aoen is only

what these merchants UuiughL toopoor

to buy."

In view of the fact that tbe best

Mocha never reaches this market at

all, aud the notorious fact that for

years only an infinitesimal proportion,,of

United States imports have

been from Arabia and Java, the official

statement sent out by Use United

Stales Government is doubtless true

in declaring that "the terms Java and

Mocha have now become mere characteristics

oi quality aud blend." But

It would be difficult to ftame any description

of the characteristics of

quaniy und bleud which tuese terms

j are supposed to represent.

As matter of tact, therefore, the

words Java and Mocha uu. a brand of

coffee may usually be accepted as

equivalent to the words "fln«8t" or

•fcesi." or similar adjectives. Only on

coffee which is positively known to

be the pure product from Japanese

plsniatious or from Amman plantations

«io these terms have auy significance.

There are only a few disinterested

coffee lovers who prefer . ue

of ihe standard brands of Bra.-, .an

coffees (which constitute the g eat

bulk consumgd in this country) to

genuine Java or Mocha, A. hi. Gans.

who has given much attention to this

subject, ma in i a his that most of the

coffee consumed in the United Stales

is taken by the consumeb in tbe belief

that it is genuine Mocha or Java.

If his si at in. ui la true, declare Good '

Housekeeping, such fraud and graft

is of the largest dimension*.

Thunder in England.

An early KUKHBII author writes:

'•Thuudcrs in the inoruiag siguifia

wj-nde: about uooiie. ra.vne; in lh«

eveniUK great leuiiiest .

• Soiuiue wryle (their ground 1 se«

not) that Sonduyes thnndre sliould

bryngS 'he denlh ol Jearned neu,

judges, and other.--; Mondayeu uiun*

dre. ilie tleuth of women: Tucsdsyes

thundre. plentle of graine: Wednes>

dayes thundre. much bloodahede;

Tbursdayes thundre. plentie of ahene

and rnd reported whu». tbe other said.

The former gave a tremendous aad

most significant wink and whispered—

"He's ns lame as' a two-legged

atool. I hnd him badly shod on purpose

to make people believe that

that wus the cause or his limping."

When this wus communicated to

the Pole he seemed for the moment

taken iihuck, and bung his head;

then, wirh a little sigh and.a shrass

of his shoulders, lie said, quietly—

"Ah. well it's all tight; it. was *

bad ten-rouble uoteT" !

Olil.M Secret TmoV**

The two oldest secret trade- protae*!»eH

now in existence are said iobe

the manufacture of Cbisege red,

or vermilliou, and tbe method of i'ntayinK

tin- hardest steel wit.li gald

and silver, wlu-h Heeuis to huve been

practiced at Damascus UKOH ago. aud

Is known only to tihe Kyran. smiths.

and their pupils-even to this *mr.

Judge Uses forceful Language

Judge W. if. Simmons, of Fineast

l«\ Va., told the reporter thai

L. & M. Puiut wu« II.M-J on his residence

in 18H2 and held its color well

for 21 years; he f onlierm^re KUHI thut

:j years ago lie was iudueed; to use

another paint aud is sorry he did, be

euiise the other {mint didn't make

good. The Judge wilt uow alwuys

use L. & M., because ho knows if any

defect exists in L. Si M. faint the

house will be repaiuted for nothing.

The L. at M. Zinc hardens the

L. & M. White Lead aud makes

L. & M. i'uint wear like iron for 10 to

15 years.

Actual cost of L. A: M, about $1.20

per gallon.

Pollutions of L. & M. made to


Sold by J. H. Motjuay, Hrewwter;

£. Fowler, L'urmel; M. Westoott

il Bro., Mahopue.


lay Cured

wiUwMt pain, luoooveousnce, or I twins houtu.

MO KNirE-NO M U KlUOU, FLA8TUU—MO i uiluriwd «t II.. luU.rim- I'AJN

Tto» ilOouai


1 "— fnd pitmuuucmd bj pruuiimml

ork pliyniniwiii to b»ibm unit twiniuimut cum.

lor tnm bouktaC IUVMIIMUI to-iUj. C«uo. t

iluo IMS watt. " ti * i «u pro v f» id lurra.

Hasan Cancer Institute, Broadway cor. 64th St.. N.Y.


Make SIS

to $ 20 a Week

1 v • :in- i ni. trior our famuli*

I «•-. CwlkBM,Uakinx Powder, fcxlr*k

» . I..J ; pice*, llaudaoiue prci<

uitior «'iiupooN »'lUi every pur-

< Ii.ikv ; etiawee j*ld. Forlull tiaiii.


I lie ureat Awrku T«a Co..

S-it Vcary St.. Now Vork. N. V.

/ - i

Storm & Lewis


Horses, Ponies . to $3,0*.

New York Store,

Fowler Bluett, - Brewster, N. Y.

'Owing, to- continued calls for his services-,


Has connected himself again with- Che

The Knox & Smith Undertaking Co.

Funeral Directors and Embalmers.

CaJla a*»wered night or day. Telephone 4JL.


Licensed Pharmacist.

Baceessor to W. T. (ianuuK, The Pioneer Druggist.

Oldest, Lamest and Best Epippefl Droi HODSB io Pitnu Co.

Sole Agency for Devoe

and other Standard

Paints and Varnishes.

Perfumes, Soaps and

Toilet Articles. Patent

Medicines, Etc.

Prewa-iption Department Unsurpassed. Ferasulas Famous ntd

Faultless for 50 Years duplicates. Pure Liquors tor Medicinal Use.

Main Street, Brewster, N. Y.



Brewster. N. Y.

Twenty Fire Insurance Companies. I

Life, Accident, Burglary, Wind and Plate Glass|

1 nsurance also affected.

Farm and Village Property for sale in Putnam and|

Westchester Counties.

Money Loaned on Bond and Mortgage.


Trl>. 17i 'SIMilirn In < hrlollnn «••

perteavvs" |Thf Divine rnrp.nr

K0T I'M.)


Kph. Iv, ll-Hi; Acta xx, £8-32; Rom. xil.

3, 2; Eph. v, 36, 27.

"Till we nil ntlain * • • •, unto the

measure of the Htnturc of the fullness


"That He might present the church

to Himself, a glorious church, uot having

spot or wrinkle or any such thing."

Christian experience, whnt does it

mean? What do .von uiciin i».v experience

of any sort? Sit down by yourself

awhile aud think hack and see

.what you have panned through and

• whnt you have brought out of all the

past. Whnt have you today? What

are you uowY Different from .what

you were, to be sure. Have you an

•Idea of what you might have been, dif-

• fereni from what you arc? Have you

any deep wish that you might he sometime

and somehow different from what

you hare been and other than what

you now know yourself to lie?

How deep that craving after persona

1 betterment does go witli us when

we allow yourselves to get free from

all the false values of life and let the

deep and true tones < f life sound their

notes through the whole being. How

deeply we wish we "might see some

one who wits just what we think a

true mau should be. Oh, yes, we have

•seen many fine .specimens, hut none

Just what we would like. livery one

we have met has his limitations, his

breaking point, his weaknesses. We

have ours. What we want Is some

one who has none—the true nobiemau.

He should be our heYo. our leader. We

would follow him and became like

nlm. We could be noble ourselves If

only one were here who was himself

all that we would like him to be and

he would teach us how to be like himself.

Something of tills desire is deep down

In every soul if only It could be aroused

to active power.

The Master has come. lie calleth

for thee.

Study (he Christ life uud character

until you can see if they do not meet all

your requirements. How would It be

If you were like Him?

Then there Is a plan of God—Ideal, to

l>e sun*, but all the more real—of what

the whole company of un might be together

in developing society. All this

Is glimpsed in-that letter to the Ephexiuns.

What a company we would be

If each of us were of the height of

Jesus Christ! If we had come up to

the full measurements of his life, what

« race we would lie. what a sight for

angels and all heavenly existences!

Well, wo can do it. God intends we

ahull tin It. What do you intend? Perhaps

you never thought of it before.

Hetlcr boglii now to do some thinking

.about it. It is really worth your while.

Nothing else is worth while until you

have done just this thing.

Estimate your own size morally and

, spiritually. What do you stunt! for iu

UfiaGtul's world, anyhow? What for

same that any chronic malady—even

though attended

by no dangerous symptoms

—can lie cured at once. And

"\ sny preparation said to do

r this may well be distrusted.

But it is the experience of

intelligent people nil over

the loud for over 30 years,

MOPE that a persevering use of



possible the difficult

Christian's pathway.

aim is to be—

The old folks any


The sweetest


places In the The spring was

Their supreme


Lons, long ago,


Above our heads the sky was clearer,

And warmer was the sunlight, ray;

Yet Heaven Is now a little nearer, -

The days are

aocording to directions, will soon relieve and

songs are left un- ultimately cure cases of Fever and Ague,

Biliousness, Bhemiaitism, Debility of the

full of scent nnd Stomach, Bowels, Kidneys and Blander, and

all disorders arising from an impure state

when WQ were of the Blood, when ho other medicine or

treatment has been of any permanent bonefit.

Sufferers may properly be reminded

that Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy

is no speculative preparation, plnccd upon

So the old folks say.

the market to fill the pockotsor a proprietor

who is ignorant of the first principles of

The old folks say. TIB Mnytlme


Play, children, fo your henrt's -le-

. • sire,

medicine, but a prescription used with uniform

success by Dr. Kennedy long before

he ever dreamed of making it public.

Write to Dr. David Kennedy'* Bona. Itnndont, V.

Y , for n free .ntnplo Wattle and medical booklet

Lar^e bottles $1.00, at all drURglats

Ideal* Should lie IIUU.

Dissatisfaction with low ideals iu

your Endeavor society :i:i. 11:04 PUTNAM lllld 1 l:8fl KA1LKOAD.

P. in.

OCt. US. UHlTi.

Leave Brewster for New York at ~:10, IMma.m.

ainN:l.'ip. in.

Leave iftMJI street. New York, for BrewMer,

8:M l::in, and .'•:•.'.•. p. in.

The train whleh leaves New York at 8:1B n. in.,

renelicr' Illi'Wsl er at 1II:S ami ni::::i p. in.

i.ea\e oraiiS reiitral 1K*|MI1. lor iln-wsier ot

ll:8S a. in., •-• :• 11. ;i::i.. .*.--'I and s;:i. p. m.

On the Putnam mad the passenger train

len\e.s i.v.ih street at UAKia. in.

LeaviM llrewster lor New York al MW p. in.

A. E. Urainaril. (ieiieiiil Aireut, Allmiiy, N. Y.

Oeorge II. Daniels, (leneral Pahseuuer Ascbt.

A. If. SlnltU, lieueral Manayer. New York City

Dr. jr. B. Merritt

Modern Dentistry,

Practical, Sclentlilc and Reliable.

Dr. Merritt will be at camiel, Mnadity, Taes

day and Wednesday. At Brewster. ThursdaJ - ,

Friday and Saliiiday. suen.iHlH Dr. Miller at

Br. ». HI er. office In Post Office Building.

F. Schacher

Merchant Tailor,

Oppimlle Harlem Depot, llrewHter

I always hare on hand u ftrtt-class line nt

aeusomilile goo I" oi not h Foreign ami l)onn>sJm(C


Itainfo O'Grady ha* ft house to rent

at Sodom.

A valuable hay stallion owned by

Harvey VanSeoy died Monday eveuinjr

from cholio.

Members of the A. M. E. /Ion

church, Daubury, enjoyed a sleighing

trip to this village Tuesday evening.

- The iLwHew 1 ttulld of the Methodist

oh uroh will hold a thimble party at

the parsonage Tuesday afternoon. || |

The Second Union of Company A.,

4th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, will be

held at the store of J. T."Lookwood,

White Plains, Feb. 22d.

The playhouse of H. H. Vreeland is

undergoing repairs. A glass storm

piazza is being built about the

kitchen and other repairs are under


The famous Robertson Z Moving

. Picture Company is booked to appnr

in the Town Hall on Thursday even*

ing Feb, 21st, with an entire list.of

new pictures.

W. T. Kiting 7 * residence will be the

sceue of a sociable for ,the beneflt'of

the Did Southeast church, Doauesburg,

on Wednesday evening, Feb.

80th. If stormy it will bo held the

next fair day.

Brewster Lodge, Aio. 4.17. at the

regular meeting Monday evening conferred

the second degree upon one

Candidate. The third degree-will be

OonTttJred upon the same candidate

next Monday evening.

The young-men who so successfully

held a dunce in the Town Hall last

week have made arrangements to

give a similar all air in the same place

next Tuesday evening. Tickets at

.10 cents are now being sold.

« ongresbiuau Andrus, of West-

Chester county, has something good

to give away and is to hold a competitive

examination to (111 a vacancy

fr midshipman at Auuupolis. Only

Westchester county applicants


The |k>f>toflloe at Pleasantvill was

entered by burglars Monday night.

The .-Hi.- was lilowu open and ai>out

9300 in stamps was taken. The

central telephone . employees next

door heard no report. No clue to

thieves. ,

Clarence A. iluudaiJ is remodeling

iutod welling apartments tlie millinery

purior* on Park street and after

April 1st the rooms will !>


The Brewster Standard, Friday. February 15. 190Y



His Ancestry and Story of His Life. Funeral Address

by Rev. A. R. Macoubery.

In Brewster, at his residence, Sun­

day morning at 2 o'clock, Aleiander

F. Lobdell departed'this life in the

79d year or his life.

On the Sunday preceding he WHS

In usual health, not In the fall

strength of the vigorous manhood he

enjoyed until near three score and

ten, but very comfortable and actual­

ly ministering to his wife and daugh­

ter just recovering from illness. On

the last day of January he was pres­

ent at the regular monthly meeting

of the trustees of the Putnam County

Savings Bank and on February 3d be

was at the bank and store throughout

the day and evening.

The cause of his death was pneu­

monia and the duration of the disease

was less than a week, beginning, ou

the night of February8d with pleurisy

in the right lung. The attack was

attended with very severe pain and

at one o'clock on the morning of the

4th Dr. L. G. Newman was called and

gave the patient temporary relief.

Meantime a trained nurse was sum­

moned from New York and on the

afternoon of the 4th the disease

seemed to be under control. Return­

ing pains and greater weakness on

the day following required such con­

stant treatment that a second nurse

WHS engaged. Thereafter the condi­

tion was variable, the patient some­

times speaking naturally aud in­

spiring hope for a few hour* and

then suddenly becoming incoherent

in speech und requiring heart stimu­

lants and oxygen to keep up respiru-

petitors in the general merchandise

trade, for several years. The year

following 1874 witnessed the beginning

of the construction of the Drewville

reservoir, a large force of men em­

ployed. Thereafter trade was good in

all stores with Lobdell & Co. leading.

Mr. Lobdell was for a time engaged

in the lumber trade with Jarvis I.

Howes, the Arm name v being J.TJI.

Howes & Co. Fire and New York

city swept away what was known as

the "Long Branch" store house and

lumber yard and mill property.

The sad and untimely death of Mr.

Storm, in 18S7. and the with­

drawal of Mr. Hoyt about the same

time had restored the general mer­

chandise business to Mr.; Lobdell.

He had passed through the most try­

ing experience of his life and it was

only the supreme confidence of the

people and his dear grit^that saved

his business and permitted the

continuance and made strong again

(he Putnam County Savings Bank,

in which he succeeded Mr. Hoyt, as


The story of the business side of

his life for the past twenty years

needs no detail here. For sixteen

years of that period, his eldest sou,

who bears his name, has been -a

strong factor aud for the past eight

years exclusively ill charge of the

stock, not only the buying but the

daily sales aud delivery. He was taken

into partnership three years||ago.

Those years witnessed the -.business

ut its highest point and the founder of

E. W. Addis, Alexander Frailer,

married Jennie M. Lewis,

Paddock and Susie.

His last illness was with'every mem­

ber of his family present—watchful,

anxious. He recognized all but

uttered no word of the future. For

months he had shown impaired

vision and loss of strength, the effects

of an illness of nearly two years ago.

Although active in his duties at the

savings bank and store and directing

repairs on all his village properties

he devoted fewer hours to work. He

expeoted that illness might force his

absence from the bank and he advised

fierce dessert wind. True spirit. Job yields to

Vincent Mn ,rrtrt ~ truc splHt, for he sins against God

who wotild lauRtt hi* sorrow away, who seeks to

live as though the grief had not come to him

striving instantly and urgently for the mood or

stole fonretfulness.

"Then," salth the Holy word. "Job arose and

rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell

down upon tlte ground and worshipped and said,

"Naked came I nut of my mother's womb, and

naked shall I return thither." This was as to

the loss of his wealth, penniless we enter life,

penniless we leave it. The only gain with which

wo leave lire Is that which has been made In the

soul. The only wealth which "moth and rust',

cannot corrupt, the only wealth that has the

stamp of eternity upon It, Is the grace of the


"Naked came I out or my mother's womb, and

naked shall I return thither." And he adds*


our Lord at/one time, and another at another In business matters, tn social functions. In bis

time. He is the same i/ini still, "yesterday, j relation to the ohurch of God. Going in and]

to-day, forever." All the power not merely out In this community for almost fifty years,

but all the wisdom, and all the lore associated walking openly before men, no suspicion of any

with Him as ne gave them to us, Is associated sinister transaction coutd for a moment bn

tiou. it was not until the evening oUt manifested supreme enjoyment in

the 9th that hope faded, theii labored

breathing began, accompanied by

coma and death.

The earliest and nearest mention of

the Lobdell family thus far found is

in records at Mil ford, Coun., where

it appears that in 1040 to one Simon

Lobdell was presented by the town

'for a house-lot a triangular shaped

half aereof land.' 1 and later another

Simon gave to his^only son, Joshua,

deeds of lands iu that sect ion. Joshua

].obdell, in 1005, married Mary Burwell

who was born iu 1007. The second

J oshua migrated to Cortland's Manor.

Westchester county, across the line

from Ridgefield. Ebeneser, third sou

of Joshua, had six childreu of whom

the eldest was >Jacob, who married

Betty Whitney, Dec. 11, 1788. "He

was a soldier in the Revolutionary

War and was among the last to cross

at sunrise at the evacuation of Long


The eldest of Jacob's children was

Anson, father of the subject of this

sketch, born in North Salem Deo. 10,

1784. Hi* first wife was Eliza Purdv,

who died in June, 1830. itgtheOTth

year of her age, having borne seven

children. The following year lie

married Sarah Towuseud. This

iiuiou was also blessed with seven

ehildreu, two of whom, Julia Eliza,

wife of Elijah Lee, of Yorktowu, and

Aliuira Jeanetta, wife ofj Frank H.

Greene, of New York,survive. Those

deceased include Betsy Maria, who

married Everett Lent,

aud died in October,

the expansiou, not so important the

gain, because he had experienced

more profitable years, but he was

proue to believe that extending cheer­

ful greetiug to strangers had much to

do in winning new trade. Notwith­

standing his activity and solicitation

he uever wanted anything at the

expense of another, or to gratify

avarice, or to wield power. He was

given rather to rejoice in the success

of others, believing that in a zone of

general progress aud plenty^some

grist would come to his mill.

But he was not all busiuess. There

was a strong religious current in his

career. He never violated the coven­

ant entered into with his Maker,

when a boy in North Salem, under

the ministry of Dr. Irving. Later he

united with the First Presbyterian

church, at Southeast; Center and was

naturally one of the leaders in the

movement to re-establish the church

here. Reference to his connection

with the enterprise has already been

made by Mr. Maooubrey iu the funeral


To sum it all up he was not only a

helper in every righteous cause of

public cousern, but he gave when

only those who received knew of the

giving. Of dignified bearing, perfect

as a figure, likewise in character,

iu deuling and in the disoharge of

every duty, always the Christian

gentleman, are the true expressions

of those who knew him—aud the

of Peekskill I priceless legacy he leaves^to his

1845. Susan family.

the adoption by the Trustees of a!" 1 " 1 ">••« is especially or his greut gricr-orthe

resolution empowering his son, I f'"* X "" H h0 ""; ^*» J"? •»* u, "« ,,,p **">

., ; « ; , j II, t ! hat lituken away; blessed Is; the nniiie ol the

Alexander F. Lobdell, Jr., to act as \Uml» .-m all this," the Holy Hplrli continues,

treasurer in the event of such absence, j "job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly."

Ueferriug to his desire to hasten' The text I* u great strong sentence ror the

completion of repairs commenced and :««« »^>; HHI-II upon. The strengiu or tun

. 7~ f * , , , . everlasting hills Is in it. The church's sense

others contemplated one day he said, or ,lH Vull„. l8 ,lmt u„k,. ,„ lm. ,„„.,„, Krv|(ffi Q|

in the course of a general eonversa-t the Episcopal church, and or our Presbyterian

tiou, "Whether here, or hereafter, 'church, (both given to our Anglo-Saxou speech

iu the itllh century). It is one of three seutenccs

iih which that Impressive service, the same in

j each (-lunch. begliiB. and. whose undertone of

The Lord

•laue, who married Abraham Look- j In politic- he was a Republican,

wood aud died at the residence of her i Duriug the civil war the town was

brother. Alexander F., in this village | Democratic and it was not until|;the

Xov. 9, 11)02, Harali Ann, a teacher, appointment of Mr. Lobdell as post

unmarried, died in Yorktowu in 18U0,

William Townsend, married Emma

Ienkins. (surviving) and died at the

residence of his brother, Alexauder

F., in Brewster, Sept. 0, 1884 aud last

the one upon whose face the family

looked for last time on Tuesday.

Beujamiu, Floyd and Gilbert, all of

North Salem, are among the sur­

viving dependents who were present

at the funeral. Some of whom

occupy lands in the i>ossessiou of

the Lobdell family for ten genera­


Mr. Lobdell was born Dec. 5, 1WJ5,

1 desire to keep my hqpse in order," '"

and, conscious that his house had

been so kept no last words of correc- J comfort lingers in ull that follows;

tiou of the past or direction for the'guve. and the Lord hath taken away."

future were necessary. So, with; w u " «""»•"< thought we any only "God."

,..', ,. i , . ! « * - » Am * It is a great deep word that commands the

peaceful mind, he entered into rest. lNiU| m i M n g |f ,u|o ^ ^ A |||ouglit o|

The Mineral was held at the Presby- sublimity has come luto the mind that dlast-

terian church on Tuesday. The putesfrivolity and sin indued, but that makes

address was delivered by Rev. A. R. I brood uponthe spirit u «"«•* «M overwhelming

Macouhrev who first met the v l " eM ' soineUiliw uiflulte before which the

Maooutmn, wno first met the |r|, |johlB|l|ioIf |u aw

deceased when his pastorate began at Uut wesay. "The Lord gave." and there is u

the Southeast Center church, iu 18(17. [change In the spirit's mood, God has ticeu

That first meeting was a meeting of 'brought as from Ills Immeasurable dlstuuoe luto

friends and as ve«rs imssed the relit-1 " Ur ,u " Ma " UveH Th " He,wo of utH WWtuws

irieuas una us > ears passed tiie reia-,hgij ^ ^ ^ w m, HI, ,,„,,„.,*,„„ of „,„

tionship grew closer. If is therefore: umaemess. He has drawn near to us. He

needless to refer to the high appreol- p seems to us u Father. "The lx>rd gave," He is,

atiou not only in the fainilv but in »oiu way In vast space, ills thought omy with

the conimunitv. of the presence of U S S S S ^ ^ S * ^ £ e m W *

.. .. ' , , , , 'be universe. Uut He has been thinking or us.

Mr. Macoubery and his eloquent, > kindness and love. -The Lord gave," we get

kindly tribute to t he deceased which ucurer to Him us so He comes close to us.

follows: I And as we think ulsoof that which He gives

TKXT.-The LmX gave, and the l/.rd tmth •*» ""•bow different thejstssesBiou seems! When

taken uwuj; blc.is.-d be the name of the Lord— • "• r|ft onot err, my Is-loved broihitu, every' good

girt and every jNirfect gin is umu above, uud

cometh down from the Futher ol ughts" Ouly


North Salem Academy. His school

days over he desired to learu some-

t hing of business at a busiuess center

aud iu 1855 be found a place as book­

keeper with a coal and wood house in

New York. In 1800 he decided to

etart a country store in Brewster.

The first articles of uierchaudise he

was able to display were calico, un­

bleached muslin and flour.

Other merchants in the mtuie line

iu the support of the party.

Iu village matters, iu days of the

old baud eiigiue, iu the organization

of the Brewster Fire District iu 1882,

and in the later organization of the

village government be was prominent

serving many years as au official aud

maintaining his place in uniform

with the rank aud hie of firemen until

a recent date, It was under his

administration as Preeident of the

of longer experience aud larger capital village that the water supply now in

were also established here, but in I the posaeasiou of Assemblyman Vale

spite of competition be forged aheau was developed. At the same time he

adding a little each year to bisjstock | was foremost in the arrangements

account and increasing the volume leading up to the extending, of three

and .scop..- of his busiuessl The move­

ment upward was not by leaps and

bounds, but there were no otep* back­

ward. Along in 1800K Iwiu M. Storm,

then a lad of seventeen, entered his

employ as clerk. He wa» willing and

popular and a worker and iu lb71 Mr

Harlem trains to this village, involv

ing the purchase aud donation of

lauds. He was one of the oldest

members ot Brewater Lodge, No. 407,

i i». (>. F.

Mr. Lobdell married, Sept. 0, 1805,

Julia Paddock. Her lather was

Lobdell offered him a partnership Isaac Vincent Paddock, born iu

interest which he accepted and Southeast in 1810. for a time a lumber

thereafter the business was conduct

• d under the firm name of A. V

Lobdell A; Co. lu 1878 Peidiuaiid A

Hoyt joined iu the partnership. He

had been in the employ oi Francis K

Poster and James E. Kelley. busiuess

dealer in Youkers, and later returning

and engaging in farming, died in 1804.

Her mother was Aurelia Waring,

born in WU died April 80, 18H8—a

sister of Johu T. Warring whose

death i« recorded iu this paper-

unu of ability and Mr. LobdeU's com- Their uhiUlrcn axe Esther, wife oi

So. when the shadows or giiel have gathered

ubuul the nouls vision, the eiouds uud darkness

or ulUlctlou, Introduce "the Ijud" tjpon (he

scene. In the acceptance or uur loving, trusting

faith, aud it is beuedlctlou.

indeed this is true oi ull the doings and ex i

perlenoeu or our Uie. Introduce "the Lord" luto

i in' realm or your thought, let Him be the vision

ol your spirit us you are engaged in your busi­

ness, uud there shall be nothing done by you in

it on which the condemnation or others can

real, or iroui which your ow u oousclence shall

k'ulher the ecusuies that urc the hardest of ail

thlugs to be borne. Introduce "the Lord" lnio

tbe realm ol your thought when your mlud Is

sitting lu Judgment upou your rellows. uud that

Judgment bhuli be lender und true. Aid when

you uie uloue. no human Uie with you in eom-

pauiouslup. lutroducc "ihc l,oid" into your

thought, uud luto your auul's cbiuubeir. ol

Imagery turn uot hint: tliubdcilluMi uiu euter.

'Ha' book ot Job Is tlte uldext and MUbUUlcai OX

the world's poeuu>. In all the wurlu's utexuture

then- Is uut lung ttiut e>eu drawn nigh n i..r

morvelous lu.ug'jy, and uuder luithos, uud the

hold H luys upon lUe njiidtus It seeks to solve

the problem tuul conies to ull ihoujcbuul ones,

the ivu-tuu lor Ule's mysteries oi sonow, tor ••HM;

joirplexlt aol t lor others, always lalthlul lo hb> .VUM-ul ilghl

William Losee, UnuM

George iiilberl.

The intermeut was at the Milltowu

Uurul cemetery.

6 The Brewster Standard Friday February 15, 1907.


Democratic Officeholders Adopting

Boss Murphy's Tactics In

Reaching For More Cash.

Hauser Thinks $5,000 Is Small

Pickings For a State


Albany, Feb. 12.—During the month

Mini a half that the department!* of the

state government, outside nf tin- chief

.executive, have been occupied by Democrats

they hove given UII example

of the Insincerity of the party plotforuia

and the public utterances of

leaders on the ipiexllon of economy in

ptatc government. In ihis abort time

they have not only done uothiug to

make good the oft repeated promises

to cut down ' expenses and enforce

economy lu government, but they have

•tarted a raid ou the state treasury.

They hove entered upon a systematic

CiMime, which. If followed, would ro-

»ult in a milch larger expenditure than

has been the rule under Itepuhlicau administrations.

If a Republican legislature

did not stand between them and

the i-aHII. the taxpayers would aoon

find themselves called UIHIII to again

contribute directly to the maintenance

nt t lie slate government.

Their Demagogic Cry.

For some years the chief pry of the

Democrats who haVe been candidates

for elective offleea bus hceif, "Cut down

tiie appropriations; the state's moneys

are I wing extravagantly expended,"

and the party lias appealed to the people

ou this issue in every campaign

since 18P4. Thoughtful citizens who

knew I lie tremendous growth of the

Mate business, who remembered that

the state has assumed within ten years

new obligations In the way of caring

for' the insane, in the construction of

new roads. In the abolition ,,f grade

crossings and in the appropriations for

•the public schools, -.'iivc little heed to

this campaign cry. The present Democratic

state olliccrs are demonstrating

that the people were wise when they

refused to take stock in tills demagogic

appeal. ^

Hauaer'a "imall Pickings,"

In submitting their estimates and

the expenses needed for the maintenance

of their oil ices the Democratic

officials have shown just how little

they knew what they were talking

a lMint and how little they really cared

to save the people's money. For example,

the state treasurer, .Julius Hauser,

who before he was elected by the combination

of llcarstites and Democrats

regard of party pledges for economy

and care In the expenditures for the

nmlntor.mce of his department. Instead

of cutting down the expenses or

his department, he has at one jump

nskod for a large Increase in his force.

Which would «i»st tlie state tunny thousands

of dollars. The situation Is

umiouhiedly very trying for a state

ofllcer belonging to a party which

comes Into power for the first time

In many years under such leaders

as Murphy. Connors, MeCttlrc and

McCain*, who have a raft of constituents

for whom to secure places.

Mr. Whnlen is doing the best he can

to meet the wishes of these new stale

lenders. lie has naked, for Instance,

that he he allowed to employ what ore

known as "the fifth grade employees"

in his nlllce, twelve men instead or

five. These men are paid $1100 each

per year, and the total Increase for

this extra employment would be $0,800.

Mr. Whnlen lu his request to the legislature

for this increase did not specifically

state why It was necessary to

take this amount of money from the

treasury to conduct his department.

He did not stop with this simple demand,

but he. too, wants an additional

allowance to sjMMid for what he calls

•'office expenses." Among these he

enumerates "furniture, hooks and oilier

office ex|M«nses." and he thinks he

would like to use $1.0tKi lu this manner.

These requests for new expenditures

will be very carefully examined by the

Itepublicau legislature before the cash

Is placed in the hands of these friends

of Murphy. Connors, McCuire, McCube

and Casslily.

More Dignified Proceedings.

The business of both houses it self is

conducted with morn reference to dignil.v

mill dispatch than has heeu the

custom i>wini: to the strict enforcement

of tlie rules of liotli houses with

respect to tlie floor privileges. Heretofore

It hud linen the custom t' member

of the farmer's family.

Country Gentleman

.Albany. N.Y.

American Agriculturist... .>'ew York City

ltural New Yorker

.Springfield. Mass.

New England Hoint stead.

.Manchester, Si. H.

Mirror and Farmer

Praetieal Farmer Philadelphia, Penu

Nat ional Stockmaii and Farmer.Pittsburg, Penn

Ohio Farmer Cleveland, Ohio

Indiana Farmer Indianapolis, Ind.


affairs of the bank whose wreck is

just announced.

Substantial Citizen—Good heavens,

man. how should I know .-my- j

thing about its affairs? Why. I'm f

one of the board of directors!—I3al-j

tiuiore Ameiic-jn.

1 Heg- With

ular N. Y.

price Tribune

per Farmer

year. 1 year.

Weekly $1.50 ^1.5(1

l.bii 1.85

" 1.00 !.:».-)

l.oii i.2*»

.."SO 1.00

.50 1.00

1.00 1.00

.75 ].00

1.00 I.ou

Gazette Chicago, 111.

2.00 1.50

Orange.fiuld Farmer "

1.00 1,20

1.00 1.00

Prairie Farmer "

.76 1.00

Michigan Farmer Detroit, Mich.

1.00 1.15

Hoard's Dairyman Fort Atkinson, Wis.

,00 1.00

Wisconsin Agriculturist Rachie, Wis.

.00 1.00

Northwestern Farm ami H oine Agriculturist .Springfield, Mmu.-api.li-. Mass. Minn. SemiMtly 1.00 1.IMI

Homestead (ileanings in Hee Culture ...Medina, Des Moiues, Ohio Iowa

.50 i 1.00

Home and Farm

...Douihviile, K>

1,00 l.oo

The Fanner

...Ht. Paul, Minn.

,50 1.00

...Waterloo, Iowa "

Kim ball's Dairy Farmer

,50 l.oo

...Ouiuoy, III Monthly

Reliable Poultry Journal

,50 1.00*

Green'a Fruit Grower Hochestcr, N. Y. .**

.50 1.00

The regular price of the NEW YOHK TH1PUNK FAKMKK ,50 is 1.00 One

Dollar per year. Subscriptions to the other publications will not be

received separately. Write direct to any of these pnpero for freesainple

copies. S. n.l all orders to


Tribune liuildin^, New York, City.

pervisors will lie furnishe 1 wilh a copy | luiiibsl ami his iiiaiuiu.-iiieiil veiiliiat-

«.f Ihis map. ami a iv.pi.-si M ill be e.l. lu >|.ile of all litis. Mr. (Jlyun.

!.„• n.-cls of ihe Tnii.mauy ...fi.-ials. it m„!(. „,- „„.,„ ,.,„. i(i(. ,.,„„.,,. iu who follows I'.oss Mel'abe sfu|. it Uxlghj gleal- iiioin-y for ro.nl impro\ enienl lo iHUifeJ'

| iu.-n-iiM' lifs siamllng with his lead- Willi Ihe stij.ci\ isois in Ihe niim|iis ;it

pr. Mr. Mi!ij.'i\. The people of the a ^enctjil public liearinu w ilh a view ti \ isors" aial ihe pluiis of the stale en

t •. .. I.. ;i'.;.f...ri:.'e !''.- a

"Who's Mrs. Quigley?" asked Mr.


"An aunt of Mrs. Funnell's," re-

j;ied the skipper, turning In.

Regularly Peter Jobson after

\»ork was over, put on bis long-tail-

• fi cost and solemnly wended his

m'tiy to Widow Fu mi ell's bouse.

•» hi!e the two trustee* hugged them-

fives arid counted over the money.

Theu- one morning Peter Jobson,

master stevedore., started In to load

"For takln' me to see Widow

Funnel!," exclaimed the oldman. "I

r- inl In the Good Book that It's not

good for iiiiiii to be alone."

"Well?" said I lie skipper, shud­

dering with eagerness.

'I'm goin' to marry agin."

"The widow?" gasped the de­

lighted skipper.


"Surely; a month from yester­

Capt. Drake vaulted ov*»r the mil

of the schooner like a deer and tum­

bled iuto the CAbln,

"It's all right. Job.'.' he panted.

•'Peter's going to marry the widow a

month from yesterday."

The Brewster Rtandard, Frldav. February 15, 1POV




Modern Machinery Make* It Possible Methods by Which Great Bella Are Many Brewster People Testify to This. ELECTRICITY.

I TRUST MONEY. I to Steer With Slightest Pressure.

Pnt in Tone.

The best paid and most fascinating of trades

intiirht practically in our new 7-story muittlntt.

»»• •

You enn't sleep at night.

All the great steamers are steered When certain bells In a chime pro-

complete electrical equipment costing tu,O0O.

Wjth With itches aches and an'd palnH pains of i a bad back. .

nay and evening courses. Individual Instruc­

now-a-days by the aid of steam or dure discord they can be tuned. The When you imve to pet up from urinary troubles, tion. Positions secured, write or call for

?mimst mm m t mmmH electricity. In the old days half a

tone of a bell may be raised or low­ All on account of the. Moneys.


ixiiin's Kidney nils bring peaceful slumber,

With the companion-slide closed,

ered by cutting oft a little metal In

dozen men. at times would struggle

They cure all kidney ills.

New York Electrical Trade Schoolt,

and with an «lr of mystery on their

the proper places. To lower the tone

M> W. 17th Bt,. Now York.

with the wheel in high seas, and sail­

Thomas Palmer, employed on City

i.mnr.ed countenances, Capt. DrakG

the bell-tuner puts the bell In his

ors have been killed by the rapid re­

work, living at 27 Hasbrook Street,

i.nd his mate. Mr. Simpson, peered

lathe and reams it out from the point

».t a piece of paper that lay on the

volving of the projecting spoke han­

where the swell begins nearly down

Newbnrgh, says: "Although I tried

•••Miifn tahle alongside of a canvas dles. The modern steering gear makes to the rim. As the work porceeds he many different remedies for a long

»mg. The document contained the It possible, says St Nicholas, to guide |


frequently tests the note with a tun­ time I eon id get no relief frotn kidney

following words:

these great ships with the slightest

June 10. 19—. ressure. The rudder, weighing

Being sound in my rigging, hut Clany tons, Is perhaps 600 feet astern,

badly stove as to my hull, and going

fet with a touch of the polished wheel

• 10 pieces, 1. John Funnel!, of the

he great 700 foot ship will" swing from

brig I his, leave to my friends, Abel

side to side with almost the delicacy

Drake, master of the schooner Patty

of a compass needle. The wheel that

Clay, and Job Simpson, mate of the

(he steersman operates merely governs

• jitiie craft, the sum of £500 in gold,

Ul« same to he held in trust by them

the steering engine, which In turn

for one year. If my wife. Mary Fun- moves the great rudder.

iidl. mourns my death, and dons not The most astonishing thing about

Tmirry within that Time, the money Is the bridge is to find the wheel house

10 go to her. If sh«», does marry with- iwlth all its curtains tightly drawn, as

Jn a year, the £600 is to be divided often happens, and the man at the

between the trustees. My wife tc helm steering the boat without seeing

know nothing of the trust.

ahead at all. At night or even by day

(Signed). John Funnel!.

If . ue llgnt of the binnacle 1B confus­

"Ten months gone! and she's no ing the wheelhouse is often complete­

nearer marry In' than she was the ly shut in. The man at the wheel, it

6ay after Funnel! died," complained is explained, does not need to look

Capt. Drake.

ahead. The lookout high up in the

"Good-looking woman, too. and a crow's nest and the officer on watch

nice bit. of insurance money." mused on the bridge will keep him informed

the mate. "What's the matter with if any object is sighted. The duty or

the men? I'd like to know."

the man. at the wheel is to keep the

"Didn't I take Capt. Towles up ship on her course. Throughout his

tJiern?" asked the skipper.

watch of four hours he must keep his

ing fork, and the moment the right complaint and backache. 1 was so I Opposite Harlem Depot, l

tone Is reached he stops the reaming. weak and ray hack was so stiff that

«'«> raise the tone, on the contrary,

I conk! scarcely move about and terri­ BREWSTER, N. Y.

he shaves off the lower edge of the

ble sharp shooting pains would dart

bell, gradually lessening or flatten­

through thy loins and down into my S. ! !

ing the bevel, In order to shorten the

bell, or of two bells of equal diam­

limbs and I never knew where they

eter and thickness the shorter will would strike me next. Often I awoke t

give the higher note.

at night with a torturing backache I Before Buying a Pair of

*"A notable Instance of bell-tuning and no position would give uie any

recently occurred at Lausanne,


ease. Advised to try Doan's Kidney

France, where twelve bells, in three

Pills I went to u drug store ami got a

neighboring steeples, had only seven


box. The result has been a coin

separate notes, and produced a most

plete cure. I have not Imd a liuckache

curious discord.


since I stopped using the pills some

twelve months ago. My buck has g Call and look over my stqok. I

Skim Milk as a Fertiliser. regained its strength ami 1 can work 5 can save you money on every

Skim milk as a fertiliser for crops without any difficulty whatever."

§ pair you buy.

Is interesting many farmers abroad, For sale by all dealers.. Price 50c.

several of whom declare that aston­ Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, ?f. Y., * in

ishing results have come from its

Sole agents for the United States. Repairing all

use. In the vicinity of one farm a

Remember the uiitue— Doun's— and


had a lot of skim milk that

Branches promptly

take no other.

could not be used. Two farmers took

the milk und poured it qn their lands

tended to.


as an exporiment. One emptied seventy-five

cans and another 150. Re­


markable resufts have been obtain­ $25 Reward $$00000000000000000000000$

"Towles!" asked the mate scornf

.illy. "Who'd marry him? X »w.

there's old Pete Job'son. He's a wldower,

and all women take to widow-

• ers. Take him up there."

"I'll take hint up this very night,"

absented the skipper, and the money

mil document wero replaced in the

captain's strong box.

When the skipper returned, Just

.before midnight, the mute asked hiu?

anxiously how Peter had acted.

"Never bad sueh a time," grumbled

the captain. "Peter and the

v iiinw sat and talked about their

dead husband and wife, and cried

like two raluspouts. If it hadn't

been for Mrs. Quigley, I'd have

foundered, sure,"

eyes on the compass ana nowhere


On one side of the wheelhouse are

posted the ^sailing directions which

give the wheelman explicit orders.

The course to be followed for the day

is plaqed lu a neat little rack called

the compass control. It suggests ttie

rack in church at the side of the pulpit

which announces the number of

be hymns and psalm for the day's

service. The compass control will announce

for instance N, 7,8, W, or some

such formula. The wheelsman glances

at this as he takes his watch at the

wheel and holds the great ship exactly

on this course until he is relieved.

ed. Their grass is now seven times

as vigorous as on adjoining fields

Will be paid upon evidence which will

convict t lie person or persons break­

where the milk was not used, but

ing the lamps and shades of the elec­

which were covered with commercial

tric light installation in and about


the Village of Brewster.

Geo. .1 tieiurst & Sons,

' Croton Palis. N. T.

Prsvtnt Colds and Rhiumitlim..

If you do not have one natural, eaajr movement of

the bowels en-h day. I ou are unconsciously expos- URSUANT TO AX ORPKR OF TIIR HON.

itia y»ur system to colds and rhramatlam. Lnxa- P J. Mi •urn-It Soul haul, sum male of I Inti\e

iroMMix Tablets toue and strengthen the dian I y of I'm nam. N. Y., imi ire is hereby given

bowels, so that tbejr do the work nature Intended. to nil persons having ciainiH against the estate

or C'utheilne A. itoberta, late or tbe Town of

sum iii-iist. In said County, deceased, to present

The Lust Survivor.

the same with the vouchers thereof to the

undersigned Administratrix or the (roods.

'Twas the last word of English

chattels and credit* or deeeoent ut her residence

Left blooming alone. \

•adplace of transacting business in the minge

or Brewster, rut nam County, New York, on or

All its lovely companions

before the tlrst day or .Tune HOT. •

Were faded and gone.

Dated, November *«, moo.

Julia W, Ruudall, Administratrix




and Ice Cream


Huyler's Candies.

Tea and Coffee Served.

207 Main St., Danbury. :

About the walls of the wheelhouse

are ranged curiolus looking indicators

much the same as one Bees behind the

desk of a great hotel. About them are

hung a surprising variety of barome­

ters, thermometers, thermostats, wind

and rain gauges and other less famil­

iar looking instruments. There are

rows upon rows of buttons and levers

on every band, all highly polished and

In the most perfect working order.

The danger of fire at sea, for in­

the Patty (My with flour and senstance, is anticipated by a thermostat

• :i»l cargo. irgo *

connected with the frame filled with

"I saw you last night at the Ses- little squares like the hotel Indicator.

r ;UI'H Bethel with Widow Funnel! There are thermometers In every part

and her aunt." said Capt. Drake. of the ship electrically connected with

"Yes," replied Mr. Johnon, solemnly.

"She's a very fine Christian


"She is Indeed, Peter." asserted

the captain. "She Meems very foud of


But Mr. Jobson only shook his

this box which are constantly on

guard. If a fire should start in any

part of the great ship the temperature

would of course rise and the fact would

instantly be announced In the wheelhouse

by the ringing of a bell, while

lead and sighed.

a red light would flash at the same

"(Jood-by. captain." said Mr. Jobtime

In one of the squares of the In­

»•-•». feelingly. "I'm obleeged to dicator. The man at the wheel could

. you."

tell at a glance the exact point of

"What for?" Inquired the skipper. danger.

World's Harvest Season.

There is a procession of seed-time,

blossom, and fruit around the globe

which never ends. It is harvest-time

on the earth at every time of year,

just as there is always sunlight shin­

ing somewhere aud always darkness

somewhere else.

January sees the harvest ended In

most districts in Australia and New

Zealand, while people of Chile and

other countries of southern South Am­

erica are Just beginning to reap the

jruits of their toil.

Upper Egypt and India begin and

For the President's ukase

Had blighted the fruit.

And had withered tbe branches-

Destroyed every root.

Words from Saxon and Norman

Were killed by the crime,

Leaving this sole survivor

Last •darling of time.

Though the flowers of Shakespeare

Had vanished from view.

All alone in Its glory

Still flourished "sklddoo"!

—McLandburgh Wilson.

II Keeps the Feet Warm and Dry*

ABk to-day tor Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It

cures ('illiniums, swollen, sweating. Sore.

Aching. Pampreet. At all Druggists and Shoe

si or.-,-,, jtfe.

A Problem.

While musing on the rights of man

And wealth of nations.

I think upon rov boyhood plan;

No decorations

Bade me a doubtful claim assert

To legal tender;

I needed Just my "pants," a shirt

And one suspender?

Why now do kings bewail the price

Of gilded splendor.

And Croesus win with loaded dice

More legs! tender?

Why does me envy of them hurt

When these could render

My life content—just "pants," t


And one suspender?

J*roc4 > ss!oiik of the Season*.

Sklddoo. melon;

Real it blossom;

Welcome, autumn;

Welcome, 'imssum


Enowlug what It was to suffer, 1 win

FREE. £ ,e FREE OF CHARGE touny uf-

ulcted a positive cure tor Ecxeuut, bull Rheum,

Erysipelas, Piles and skin diseases, instant

reUer. Don't suffer louger. Write F. W

WILLIAMS, iw Manhattan Avenue, New York

•••••••••••••••••••••is) M :


Sale Still Going On



All the latest and best goods in Ladies and Gents Furnishings,

also Clothing and Cloaks now offered for a little less than nothing.

Just call and be convinced of the great bargains we ure offering. A

saving on every purchase.


Main Street, Opposite Post OOlce. Brewster, N. Y.


Administrator's Sale


Livery Stock and Good Will

of Two Large Stables.

The undersitfUdd Adininistrutor's of the Late



The Hull Brothers Co

Oanhurv. Conn.

Heavy Steel CaUM

tied together securely with steel wire

stays in uniform meshes make the

substantial, solid, handsome


• 11 M'Anttiuvituimwmriur/TiTiTftTitjvitj'i

*'.f. ol Putonuu lor

i" all iHIS,.ns liuim; claim-, ugalust tint estate

t he .»ear nw:. now on the lu my otUoe.

The entire outfit is iu line e.oudit ion aud doing a good business now and

ol Mary K. Kuo.\, late or t Ue Town ol Southeast,,, _ ,. , , , , , , - . , , , .

[sealj K C. W'eclui. Clurg.

in said o.unt.i. deccataid. to in.^ni to same! iu Summer an extensive and lucrative buaineas including boarding city

withthc louchua thcivof to the uadeji»h:ue

1 MHT10 BUY, 1 M H BUY III MMff.


47 White St, Danbury, Conn.

Z Final February Reduotions on all Winter Merchandise. Prices nre

| lower than ever in all departments,! so come early to avoid disappointments.

"We state no values but|we"give them." Remember' we will

exchange or refund the money ifjany article is not.as represented.

Railroad fare paid to those who purchase merchandise for tlOor over.

The Surprise Clothing Stoie





S3.33 The Lyraphone $3.33.


| Complete with one record, Guaranteed equal in tone to

1 any Talking achine on themiarket for less then . utidd

1 Hie wist er, N. V.

oAitDKKs WANTED.—inquire of .Mrs.

JoiieS, I'msjierl SI reel.

OR SAI.K. -one wood shod sled, one bob

sled. Inquire or Herbert Heed.

OB tlie liest or everything at the lowest price

F go to 1 lie New York Cash tiruuery and Meal


tV*Q HENT.—A new six room bouse on the gmi

I ot April. Apply to Mrs. Dennis o'linuly,


rpo KENT.—A large amount or excellent pas-

1 ture und meadow land ul Mornlngi horpe

by the year. Apply by letter.

and taken down and W. H. Scbuable's |

ti-Riu lollnwe.l with llielms.MMii-t Vim\ F o K bAL1£ OIt EENT.-Furiu ubout H.4 miles

team inflow eu witn t lie nose cart. IHe , 1 mH, uf UrvwHU.r oI ,40 U(.,.,.K ,„ K(KJ,I*1UI„I u

lire bturted it is tbouirlit from u ' well »i wuteruud never falling streiun or water

, . . „ . . . . . . 'running through It. Meudow und plow land

chimney und llrst allowed itself tu \HUH»> in and ^«*d st.il. buildings gooud and when tbe hose cart ar-1 und rcumuigod them In some pariiculurs i

rived with the balance of the hose I? 1 ; ' ' ''•'• "".' 1 belere starling OUlldliig. It will cost you uothe

the rest of the i lug to lusiM-ci the**-]dans. '""'' i'.'""" .!" " i---" o t.ied lur aula, situated on Main

Mieel lUldWaj IlilWeeli llllllelll DrpUt UUd

, Ikirdi'ii s Mil.. 1 •'««•• oay The IHJUM 1 and burn aie

j bg| Ii Uv'hUid Ity electrieil>. on tlie premises Is

1 c newi talll .we|| Kind und gurdeu. IniiUiic

I ui Oeoige 1 h rlei. LrcWsUJ. N. Y.

February Sale.

We will give special

inducements for the

remainder of this

month on all Winter


Ah we wish to

reduce our Large

Stock before Inven-

, tory Feb. 20, 1907.

Lobdel! & Co

rewster, N. Y.


To call your attention'to our large and varied assortment

of Rugs and Carpets, from the representative mills of

America. We are now showing all the advanced colorings

for Spring, from the cheapest tapestry to the very finest


. A full and complete line of Mattings.

In Oilcloths and Linoleums we have on display a line

from the cheapest domestic Oilclotds to the finest

imported Linoleums. We also show a complete line of

Lace Curtains, Portieres and Couch Covers.


191 Main St., Danbury, Conn,








Opposite Town Hall, Brewster.

AIUf HANI) WANTED.-A good muu handy

F with cattle and team, strictly temperate.

on ami utter ler An April 1st, 1WU7. Address Box Ittt,-

Hre water, N. Y.

The appearance of the country ban HO LIGHT WATEU WHITE OIL. The

! been materially changed at the A kind that don't smoke but Rives uood light

not made by the trust, fff cents jier uullon ut the

Hemlocks where the dam will be New York Caah Grocery and Meat Market.

built by the cutting down of trees

rpo LET.—"June Farm" at Salem Center, 180

'and the cutting into the hill above 1 acres, flue meadow and dear punt are, in -

teen line eowuund hellers. Johu J. Willis, Ad­

the road to make room for unloading ministrator.

; of cars from the railroad.


Rev. R. P. Gibson and daughter K Instructor Piano—orgun. Voice und Musical

Theory. Exjiert 1'iauorortc Tuner, liefer-

sailed for Florida Monday where Mr. euce, Htelnwuy boas, N. Y.

i Gibson has ^nuc for the remainder of

OUSE FOll HALE.—YcrydcHlrublf dwelling

the winter on account of an attack of H at utlrucUve price on one of the best

streets In HIVWSUT, good water, plenty orrrult

throat trouble. The next two Sun- und tine garden. A. 1'. liudd. Heal Estate Agent.

i days the Presbyterian church will be

Main St., Hrewster.

GENT WANTED.—Muu wanted by the

. closed. After that the pulpit will be A Mutter Hewing Muchlue Co., to sell and

collect In this vicinity. Must rurnlsh horse und

occupied. •

reXerouoes, Address, 8. H. M. Co., Standard Does First-Class -

olflec, Hrewster, N. Y.

Mr. and Mrs. I E. Purdy celebrated

the fifteeuth anniversary of their ADIEH WILL FIND superior coinlort und

1 Repairing of all Kinds

j accommoduilous during coullncmcni. in a

'marriage on Tuesday by inviting private country house. Irregularities corrected,

skilled mid win-, with J» yea rs cxitcrlcncc. Ad­ Ladies and Gentlemen's Shine

about forty of their friends to hupper. dress Mrs. L. l/'hr, Elmslord, telephone, J7-H.

White Plains.

5 and io cents. Satisfaction

A very enjoyable evening won spent.

Mr. and Mrs. Purdy were the reriHI

KENT.-Geo. Win. Horton will rent his guaranteed.

1 dairy larm or -'.:. acres to any sober, recipients

of many pretty and valuable unactable and rus]>ousli>le man who can appre­

pieces of cut glass as well a> several ciate u good in fin. good buildings und good

11 eai inent. Terms i-eusonublc to u good tenant.


gold pieces.

Hen real estate agent In Bicwhtcr or* uddreos

t lie owner.

On Tuesday late in the afternoon

a telephone message was received 'I'HK finest display of the Coluuiulu (iruiilio-

1 phones. Victor Talking Machines and Edison

here saying that Simeon Brady's i'ltouographs-iiicords ami supplies at Hoyl

Bros., Kaionali. Tills department Is In charge of

house south of Somers was on tire .1. A. ('lurk the well Known Tulklug Muelilne

asking that the fire company bend b|*cclullst. Mr. Clark personally UiSpeoUi every

machine before It' leu\es the store and every

assistance. As soon as possible Geo. imreliaser cun leel assured Ilia! his Uiaehiiie lH

lu proper running order, as Mr. Clark Is a

Jucngsi and Sou's team came down l ii. i ei i, ni i ii.n in ni.-i. 11.von eunnol .•.HI. write

and the engine was loaded ou a sleigh to J. A. < lark. Kaionali, N. Y , Cure llojl |;n,s.


Cutulogue free.


The Estate of Kdwiu Reed offers

for sale the following property iu

Brewster: The hojue.farm occupied

by John (irudy and the udjoining

lurin occupied by Oscar 0. Reed, also

the house and lot in the village

adjoining the Baptist Church.

Apply to Real Estate Agents or


OK. OEOROE K. REEO, Exyutur.

737 Putnam Ave., BiuokiyuTN. V.

have the largest stock and lowest prices In tue Harlem

our teas and coffees, you cant beat them in price aud

Pure Illuminating Oil,

The kind that given good light and no smoke, aud

not made by the oil trust. Just try it,

12 Cents a Gallon.


Our .Shoemaker,


Near Residence of Mrs. Kpeiice,

• • .

Ladies' and Gents 9 Rubbers.



• ,

.:. m.

n \ #

. •



," * 1

• A

* al



To Have Your Furnaces and Heaters Repaired.

Plumbing, Steam and

Hot Water Heating.

Estimates Cheerfully Furnished.


Main Street, - - Brewster, N. Y.





Get my prices on

American Beauty Roses.

First yuaJity. Long fc»tems. from tire en Houses or largest s?ro*er« in

the Uuitod States. PALMS AM) FERNS. 1 also sell all kinds of

Nursery, Trees and Shrubs. Prices are right.

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